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  1. I had a text convo this morning with someone well known in the Indy sports community, FWIW...They know who the LT is going to be and isnt currently on the roster. Said when announced everyone will understand why they stayed put at 54 and went DE again. I'm guessing its Fisher or someone like that. Again FWIW.
  2. Depends if they could sign him and stash on the practice squad, not sure how that works. No way if it takes a roster spot now,
  3. I rewatched the game. Jacoby held the ball too long. He threw guys (Pascal) late and into coverage. Two sides to the argument but that first pick has to be a stud WR or the future QB.
  4. No way we should not put a claim in on the former 1st rounder. No excuse not to make a claim for him.
  5. 1) A Pass Rusher- Could have gotten someone not top shelf but someone for maybe a 4th rounder....did nothing 2) A WR-could have gotten someone for a 2nd to a 5th depending on whom. Would have loved AJ Green for a 3 or 4...did nothing 3) A stud OL to replace Glowinski and move Braden Smith back inside, for a 4th to 5th...did nothing They did ZERO and it cost them. I get Ballard wants to build through the draft, so do I, but damn, either fixing 2 or 3 here and we win that game.
  6. Apologies to anyone offended. Probably is against the rules, but then again, shouldnt being a condescending jerk be as well?
  7. Says Colts are seriously looking at AJ Green. Who knows if legit, but Yes I would pull that trigger for a 4th.
  8. If the Colts are dumb enough to try to sneak him through waivers and onto practice squad they will lose ALL the fans who arent already ticked off about the Luck situation, they cannot take that risk.
  9. I have heard lots of interesting rumors in last 3 days. That no injury currently exists at all. That all of this has been between Luck's ears. That he was scheduled to practice starting yesterday as of early last week. That the Management tried to give him outs as far as take a few weeks off, Go on IR, get your head clear and come back. That Luck wanted to leave team and go to Hawaii for 2-3 months(which is interesting since by accounts, the medical staff has said there is no injury). Interesting because after every injury in past what did he do.....Went elsewhere to heal.That and buckle up for this, the Colts may have been ready to move on from him and this drama.
  10. I have nothing but respect for Luck. While I don't agree with the decision, it is his to make. Its just such a millennial decision. I have played on many teams in my lifetime, at no time would I have ever quit a week before the season. I would have told the Colts, Hey, I cant do this any longer, but in order to not * over, this will be my last year. It gives them options, its gives them time. Making this decision now hamstrings the Colts, and is why everyone is so * off.
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