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  1. I feel like Ballard puts a big emphasis on getting high tier athletes at WR. Last year he added Fountain and Pascal who jumped through the roof and Cain ran a 4.4 at 6'2. The theme we heard about our coaching staff has been that they are great teachers. We even let go of our o-line coach, who did a good job, because a coach that is said to be a great fundamental guy was availble. Sirianni is also said to be a great teacher by some chargers WRs he worked with. All that makes me believe that the theme for the draft is going to be about adding top tier athletes who have questions concerning their technique, production or level of play in their division. Since our staff is stacked with great teachers we are going to get the best out of them but the last checkbox for the prospects is going to be their character. Our coaches are here to teach and not to look after the players off the field. Johnsons athletic profile is not good enough imo to be considered by the colts. I would look more towards guys like Boykin, E.Hall, D.Slayton, C.Thompson(Jonsons teammate), D.Sills,A.Dulin or A. Isabella to be selected on day 2-3.
  2. Really like him for the Colts too. He is by far the best WR Prospect at tracking the ball throw the air. He combines that with a good sense for running underneath the ball which allows him to catch over the shoulder throws nicely infront of his chest. He would give us a threat up the seam, which we didn't have since reggie. Luck is so good at these touch throws over the shoulder it was a bit sad to see that we could only throw them to TY last year and because of his size deficits it was only really possible when the safety was far off since Luck needed to throw in a high arc to get over the underneath coverage and not throw over TYs head. Another thing i really like about Sills is his understanding of when and how to fake on routes( this may be because of his QB past). I hate WR that throw out elaborate fakes and try to break a CBs ankles but end up making their QB wait an extra second until they finish their route. He does a great job of making defenders bit just enough so he gets 1-2 yards seperation and can catch without interference and be open for his QB as fast as possible.
  3. I think we are going to skip any S in the first 2 rounds. Since Eberfluss is here we have used only the minimal amount of capital, money wise and draft wise, on the backfield. The impact of early draftees on the lines is bigger than that of DBs in Ballards eyes i guess. I expect D- and O-line being the first 3 picks. I would be pretty happy with a haul of Wilkins, Lindstrom and Z.Allen.
  4. Every pick is a probable bust and Metcalf at 26 would be very enticing. Agree with the safeties being unlikely. We didn't invest in the position in FA and also during last years draft we did not pull the trigger on one while there were some good prospects available. Polite also doesn't really fit the bill of a DL with tons of burst that we have added over last year. Guys like Wrenn or Z.Allen are more likely DL picks on day 2.
  5. Personally i think we are going to stay at 26 and take J.Simmons and D.Samuel early 2nd. Then hope that our docs are confident about their injury history.
  6. ,With the combine in the books I ended up doing some mocks on the new Draft Network site. This one was my favourite, because it isn't too ridicolous but I still got players i like a lot. 26. Wilkins has been talked about in this thread a lot and he appears as the most natural fit for us this year. Heres hoping he will actually be available for us. 34. Risner is my favourite O-lineman this year. 3-year captain, First team BIG12 for 3 straight years, all-american on multiple teams and started 50 out of 51 games. Strong as an oxe, with the smarts to play anywhere on the line and excellent hand-usage. Got away with some bad footwork because he could outmuscle anyone but I belive he can improve there with better coaching. He has enough length(34" arms and 10+" hands) to play tackle and take over the LT when Costanzo is no more. Meanwhile he could be an elite 6th man or start at RG or RT. 59. Sills reads defenses well and understands how to effectively fake out DBs with his routes. His ball-tracking is best in the class and he is a beast on over the shoulder throws, which Luck is great throwing at. 89. Crosby fits the typical Ballard player profile. Small school with good production and athletic. Too bad he isn't a senior, so he couldn't go to the senior bowl. 129. Jackson is a bulky corner. Reminds me a lot of Quincy. Similar Ballskills and bullish press at the LoS. Surprised me with his 4.45 in the 40, thought he would be way slower. As a whole his combine was great. He is also a menace defending the outside against runs. 135. Jelks is a super long EDGE who lacks some wiggle but i think in this D his explosiveness off the snap and his length is going to make him be effective. Would love to see him add 10 pounds of muscle.
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