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  1. I rewatched the game. Jacoby held the ball too long. He threw guys (Pascal) late and into coverage. Two sides to the argument but that first pick has to be a stud WR or the future QB.
  2. No way we should not put a claim in on the former 1st rounder. No excuse not to make a claim for him.
  3. 1) A Pass Rusher- Could have gotten someone not top shelf but someone for maybe a 4th rounder....did nothing 2) A WR-could have gotten someone for a 2nd to a 5th depending on whom. Would have loved AJ Green for a 3 or 4...did nothing 3) A stud OL to replace Glowinski and move Braden Smith back inside, for a 4th to 5th...did nothing They did ZERO and it cost them. I get Ballard wants to build through the draft, so do I, but damn, either fixing 2 or 3 here and we win that game.
  4. Apologies to anyone offended. Probably is against the rules, but then again, shouldnt being a condescending jerk be as well?
  5. Says Colts are seriously looking at AJ Green. Who knows if legit, but Yes I would pull that trigger for a 4th.
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