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  1. Thank you! That's the one I was looking for!
  2. If I recall, Brissett and Hines had some overlap at NC State together. I believe I saw a video of Brissett throwing him a TD. I'll try to find it
  3. Pilgrim

    Couple thoughts heading into next week

    I think a lot of issues on the defensive side would be fixed with a better, more consistent pass rush. When we have to blitz to get pressure, that can be an issue. If a qb has all day to throw against zone, it is going to be rough. I think Ballard will get it fixed. I believe the pass rush enhances every other position group in the defense that we run.
  4. Pilgrim

    Details on the Glowinski Contract....

    I'm not savvy when it comes to the NCF, would the 18 number possibly include incentives? Or is the max the 16.2?
  5. Also, we were less talented. It was obvious on several plays. Still a year away. This season was a huge success, let’s see what Ballard can do with major cash and several draft picks
  6. Pilgrim

    3 games to go!

    If I’m not mistaken, that is the pay they get from the league.
  7. Pilgrim

    Andrew Luck's Touch Passes

    Another thing I’ve noticed, and I may be alone in this, but his foot work looks better. He’s always throwing from the best possible base. Of course, it helps that defenses aren’t all over him anymore. I just notice he’s quick to reset his feet and throw from good platforms. I’ve also noticed he’s dang good at throwing while rolling to his left. He had a few plays this past weekend that showcased that. Beautiful zip. That shoulder is great!
  8. Pilgrim


    To be honest, I completely forgot that there was legitimate concern over letting Rasheen Melvin walk this past offseason. We never really missed a beat.
  9. Pilgrim

    We're coming KC!!!!!!

    Doable. We haven’t seen a team like us, because we are much like them. They’ve got a big time WR and a big time TE. Gotta run it well with Mack. We’ve basically gotta employ the same strategy teams did against us when we had Manning. Run and score, pass when need be, but most importantly don’t give them a lot of chances.
  10. I wear the same Luck Jersey every Sunday. When we played against Peyton, I wore his jersey under my Luck jersey. I wear the same jeans, same slippers, same socks. This season has been completely interesting though. I normally drink ultra or Bud Light during games. I had a cowboys fan come over during the game against the redskins, and we compromised to drinking Miller Light. The next week, I swapped back to Ultra, and we lost. I drank it Ultra again during the patriots game. (Side note I work a rotating schedule, so I don’t get every game off). Anyway, so I started drinking Miller religiously on Sundays and we went on our streak. Didn’t get to watch the Jags loss. The kicker is that last week during the titans game I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with a friend. I was drinking miller until about the middle of the third. I then switched to BL, because it was a good deal cheaper. It started feeling like the titans may come back. So I left half of an ICE COLD BL to get a Miller. As soon as that bottle touched my lips, Moore got that INT. So, it’s #Millertime
  11. Pilgrim

    TY a clown?

    I don’t know about it. I’m glad he’s confident, but if things go poorly, he’s a clown for real. I support this team through thick and thin, but he’s gotta ball today. Commence with the Debbie downer talk now. Sorry, just never think this ends well for the one indulging. The backpack was subtle, the post and mask are over the top. Just my opinion, of course.
  12. Pilgrim

    Nelson will make 1st team All Pro

    Can we just redo his contract? Let’s just sign him to a 15 year contract. I don’t want him ever sniffing free agency.
  13. Pilgrim

    Malik Hooker

    Apparently, it was something to do with screaming bloody murder. She’s still getting used to the fandom. I have to excuse her, though. She was raised a Cowboys fan.
  14. Pilgrim

    Malik Hooker

    My wife considered divorcing me
  15. This game scares me, just because of how bad we need it. 10-6 isn’t even a guarantee to get us in the dance, but we just came off a huge win. Gotta keep that 1-0 mindset. I know the phrase “trap game” is a big no-no on this board, but I don’t feel good about this one. I do believe if we beat the Giants, we will beat the Titans, and get in. It’ll be interesting. It has been such a fun season. Can’t wait to see the continued growth.