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  1. Golden Tate vs Cowboys Sterling Sheppard vs Redskins Chris Conley vs Ravens Tyler Lockett vs Vikings Pick 1?Who should I start? Full point PPR LEAGUE!!!!
  2. I'm picking the Colts. It'll come down to stopping the run for us. That is my key to the game as their pass protection is below average and we have shown that we can get to the QB. Prevent the long bomb and stupid errors and Colts win comfortably in my humble opinion. I also think we are going to have our most productive run game of the season. GO COLTS!
  3. Which wr do you guys think will step up with TY out? I’m leaning towards Rogers! I think this game will be close due to our pass rush getting some pressure on princess (Brady). The key to this game is like every other game. Who’s gonna protect the qb better and who’s gonna get to the qb. From watching some pats games this year, there secondary is solid but there lack of pass rush is hanging them out to dry. IF our o line can give Andrew some time,then we will have a chance. Time is especially important when looking at the our recievers for this game. lets face it, we’re over matched here and there is no doubt about that. We’ll need to play a near perfect game and that includes the play calling on both sides but especially on offence as it has been hot out of the gate and then stagnant until the 4th quarter. Any mistake they make, we have to capitalize. We can’t get a turnover like walkers against Houston and then have a 3 and out. That will kill us! For the first time in a long time, I believe in this defence and I believe in our coordinator but the offence has left this unit to fail. It’s time the offence steps up!! Enjoy the game guys ! ColtCanada
  4. That was worse than the Pagano Punt play! What a JOKE!
  5. These coaches need a head shake! After the turnover and you come out with that? GARBAGE!
  6. The offence is garbage plain and simple! No other words to describe it. It’s simple, unimaginative, and downright predictable. Extremely disappointed considering we have a capable defensive unit this year. It’s been garbage all year.
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