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  1. i watched it i live in houston---they were good andre johnson got 100 yrds in 1 1/2 quaters and foster did good 2
  2. this guy sucks always dropping plays and just sux
  3. if you are watching the game they are doing real good. i think Nevis will make 1st string by time pre-season is over and carter is hoping above brown to second string
  5. According to Todd McShay of ESPN, the Colts are one of seven team that have 'some sort of interest' in Terrelle Pryor, the disgraced former Ohio State quarterback who was at the center of a scandal involving improper benefits that ultimately resulted in the firing 'resignation' of head coach Jim Tressel. Now, McShay was sneaky in covering his butt while reporting on this, saying, 'I've narrowed it down to a few teams, of course, it probably won't be one of these, but these are the teams I've heard have some sort of interest in Terrelle Pryor.' Now, all due respect to Todd McShay, but that type
  6. The Indianapolis Colts continued to address their defensive line by signing veteran end Tyler Brayton. Financial terms were not available, but Tom Mills, Brayton's agent, confirmed Brayton signed a one-year contract. "I think they plan on using him in a variety of ways,'' Mills said. "This is a very good opportunity for him.'' The 6-6, 280-pound Brayton was a 2003 first-round draft pick of the Oakland Raiders. He appeared in 15 games with Oakland last year, 14 as a starter. He has started 92 games in eight seasons. Brayton, 31, is the latest free-agent acquisition for the Colts. Previously, th
  7. actually i live in HOUSTON, TEXAS we dont get news like this all we hear on the news is murders and robbings + my cable is messed up havent watched tv in a couple days
  8. Five reported dead. Over 40 injured. Thoughts go out to the victims and their friends and family. The stage was there for a performance of the country band Sugarland. Winds were very high last night at the fairgrounds. The fair is closed today and will re-open tomorrow with a service for the victims. Obviously, this is not a sports story. One person told me this is similar to the negligence at Notre Dame that got Declan Sullivan killed last year. Maybe. I don't know. What I do know is that the last time I saw something somewhat similar to this, planes were crashing into towers and all of downt
  9. darren evans had like 60 yards for 8 carries
  10. Actually Painter looked good he did a nice long drive but still needs to get more accurate Nate Davis just sux same with hartline orlosky throws to many picks Running backs: CHad Spann fumbled twice on KR but got decent yards like 21 per but was big in passing game Darren Evens and donald brown did good in running game averaging 6.5 per carry
  11. actually there is more kr this year already 3 have been returned but we should do good
  12. Any one ever notice that LOMBARDI and JASON LA CONFORA are always HATING on PEYTON MANNING!!!! They alwasy tryn to make him look bad
  13. Colts coach Jim Caldwell provided an update today on the status of quarterback Peyton Manning. "Doing well, coming along, Caldwell said. He's working extremely hard at it. Doing all the little things that it requires to get him where he wants to be. I think you guys know as well as I do he's ready to go and will be out there because he is chomping at the bit, that's for certain." "He's doing what the doctor is telling him to do, let's put it that way. He is going through his rehab, they have everything mapped out for him and they're adjusting as it goes so I think he is comfortable with the pl
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