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  1. I thought Leonard was an ILB but all source list him as OLB, I might have confunded since we don’t blitz a lot. I just wanted to know what exact position does he play?
  2. This is what we colts fans thought our season was going to be. The media on the other hand, had us at 3-13, 4-12 most of the time, one even going as 2-14
  3. It seems like that every slant play against our defense results in a gain for 10+ yards, The Jets did that to us, now the Raiders. Our DL started hot this year, but since the Patriots game, they went back to the mediocre DL that we were last year. Without Mitchell and Hooker helping, it exposed, even more, how bad and lack of talent our CBs are. Our scheme is not working anymore since our DL basically regressed to last year. Ballard will either have to change the scheme to the defense or invest heavily on DL like he did with OL last year.
  4. Unless Colts win all 5 division games(which is very unlikely), I don't see us going in as a wild card, even if somehow we end up 9-7, we'll probably lose to any other 9-7 team in strength of schedule
  5. We’re not getting him anyway, but i dont think it would be good for us to get him. He is going for at least a first round and few other picks, after the Cooper trade. He is good on the exact opposite scheme that our defense plays, so we wouldn’t using him at full potential. It would mess up all the rebuild plan that we have. I rather address our issues through Draft and FA, i rather stick to the plan than picking up a player that would have some impact in our team, but not enough to make us top of the league
  6. I dont know if the Defense was bad or good today, we gave up a lot of running yards though. However the Bills have one of the Top pass-rush in the league, and we allowed 0 sacks. I don’t know how good Bills’ run defense is but they have a great defense overall and we destroyed run defense. The rest is kind of result of the 3rd string QB.
  7. I confess that this offseason, Andrew Norwell was my most wanted FA, and a lot of people wanted him badly as well. The Jaguars have him now, He’s the best-paid Guard in the league. However, he is not performing. So far Nelson has been way better than him.
  8. I think it's because his name is always on the injury report, last week he was questionable against NE
  9. If Ballard was more influential addressing some of our issues on FA not only on draft we could've been a strong team this season, however I'd give Ballard a chance with this rebuilding.
  10. Sucks so much to be destroyed on national tv, the average viewer doesn't know that we have 11 starters out, :/ people now will think that we're this bad
  11. Not counting the when Texans, snapped the ball 1.5 seconds after the clock was on 0 and referees didn't call for a delay of game.
  12. I feel people don't give much credit to him he is doing good and we're lucky to get him in the 5th round, I feel like with him and Leonard we'll have one of the best LB core in the league.
  13. I called it, I knew Andrew would throw 350+ yards this game, he had just great defense on the previous game.
  14. at this rate our offense is going to be Luck and the practice squad starting in TNF
  15. If we would have won the game, we would still have chance of making to the playoffs, with a tie or a loss, our chance declined by a huge %, but making into the playoffs a tie or a loss don't have much difference so I stand for the choice of having one more chance of winning than coinciding a tie, unfortunately the play was poorly executed and the worst-case scenario happened.
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