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  1. ANDERSON, Ind. – The Indianapolis Colts have added depth at tight end by signing Michael Matthews. In 16 career games, six as a starter, the 6-4, 270 pound Matthews has eight receptions for 54 yards. He has spent time with Detroit, New England, the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills. Matthews, 27, fills the roster vacancy created by the waiving-injured of tight end Rob Myers (rib).
  2. INTERESTING....my boy javaris james is 3rd string runningback then Carter
  3. looks good but we will ahve 4 runningbacks becasue devin moore is ourkick returner
  4. this happened 1 year ago!!!!! close topic
  5. Joseph addai--donald brown--delone carter--chad spann--javaris james--dominic rhodes--devin moore--darren evans I think 1st string is Joseph addai, then delone carter, then donald brown I think Chad Spann and Devin moore will stay for kick/punt returns I think javaris james and darren evans are gone. What happened to dominic rhodes is he still with us or gone????
  6. scroll down the link to his stats it says HE GOTS 8 TACKLES AND 1 SACK FOR LOSS OF 8 already and he didnt play..lol
  7. 7. Everyone stays healthy: The Scenario: All the key players stay healthy all season, then come up big in the Playoffs. 6.Experience pays off: The Scenario: As other teams struggle from a lockout hangover, the consistent Colts ride their veteran leadership all the way to the big game. 5.Defense steps up: The Scenario: After years of being written off as an undersized pushover, the Colts’ D finally emerges as a championship-caliber asset, rather than a liability. 4.Running game finally clicks: The Scenario: Tired of being ridiculed, the Indianapolis running game suddenly appears, balancing t
  8. we got hard scheldue but games that will come down to the wire are :steelers,patriots,falcons,texans,bucs,saints
  9. our defense is looking good but devin moore is really really fast averaging 6 yards per carry note:devin moore bulked up to +15 pounds in offseason to help him run
  10. Safety Melvin Bullitt gathered in the ball after a deflection by Justin Tryon and raced 95 yards for a score to put the defense ahead, 21-17. Painter completed 16-of-26 passes for 182 yards in five possessions. Orlovsky hit 14-of-22 passes for 120 yards, with one interception. Running back Devin Moore led Colts rushers with four carries for 24 yards. Veteran Joseph Addai had two early carries for two yards. Rookie running back Delone had three carries for eight yards. No other Colts player had more than two attempts. Wide receiver Austin Collie topped the club with six receptions for 72 yard
  11. true BUT That's HIS city, he's respected there. They're not gonna snitch on him. You know what happens to snitches in Philly? Same thing that happened to Dwight Dixon.
  12. you didnt get the case then like 4 months before the murder harrison admitted he got into a fight with the guy outside his bar in philly but denied shooting at him that night. the dwight dixon guy said harrison shot him then 3 months later he died....what a concidence
  13. you never been to the hood then because thats the way it goes - no one likes snitches
  14. Do you think marvin harrison did it? ( i bet alot of you colts fan didn't even know about this) He probobly did it but hired a gunman because he gots power like that in philly but lack of evidence on case.what do you think?????? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuXu8OQVx9s Very INterseting Video
  15. the only way he doesnt go in is they hating on him because he killed some1 that dont got --- to do with football
  16. his numbers are better than cris carters and he played 44 less games thats like what 3-4 seasons!!!!!!! :party: :party:
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