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  1. I posted this before we made the playoffs and it look like it has turned out this way. maybe this Is a good sign or something. I didn't know at that time that the ravens would win the division or the seeding would play out exactly this way.
  2. that would be the best but I would hate to spend the rest of the off season with the last game being a loss to them (you know how they can cheat) and the refs that always seem to help them out. if we have to lose in the playoffs I would rather it be to KC or the Chargers than to NE Texans or Ravens
  3. If it goes like this and we are 6th seed chargers/KC will be 1st or 5th --Texans will be 3rd and Pats 2nd. let's say that KC is 1st seed--NE 2nd seed---Texans 3rd seed-- Ravens 4th seed --ok we would play the Texans in wildcard game Chargers play Ravens ----Colts and Chargers Win --Chargers play Pats---We play KC we have had good luck with kc in the playoffs and I think the chargers will beat the pats-- that would make the AFC playoff game in warm climate and I would like our changes thoughts
  4. I didn't vote because I'm undecided between winning out (possible playoff) and losing out (higher draft pick). I think either way the team has improved and if the jets lose out we got their 2nd round pick to go with ours and that should give us 3 high picks in the draft. I would say if we lose to the Texans I would like to lose out them though
  5. getting the #2 wr down (could be cain or inman) if not they would be great #3 &4. so maybe 1 wr away in the O. the D would need 1 disruptive DE (will have to come from the draft). we also may need 1 more dt (from the draft or FA). so I think we are only 3 players away--wr-de-dt-maybe a cb to go with collins
  6. agree with this. Inman also blocks really well I notice that it kind of stuck out as I was watching (who is this #15 that was a great block) I didn't know who it was at first
  7. Inman is why I do not think we should use one of our 2 #2 picks on wr. I think we should get a top wr from FA (and Inman could be our #3) or let Inman be #2 unless cain can beat him out of it.
  8. count on it he will draft DL (1st 2 picks will be DL) 3rd pick SS or LB. we will keep Boehm and Haeg for sure as backup OL. now with that said he will maybe try to find some better options in FA on the OL...but remember we will only carry so many on the active roster. we have our 5 starters and you cannot expect to have a player coming off the bench that will be anywhere close to the talent of the starters.
  9. I don't think we need to and here is why: we have Webb on IR and also Matt S who was very good starting at G and he can also play C. Good, Haeg and Clark were one time projected starters. Boehm is a very good C and I don't think we should waste a high draft pick to get someone that may or may not be any better. our top 3 picks one in the 1st and 2 in the 2nd should go to defense. FA should net us the best wr in fa (even though I do like #15 Inman I think we should upgrade there.
  10. I have been seeing that some think he will not be on the team next year, but I think he is a must keep. I know we have some young players and the draft for next year is heavy with DL but he is a solid and proven player that we cannot afford to lose. and could Hunt be a DT instead of DE full time? I think these are two of the players that we should hang onto. thoughts!!!
  11. Anderson, Simon, Melvin and Hankings should all still be on this team. I think we never intended to win this year or next
  12. Anderson, Simon, Melvin and Hankins should all still be on this team. I think this is either CB making huge mistakes or we are in rebuild and have no intention of winning now and even next year
  13. /thanks for the comments. Is Moore the undrafted rookie from SC? If so I'm thinking he would be better as OLB because of his rushing/pass defense abilities but as MLB way to small. who do you feel will remain on the team as backups and maybe specialist for pass rushing abilities?
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