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  1. CozyColt

    Top 3 FA wants

    Most of Ballards guys are the ones he picked(obv.) and they are on rookie contracts for another 3 years mostly, so my train of thought is that we can sign guys this year and maybe the next and have their contracts be economically endable when guys like hooker, nelson or leonard will command new ones. Going for expensive guys in 2020 will be problematic with giving the the 18 class new contracts because i doubt many top FAs are going to sign 2 year contracts.
  2. We have the most capspace and lots of rookie contracts for the next 2 years, so moneywise i would happily do that. Free Agents in general always going to have question marks, whether it's age, off-field stuff or spotty production, else they would have not become free agents and teams would have made caproom for them. Essentially FA is like the draft and you got to roll the dice if you want to be successful and the colts aren't going to be in a better spot cap wise for the next 10 years hopefully, so yeah go for it.
  3. I don't think that there is ever going to be a "generational" position group going into the draft because underclassmen are staying an extra year in school if they are too many good prospects in a class. In 2017 we had the same talks about the generational rb class and because of that we had guys like michel, chubb and penny staying in college. Now the 17 rb class is considered really good but without these guys it didn't become generational. Davis and Brown, who are both top 15 players, want to make that jump to q. williams and ed oliver territory, so losing two potential all-pro will always be a big hit on a draft class. To make a class generational you really need the unknown guys that get picked on day 3 and become long time franchise players and that's something you can only find years after the draft took place.
  4. I wouldn't call him a system player. IMO he is one of the most technically sound players in the league, especially when it comes to his footwork. You won't see him misstep or having to waste time regathering his balance or do unnecessary fakes during routes. He understands better than most that it's not about getting open but about getting open fast and being ready to catch the ball the moment the qb looks at you. He doesn't allow CBs to regain position and that makes him dangerous. For FA you have to look from the viewpoint of coaches. When they see Edelmann they see a guy whose athletic profile is easy to get via draft or udfa and they feel that don't need to spend top dollar on a technique guy because they are good coaches and will coach the pick or udfa to Edelmanns level. Top FA is, like the top of the draft, all about potential
  5. I would love to get williams in FA but i have the fear that he is gonna creep up closer to sammy watkins money. I definately think he is going to get more than moncrief. With him getting possibly 12 million a year and a decent amount of that guaranteed, he might be more expensive than what ballard is willing to give him. If I had to bet, I would put money on Humphries because he fits age-wise into the rest of the team. He should be 3 million cheaper than Williams. He has the good 2nd option/depth-guy production that ballard has liked in other FA, like autry, and i think to remember that there was some news that the colts were moving their feelers towards before he got 2nd round tendered.
  6. I would be pretty happy if our draft was close to your mock. Wilkins and the rest of the DL guys are going to be impacted a lot by the combine and pro-day numbers like it's common with DL/EDGE. He could got top 15 or we may have the chance to get him. Would be another "boring" pick after nelson this year but probably will be smartest choice. I really like Adderly as a player(i think he has late first potential) but the safety position has been flooded with good and skilled players. The S free-agency is most likely going to be most talented out of all the positions and the draft also will bring multiple good ones. The drop-off between adderley and a safety in the third(f.e. abram from miss. state) or a good free-agent( who will not be that expensive relative to other positions) makes me dislike picking a S top of the second. I agrre with most of the other people hear that ya-sin is a bit early in the second. Now Renfrow, i think, is a really nice scheme fit in our passing game. He has good reaction time during the snap of the ball. He does a little dip of the shoulder which surprisingly gets him off press cov. quite often( or forced some holds by cbs). He runs all of the short and intermediate routes well. He also understands how much fakes you should put in a route so that you don't make your QB wait a quarter second longer than it's needed( really not a fan of Thielen because he wastes so much time doing dumb fakes in his routes). And although he has tiny hands he catches everything especially on third-down. That makes him a great fit in franks quick hit offense and with a qb like luck who does lots of 3rd down magic renfrow might be the white tiger for lucks siegfried&roy. The pats who run a similar passing scheme are also sitting close behind us and i think they also have their eyes on him so 3rd round might be spot we have to get him. Brailford had a nice senior bowl and might rise higher than that after combine or pro-day but if we get him he has that motor that i love in d-line guys. The rest of the picks might go a round or 2 earlier but who the # knows where players go on day 3. It's total needle and hay at that point.
  7. CozyColt

    If they're available...

