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  1. Absolutely. Everything that was said about Manning in the past is true about true about Rivers.
  2. The Jags blueprint, for starters. If you look at some their defensive showings (barring last week) recently, they can shut it down if they want to wrap up the div. Whether Eberflus being a former Marinelli guy could be beneficial. Or, the opposite. If they can limit Cooper theres no way they dont have a great chance to win. Which, I'm hoping everyone has a great showing. The fact that the Colts are in a big game is great, regardless.
  3. That's well, and good. But, they need a ton of help. There are a number of things about this match up that bothers me. Coupled with TY not being 100%. Believe me. No body in the world hope's I'm wrong more than I do. Even if the season ended today theres no room to be dissatisfied. They have everything heading in the right direction.
  4. The difference between Cowherd, and the others is that Cowherd understands satire. He makes it clear that hes always wrong, and doesnt take any of it too seriously. It's at least entertaining. The others are selling it too much. Unwatchable. Unlistenable.
  5. I dont have a good feeling about this game. All things considered. And, yeah. If we dont win its definately over.
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