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  1. I agree if someone falls that they really like then take them, otherwise wait to to the options in next years draft.
  2. I like Ross Blacklock, looks to have a huge upside, they say hes been a standout player and still has alot to improve and grow on
  3. 34 Ross Blacklock, IDL Alot of room to grow and learn from our new DT stud 44 Cole Kmet, TE 75 Jalen Hurts, QB 122 Collin Johnson, WR 160 Javelin Guidry, S 193 Binjimen Victor, WR 197 Gage Cervenka, IOL
  4. I agree i think if he does it will only because its a great deal for an upgrade, i think most everything is gonna get addressed in the draft Did we resign Funchess?
  5. Good thing its a deep WR draft
  6. Now the ? Is what free agent receiver will he grab, thoughts
  7. If Gallimore is CBs guy, i would like to trade back some and get an extra 2nd, but wasnt an option in this simulator
  8. I would prefer kinlaw as well but not knowing what his knee issues are for sure, i opted for the next DT in line. On the draft board used Gallimore is at 22 overall. Just kinda on the line getting a big DT with possible knee problems
  9. I took Jonah 8 spots ahead of the where he listed( used NFL draft network), just think his mentality fits our Oline perfectly. My hope for AJ is a hybrid roll( full back, split back, or even off ball tight end) he is big fast and can catch really well
  10. This draft was set with hopes of picking up a DE and DT in free agency and maybe a bridge QB or rolling with JB for another year 13 Neville Gallimore, IDL 34 Tee Higgins, WR 44 Jonah Jackson, IOL 75 Jalen Hurts, QB 122 A.J. Dillon, RB 160 Javelin Guidry, S 193 Binjimen Victor, WR 197 A.J. Green, CB I think it fills some spots to get us where we could really contend into the playoffs. What your thoughts and concerns
  11. Looks good, seems very coachable to fit our system and could add an extra dimension to our offense
  12. His attitude about never give up and you can always get better is what i CB will like about him
  13. Do you think Indy could be the place where Jalen Hurts could take the next step. I mean he had different coordinators each year in college and constant change in scheme. But still took 2 separate teams to a championship, all the the while being a team first player even when benched. Just sounds like a player CB could see growing with Reich as a mentor
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