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  1. The NFL is a joke with this decision. Some really nice guy like a friend of mine is, who can take care of himself, is going to absolutely beat Hill's butt to a pulp sometime. Then watch Hill cry as the victim.
  2. Greedy Williams or Murphy at #34 WR like Butler at #46 BPA @ #59 like Rapp, Thornhill, or a OT Love to sneak back up from #46 to 37 or 38 and take Metcalf though.
  3. at work cant link. 11 minute recording of he and girlfriend discussing him breaking his 3 year olds arm and punching him in chest and then threatening her too.
  4. Will never play again after the video that was just released. What is wrong with these guys?
  5. Anyone else notice so far that every team in our division seems to have gotten better through Free agency...Can the same be said for the Colts?
  6. And now we are going to bring in Jay Ajayi...Off a torn ACL. To those saying we dont need a RB what do you make of that news? Coleman is way better than Ajayi. Lets roll him out 10 million per year.
  7. Wrong. I am a huge supporter of Chris Ballard. I just would like to know what he is doing Right now. Most money in FA and have 3 signings. Funchess, who I like, desir, who I like, and Milton, who can't cover anyone but is a special teams player. Still have what 80+ million left....
  8. And a roster of Eli Manning, Kenyon Drake, Latavius Murray, sterling Sheppard, Devonte Parker. Jack Doyle etc.
  9. Hines and Wilkins together don't even come close to Coleman. We have so much money its disturbing and aren't even trying to get anyone.
  10. So far Ballard reminds me of the guy in an auction fantasy football league with $250 to spend. Who lets everyone else bid on the star players and then buys everyone late and ends the draft with $125 left.
  11. You do realize Atlanta rode Coleman and Freeman to a Superbowl right?
  12. for $5.5 Mill. That also would have given the Colts a 1-2 punch at RB 2nd to none. I am sorry but I don't understand what Ballard is doing.
  13. That why the Colts should swoop in and sign Tevin Coleman now, before they get priced out on him. Jets will turn to Coleman if they dont get Bell.
  14. Give me Tevin Coleman. Roger Saffold with Big Q. Resign Desir. Trade for Ford or Clark. get some depth signings and call it a day.
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