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  1. Alot of ppl say Beal could be a starter for the Colts
  2. Jeremy Waldon

    Supplemental Draft Date Set....

    Beal round 3 - i agree Adonis maybe round 5 if CB really liked the interview Bryant- not sure saw alot of film of him getting beat because his hip movements and foot work wasnt real solid
  3. Who would be a better fit him or the other CB Sam Beal?
  4. Jeremy Waldon

    The Good and the Lucky

    I think hines, and going outside the box Skai moore could be a major contributor
  5. Jeremy Waldon

    Need Fantasy Football advice for 2018? Ask here!

    It is a 12 man standard, i have 4 teams, that is just the highest one, and ofcourse i have my one all colts team. Thanks
  6. Jeremy Waldon

    Need Fantasy Football advice for 2018? Ask here!

    I have a team in the nfl fantasy league, with a projected points week 1 of 101.4 Is that good, first year i have played
  7. I think we would be better taking OT over DT ?
  8. At 67 would there be any OT left here?
  9. DORIAN O'DANIEL Great tackling doesn't let go once his hands are on you
  10. Jeremy Waldon

    Day 2 Predictions

    Hernandez 36 Landry 37 Malik jefferson 48 Uchenna Nwosu 67
  11. Jeremy Waldon

    What do we do at edge?

    Checkout the Joe Ostman link, might be a good late rd
  12. Jeremy Waldon

    Joe Ostman

    So ppl can see, hope this helps. Doesn't look to bad
  13. Jeremy Waldon

    Joe Ostman

    If Chubb is there take him and get this guy late rd, could very well be our future mathis and freeney duo
  14. Jeremy Waldon

    Joe Ostman

    He is built alot like Freeney, and in a 4-3 that worked very well. He could be a great late rd pick. Who knows we could end up with mathis and freeney teaching the yound DEs this year
  15. Jeremy Waldon

    Possible Draft Scenario???

    I would say Edmunds or Smith at 12, and trade 22 if possible. Or just take Hernandez i really think he will be a pro bowler early in his career and a great boost beside Kelly IMO