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  1. I say Ballard, and that's not a knock on Luck. My thinking is comparative to Polian and Manning. In 2011, we sucked without Manning. I think Ballard is building a team that doesn't necessarily have to have a HOF QB to be competitive. I'm not saying we make the playoffs without Luck, but with a semi-competent back-up, I could still see us keeping it interesting. JMO
  2. If I recall, Brissett and Hines had some overlap at NC State together. I believe I saw a video of Brissett throwing him a TD. I'll try to find it
  3. I think a lot of issues on the defensive side would be fixed with a better, more consistent pass rush. When we have to blitz to get pressure, that can be an issue. If a qb has all day to throw against zone, it is going to be rough. I think Ballard will get it fixed. I believe the pass rush enhances every other position group in the defense that we run.
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