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  1. For me the top of the draft is a lot more offensive heavy than what ive seen in the thread. I'd go: 1.Chase Young 2.Joe Burrow 3.Ceedee Lamb 4.Jeff Okudah 5.Jerry Jeudy 6.Isaiah Simmons 7. Tua 8.Mekhi Becton 9.Henry Ruggs 10:Derrick Brown
  2. Nick Foles still has a very high ceiling and is one of the best throwers when he's on his game. Reich was able to get that out of him before so there's a chance for repeatition and getting a good pick on top of that sounds very intriguing. But I fear the Jags don't want to give a good drafter in Ballard another pick and keep Foles out of the South.
  3. I feel like Ballard puts a big emphasis on getting high tier athletes at WR. Last year he added Fountain and Pascal who jumped through the roof and Cain ran a 4.4 at 6'2. The theme we heard about our coaching staff has been that they are great teachers. We even let go of our o-line coach, who did a good job, because a coach that is said to be a great fundamental guy was availble. Sirianni is also said to be a great teacher by some chargers WRs he worked with. All that makes me believe that the theme for the draft is going to be about adding top tier athletes who have questions conce
  4. Really like him for the Colts too. He is by far the best WR Prospect at tracking the ball throw the air. He combines that with a good sense for running underneath the ball which allows him to catch over the shoulder throws nicely infront of his chest. He would give us a threat up the seam, which we didn't have since reggie. Luck is so good at these touch throws over the shoulder it was a bit sad to see that we could only throw them to TY last year and because of his size deficits it was only really possible when the safety was far off since Luck needed to throw in a high arc to get over t
  5. I think we are going to skip any S in the first 2 rounds. Since Eberfluss is here we have used only the minimal amount of capital, money wise and draft wise, on the backfield. The impact of early draftees on the lines is bigger than that of DBs in Ballards eyes i guess. I expect D- and O-line being the first 3 picks. I would be pretty happy with a haul of Wilkins, Lindstrom and Z.Allen.
  6. Every pick is a probable bust and Metcalf at 26 would be very enticing. Agree with the safeties being unlikely. We didn't invest in the position in FA and also during last years draft we did not pull the trigger on one while there were some good prospects available. Polite also doesn't really fit the bill of a DL with tons of burst that we have added over last year. Guys like Wrenn or Z.Allen are more likely DL picks on day 2.
  7. Personally i think we are going to stay at 26 and take J.Simmons and D.Samuel early 2nd. Then hope that our docs are confident about their injury history.
  8. Trading out of the first because there are no players talented enough to go there seems unlikely to me. Not because I think the idea is bad but when you want to move back because of the talent level why would somebody else want to move up and pay you. If there's a plentitude of players at the position we want i could see a move though.
  9. Hockenson is the 3rd best player in this draft behind q.williams and bosa. If he would be available at 26 it would be no-brainer to draft him but even with TE not being an highly sought after position in the draft he is going to be a top15 lock. Last year Nelson also only dropped to 6, although Guards rank a bit higher on the position foodchain, and teams picking around 10 will be hard to convince that level go past them even if the position isn't sexy.
  10. ,With the combine in the books I ended up doing some mocks on the new Draft Network site. This one was my favourite, because it isn't too ridicolous but I still got players i like a lot. 26. Wilkins has been talked about in this thread a lot and he appears as the most natural fit for us this year. Heres hoping he will actually be available for us. 34. Risner is my favourite O-lineman this year. 3-year captain, First team BIG12 for 3 straight years, all-american on multiple teams and started 50 out of 51 games. Strong as an oxe,
  11. We can take his salary but it's going to be interesting whether Ballard is willing to give up a pick. In all of his trades so far he hasn't given up a pick straight for a player. Haven't watched the bengals so the only memory of him i have is him burning quincy wilson for a TD against us where he looked 3 times faster than quincy which was impressive.
  12. I don't think he is good enough of a receiver to be worth an early draft pick, especially in reichs scheme where he moved the rb outside quite often. Hynes basically played 50% WR.
  13. Pretty good to use as a tool and the integrated scouting reports are neat too. Would be pretty satisfied with this haul. Simmons is a top 15 talent that might be there because of his injury but he will not go any further than the raiders last 1st rounder. Gruden has the time to wait on him to heal. Samuel is my top WR and a tremendous fit in reichs quick hitting scheme. Williams got great length and reminds me a lot of desir. Wren got great burst off the line and fits the penetrating DL style well. Sills comes
  14. Really like Jones and he's one of the few interior d-line prospects that are impossible to defend 1v1 as a guard and we did a great job last year with giving our guys 1v1 matchups using pre-snap movement. He would be a tremendous fit and we would get a step closer to becoming 2017 ohio state pro edition.
  15. I would love this draft to become true. Jones and Samuel are two of my favourite prospects this year and snagging them both would be amazing. IMO Jones is a top15 player all day long but his draft is stacked at DL so it isn't impossible. The hip fexibility he shows on inside moves is incredible, if any guard is tasked to 1v1 him and jones gets some space to work he is unstoppable. This is going to need some scheming by our line D-coaches but we were pretty good at it this year. It is rare to find somebody that has his agility while still having enough strength to play inside.
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