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  1. Does anyone think we could have a chance of him being available when we get on the clock, He looks to have a lot of qualities that would fit our offensive scheme. Just looking for some opinions
  2. https://images.app.goo.gl/rQmZQ1QdHQS9PmNA7
  3. We sign Tom Brady to a one year deal so he can retire after playing for a standup coach
  4. Wander with the way bobby has played, if they put walker in the middle and use darius and bobby as outside
  5. It seems he is flashing, he is getting alot more returns, and almost broke one off for a TD. I just trust the staff has a plan to use him in specific routes and game plans
  6. I think they could convince him to stay and mentor a new kicker, kinda like slauson did with the Oline. I wonder if the leg injury is still bothering him
  7. I'd lean towards impressive for the players and depressing on the coaching side. We all questioned more play calls that year in the second halves then I care to remember. It's a really bad feeling when we as fans truly feel sorry for pro football players because of play calling in a game JUST MY OPINION
  8. I agree coaching played a big part of the 11 loses the year Brissett stepped in, when you lead at half in 9 of 11 games and play calling never changes then it makes it hard to hang on, when every team makes adjustments at half. I think Brissett will surprise alot of people this year
  9. These young stud players will laugh at these lists while sitting at home, looking at their multiple SB rings
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