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    Have been watching the Colts since 7th grade when i started playing, Never stopped no matter how bad we played.

    They are my team good and bad decisions and all !

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  1. I know we havent seen him in NFL game action, but his throwing traits cant be taught. Nice accuracy and consistently hits guys in stride. If he has learned to read defenses better and not stare down targets, could he be the franchise QB? I am intrigued and hope we can see some serious Eason play come training camp and pre games. It sucks having a guy with great arm talent and yet havent seen him in action yet
  2. Liam from Notre Dame, think him and Q would work well together
  3. If Watson was up for a trade out of Houston, what would you be willing to give up?
  4. When i started this topic, it wasnt a shot at Rivers. I hope he comes back for another year, but with covid and injuries if playoffs are no longer an option. Should we see what we have in Eason since we had no pre season to see him in live action
  5. I think we can still make the playoffs, but curious to find out what others think
  6. Cant wait to see his 2nd year jump, definitely not afraid to lay a hit
  7. WOW was he fun to watch play Mad respect for the punishment he dished out
  8. The last time CB talked about it, AV was continuing his rehab from surgery and he was gonna talk to him after that point if AV decided he wanted to play again. Depending on how the current kickers do in training camp, who knows what CB will do
  9. This could be a hell of a year for COLTS NATION, if we can turn the flashes from last year to consistency this year. woooooo lets make a mark on the league to remember
  10. This guy is a machine, just watched an interview where he told the guy the day he got drafted he lifted weights as everyday that morning and then after he got drafted by the colts, his brother and him went to do his daily on field workout. The guy asked him why he didnt take a break on a day he got drafted, he said although it was the greatest day ever it still cant replace the work and desire to continue to make yourself a better person and player
  11. True, i think we might see him in slot on screens alot, or even a reverse from the slot
  12. Not to mention a true FB in Nix, Ballard is truly aiming for the top rushing attack next year, its gonna be damn hard for defenses to account for everyone
  13. Inside look from his side of being drafted, hope everyone enjoys his perspective
  14. Tell me if you think this draft would help us sure up areas of concern 34 Austin Jackson, OT 44 Tee Higgins, WR 75 Jacob Eason, QB 122 Ben Bredeson, IOL 160 Tyler Johnson, WR 193 Tanner Muse, S 197 Colby Parkinson, TE
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