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  1. Jeremy Waldon

    Nelson Fined for leading with helmet

    I would hope he got a 50k bonus for that block, would be worth every penny. He is just serving notice to Ds what to expect, this Oline is what the OFF has been waiting for
  2. Jeremy Waldon

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    Looking at the end, he should hit him alittle harder and took out the backer in pursuit rite behind them. Could have been a 2 for 1 block. LOL just kinding Q is a beast and this Oline is on a mission to prove a point
  3. Jeremy Waldon

    Spotrac ranks Indy's free agency class...#1

    I believe slauson was got to help be a vet and bond these young guys on O line together and teach them, IMO it was money well spent as i see this line turning into a dominant force. I think they must look at all positives a player gives a team. They say slauson still goes to classes and practices helping the young guys progress
  4. Jeremy Waldon

    Antonio Garcia - OT

    This article gives some details of the medical issue he had, seems to be a rare thing that he has worked thru and has been medically cleared
  5. Jeremy Waldon

    Antonio Garcia - OT

    He looked good here againist Clemson, if healthy i think he could be a good fit for us. Hes quick would be great at pulling for outside run plays, just IMO
  6. Jeremy Waldon


    I think that is where big HUNT made his statement this year, pushing into the backfield and forcing adjustments. This is the HUNT i wanted to see last year so bad
  7. Jeremy Waldon


    Kinda nice have Coach Mathis teaching these young guys, looks like they are absorbing it well
  8. Jeremy Waldon

    Vinatieri injuried - 4 points away from record

    Mike Badgley just found his name
  9. Jeremy Waldon

    Vinatieri injuried - 4 points away from record

    Who was the guy we had during training camp working with vinnie, he seemed pretty solid even Vinnie liked him alot
  10. Jeremy Waldon

    Colts offensive line ranked 10th best in NFL

    I still hope we go after a stud RT in the draft next yr, there are 5 being talked alot about as starting caliber in the NFL.
  11. Jeremy Waldon

    did anyone hear Polian ? chill people

    I think CAIN was on his way to be a great counter part to TY but will have to wait till next year to know for sure
  12. Jeremy Waldon

    This week vs. the Jets

    We can win any game, IF we can play 4 qtrs the we have the last 2 qtrs of the last 2 games. Everyone has to be on the same page and clicking. Even with injurys the last 2 qtrs at NE would have beat any team in the league if sustained for a full 60 mins
  13. Jeremy Waldon

    Can’t win anything if you can’t run the ball

    I agree the draft is where we will get a downhill run over ppl type of back, it looks like there is a few really good RB coming in the 19 draft. I just dont see the point spending that much money on a VET when that one player is not gonna take our team to a SB. I really beleive we will get some OTs and a stud RB next draft the draft seems heavy in both positions, thats just my thoughts tho
  14. Jeremy Waldon

    Can’t win anything if you can’t run the ball

    I think turbin could be a great 3 down back, he never really got a chance to be one before, obviously because when you have GORE he starts. I look forward to seeing him in the new scheme
  15. Jeremy Waldon

    Help TY

    I agree he seems to get some separation as well, and really good hands it seems