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  1. Jeremy Waldon

    Quenton Nelson Played With 2 Bulging Disc

    And i dont beleive the Colts would have wanted him playing in the pro bowl either
  2. Jeremy Waldon

    This years FAs

    I dont think we would have to over pay for any of them, i think the players see where we are headed. And they will want to be part of this super bowl bound team. Plus Chris and Frank are building a locker room i feel guys are going to want to stay and retire from if given the choice to do so
  3. Jeremy Waldon

    Braden Smith vs Justin Houston

    I agree Smith will be tested again this week, and i love the fact he never backs down. In the Texans game Watt only having 2 tackles one pass deflected, and no sacks I'd have to say Braden went Beast Mode and handled his business like a pro. Hard to imagine this line getting better each year
  4. Jeremy Waldon

    When do oline men reach their peak?

    I think CB will look for tackle in this draft to prepare to AC to retire at some point, now is the best time for someone to learn from the NFLs best Oline
  5. Jeremy Waldon

    Most improved player

    I guess i looked at how Braden started at tackle and was not good at all, at first i never wanted to see him play tackle again. Now he can handle and control the best DEs in the game( JJ Watt) just an amazing job by this O line all around
  6. Jeremy Waldon

    Most improved player

    In my opinion it would have to be Braden Smith drafted as a guard and now starting RT and handled JJ Watt like a vet tackle. I think he has made huge gains and is going to only get better and more consistent. Just wanting to give some credit to guys who have stepped up and owned there positions, there has been alot of players to do this and I beleive this is the best rounded group of guys the Horseshoe has had in a long time
  7. Jeremy Waldon

    What we need do to beat the chiefs

    We play alot of zone, but Matt mixes it up so much so blitz drop at the snap, sending a CB and drop a LB to cover, i am curious to see how many different players have a pick or came really close. Our LBs and secondary have good hands and just keep getting better. I truly beleive between having a balanced Offense and schemed Def we have a great chance of knocking out the #1 seed
  8. Jeremy Waldon

    Frank Reich coach of the year

    Who wants to be in the pro bowl or an alternate when your on track to play in the SUPER BOWL. This has been the greatest season of COLTS football and I dont think this team is done proving all the people who counted them out before the year even started
  9. Jeremy Waldon

    QBs gets VIP cards

    Some good watching
  10. Jeremy Waldon

    An early look at our upcoming free agents.

    Havent heard anything on slausons injury and how his back is doing, if he by chance chooses to retire a Colt and be an intern OL coach like Mathis and Reggie. I would love that option
  11. Jeremy Waldon

    Elliot 18 carries 87 yards

    If everyone cant enjoy this shut out by our rolling defense, then i guess you can go be a cowboys fan and cry the loss away. Our COLTS beat yet another "hot team" in the league with our projected 2-14 young team. I wouldn't want to face us in the playoffs
  12. Jeremy Waldon

    Nelson Fined for leading with helmet

    I would hope he got a 50k bonus for that block, would be worth every penny. He is just serving notice to Ds what to expect, this Oline is what the OFF has been waiting for
  13. Jeremy Waldon

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    Looking at the end, he should hit him alittle harder and took out the backer in pursuit rite behind them. Could have been a 2 for 1 block. LOL just kinding Q is a beast and this Oline is on a mission to prove a point
  14. Jeremy Waldon

    Spotrac ranks Indy's free agency class...#1

    I believe slauson was got to help be a vet and bond these young guys on O line together and teach them, IMO it was money well spent as i see this line turning into a dominant force. I think they must look at all positives a player gives a team. They say slauson still goes to classes and practices helping the young guys progress
  15. Jeremy Waldon

    Antonio Garcia - OT

    This article gives some details of the medical issue he had, seems to be a rare thing that he has worked thru and has been medically cleared