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  1. These young stud players will laugh at these lists while sitting at home, looking at their multiple SB rings
  2. Butler did have a lot of drops, but after being called out about it, has been working with his WR coach and catching 150+ balls a day. Seems like Chris and Frank type of player work and push yourself to get better
  3. What if this guy is available at our 3rd overall pick. Seemed to have some freshman issues at college but then came on strong( i think someone said 17 sacks in 2018) looks to read blockers well and shed them. I think he could be a great edge with Mathis and Houston in his ear
  4. Not sure where he might go but seems to be a run mauler guy with alot of upside Anyone got news on him?
  5. http://www.nfl.com/player/shaneray/2552451/profile Little info on Shane
  6. What's everyone thoughts here? I think he will be a welcomed part of a defense looking to take that next leap and be a force
  7. If we do take a RB in the draft to add downhill runner What is everyones take on Alex Barnes? I think he could be a great short yardage and lead blocker in a 2 back set, also has some great hands(10" hands) big for a back
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