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  1. Jeremy Waldon

    The Margus Hunt Appreciation Thread

    I really liked HUNT when we got him, just didnt have the year i hoped. But now this new slimmed down hunt and new defense scheme he is absolutely a beast and i really love watching this defensive unit grow
  2. Jeremy Waldon

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    I think if they even had a 1% chance of knowing something would keep Turbo out of the first 4 games. Frank would for sure still be here. Its all a risk, but i really beleive even if mack is out game 1. I really like wilkins and think he could be a stud once he settles in
  3. Jeremy Waldon

    LT position

    Just saw they had B smith working at RT today
  4. Jeremy Waldon

    LT position

    I found this and thought it was some good info on 2019 draft some really good OTs
  5. Jeremy Waldon

    LT position

    I think if CB does look for any OT if will be after the cuts, im sure there might be a good backup dropped somewhere
  6. Jeremy Waldon

    The day before

    Come on everyone lets keep the hate for NE
  7. Good news for the team, next yrs draft is heavy on OT there is 2 projected in top 10. Just saw a mock one today I think one was greg little and the other was jonah i think
  8. Jeremy Waldon

    Hard core coaching

    Sounds good, less mistakes in practice will show less on game day. To most should be common sense oh no i used bad words CS I really like reading everyone's thought on stuff, always interesting
  9. Jeremy Waldon

    Who is leading the WR race? Obviously TY Hilton and

    Thats possible, but i would lean more towards Hines or Ebron getting alot of slot work just my thoughts
  10. Jeremy Waldon

    Who is leading the WR race? Obviously TY Hilton and

    He hasnt made the big plays or highlights, but he's been very consistent, but i beleive CAIN could move to #2 at some point this season he has the big play ability but needs more consistency in routes based from what i have seen and read
  11. Jeremy Waldon

    Colts Training Camp 8/6/2018

    I agree, he seems alot like F Gores work ethic and play attitude where he just plays and does whatever the team needs and asks. He seems determined to let his play and stats speak for him and his GRIT
  12. Jeremy Waldon

    Colts Training Camp 8/6/2018

    Theres a difference tho, before they would play and practice till they couldn't play and had to sit. Now the approach has been any little issue you sit and heal, and backups get much needed reps. Lose a guy for a few days or a week not the season. For as physical as its been i think it hasnt been that bad. Just IMO
  13. Jeremy Waldon

    Pre preseason 53 man roster

    Mewhort? Retired i thought
  14. It will be fun, the guys they have and the way they move them around in schemes, i really beleive its gonna make it tough for some Olines, they are getting great reps against our line. And our line is nothing like last few seasons, i dont think they have looked this promising since Saturday and Peyton
  15. Jeremy Waldon

    T.Y. Hilton Interview

    I think alot of ppl outside the colts base, dont realize and see the work ethic and determination to be the best for his teammates that luck has, and it spreads to the whole team. Listen to the interviews with the Oline they want to punish players for getting close to luck or any player on OFF, this group of players has the biggest chip i can ever remember a Colts team having. I beleive they will go out to prove themselves, and make the fan base rally once again to support an annual SB contender, our teams future is on the right path