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    Have been watching the Colts since 7th grade when i started playing, Never stopped no matter how bad we played.

    They are my team good and bad decisions and all !

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  1. I beleive after he tipped the ball to keep in bounds, he then stepped out of bounds and was the first player to touch the ball again. Not sure this changes what it should have been called( not sure of the rules on that)
  2. Im just so glad the Frank and Chris are gonna read all of our arguments and choose the FAN favorite to be the backup. Haha OMG Chris could be reading this rite now
  3. I think they both played well considering their first actually NFL game(minus most starters on the panthers) both im sure both would like to take back at 30 percent of the plays to redo. Part of a stiff learning curve i guess. i truly believe by the end of preseason 3, it will be clear who is the no 2 behind Carson
  4. Rite on, first play Eason to Campbell 60 yd TD burner. Whole stadium explodes. We really need to establish the deep threat to make the running game pop off the first 5 weeks. IMO that will be key thru the preseason, other teams need to know we can push it deep if they crowd the line
  5. Im sure all have been offered and Ballard is letting them see if anyone offers more. It seems like a respect thing from ballard, saying i want you here but we cant just hand out money to everyone
  6. I agree i dont take to serious their trade expectations, but if for whatever reason theres an issue with his pass pro. That could benefit CB if he is actually interested. And believes that part can be fixed to a at least an avg skill set. But one thing that stands out is every report i have seen on him, he is a beast like Q in the run game. Fan bases are almost always wrong with value assessment on players because most(not all) base everything on feelings and expectations. The way the Colts set a value and really dont budge much on it or jusy step away from out of control deals is nice.
  7. I watched a youtube video on this and the comments from the fan base on Mike was, they would be happy seeing him gone even for a 3rd or 4th round pick. I guess he missed a few passing blocks last year that cost them games. I will try to find the video and link it
  8. Am so glad he's a COLT, he is a class act guy. Hope he retires as a Colt and a future HOF
  9. Especially Stokes i believe he just ran an official 4.25 40, no receiver in the NFL gonna out run him
  10. I think Ballard will bring a vet LT, and draft the furture as well. My fav is Walker Little, he talked to his coach and his coach told him he has enough tape out there. And with all the unknowns of this past season(covid) he would be better off sending that extra time preparing for the NFL. Which is where he has been since training and preparing for the combine(pro days). I beleive his time spent on technique and getting his body in pro shape wont go unnoticed by alot of teams
  11. I beleive Ballard is playing the mind game with other teams, hoping they will look at Brissett since CB is considering keeping him as backup. But i feel by his body language in interviews it will be Wentz, Eason and the the other QB he picked up maybe on practice squad. Just my opinion tho
  12. And Grigson failed to protect that talent and thus the record Ballard has been dealt. I am very hopeful the move made at QB is this teams step over the last hurdle and put us on the straight away to playoffs yearly and a bowl run. Guess we just wait and see. Keep an eye on Pittmans youtube vlog, might get a sneak peek of Wentz with him in Cali
  13. Using the draft network site, do a mock draft with only one rule. - all picks must be made within the top 5 available players. https://thedraftnetwork.com/mock-draft-machine This is mine 21- Jaycee Horn CB 54- Landon Dickerson IOL 127- Benjamin St-Juste CB 166- Marlon Williams WR 207- Malcolm Koonce EDGE 243- Dax Milne WR Hopefully a fun way to look at guys we normally would not look at.
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