    All we do is make assumptions about how the draft is gonna go until the draft actually happens. Because the DL class is strong this year we are gonna have an increased chance of it being the top remaining player on the colts bigboard if there are no unusual runs on positions. If there is an unusual run on DL and 15 DL are taken before us you have to assume we are going to take a diffrent position, but there could be very well also a run on o-line, Lbs or CBs. You are singeling out one possible outcome out of dozens, which just doesn't seem that likely.
  8. CozyColt

    If they're available...

    There is a good chance we will have a choice for a good talent and a good fit at DL this year at pick 26. You typically don't have that at 2.2 where the talent or the fit might be gone. I don't see the level of talent and a good fit at other positions in the draft in the late first.
  9. CozyColt

    Lessons learned from Chiefs game

    We blitzed mahomes a ton too although mostly from the slot and running the ball alot is pretty wide range term. I really liked the pats approch to the run game. They saw us trying to run the heavy pull and reach-block and trap and wham type plays and how the chiefs just had a great gameplan for us finding our reach-blocks and attacking that aggressively and getting into the backfield. So the Pats went 180 and brought gap run through the middle with lots of FB and TE in the backfield or dives from 5-wide. Rarely did one of their o-line try to move horizontally and it showed that the chiefs weren't strong enough up front to hold them. In the end i think the loss was 100% on the offense since we held them to 31 the same the pats did. That's just how much a great O like the chiefs are gonna score on you. Our O gameplan and more so the o-line gameplan just was worse than the chiefs d-line gameplan
  10. I think it's because how hard we got beaten upfront. The Chiefs were sniffing out every single reach-block we attempted and got easy access to the backfield and in pass pro they were able to confuse especially our tackles. That we didn't find a way to adjust in the 2nd half is the biggest reason he was fired imo. The Pats went heavy with extra tight ends at FB and did power run with them and never had people try reach-blocks and you could see that chiefs players were not strong enough upfront to stop all that beef and we didn't manage to find something like that. Hearing that so many of our o-liners say that guge was not a bad fundamental guy makes me believe that the firing really was because of his inability to create a better blocking scheme for the big game against kansas city and the office just didn't want to throw him under the bus saying he can't gameplan
  11. One thing we have to remember is that we are currently projected a 4th round comp pick for moncriefs contract and I don't think Ballard is willing to lose it for Gordon.
  12. I think the talentpool for RT this year is going to be too small to find a worthwhile upgrade. Same for WR there just aren't that many standout UDFA that i've seen in the pre-season games i watched and that are also on teams that would cut them. Which leads me to believe that a RB is going to be the most noteworthy pick-up were going to do. The rookie safeties especially the box safety play looked good for lots of teams this preseason and after 2 strong safety drafts there coudl also be some potential to grab there.
  13. CozyColt

    True or False: Week 1 Edition

    Watching him at Clemson he looked like somebody that builds up his speed instead of shooting out of a cannon. I think he's gooing to have a tough time seperating on out,dig and curl routes because of it. I like his physicality against jamming DBs on RPOs and he's going to produce on slants there. Cain is going to need some help from the coaches to buy him space and time to accelerate. I think we are going to use him on Play action to give him that extra second to run a route and also give him some receiver screens to give him space and time to pick up speed. That dependebilty on the playcalling is going to restrict him to 3rd or 4th receiver imo
  14. CozyColt

    tampa 2 vs cover 3

    Ridgeway was one of the most explosive DT at the 16' combine. Hankins on the other Hand is very strong in his base and has good balance and agility for a big guy. When we picked Ridgeway I was surprised about the pick, because you normally look for the balance and agility in 2 gap DTs but he should fit our new D nicely.