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  1. Colts do better when you pick against us.
  2. I wish the Colts would blitz Leonard more often.
  3. I like the aggressive style of Reich, but sometimes you got to take the three points. Reich has a respectable 25-18 record as coach. Reich will make the occasional bone head play call as coach , but I’d take him over most coaches in the NFL.
  4. Ballard will be wheeling and dealing come Draft day.
  5. The X-factor is the health of Castonzo and Le’Raven Clark. If the Colts are starting OL Chaz Green, in addition to an immobile and hobbled Phillip Rivers, the Colts are in trouble. Indy almost lost to Houston due to having a third string left tackle. As someone said before, the the Raiders can and likely will neutralize our DLine with their bigger and solid OL. That and Derek Carr is underrated and he plays us well. The defense will have to “ball out” for the Colts to win in Vegas. Hope I am wrong: Raiders 27, Colts 17
  6. The Colts will be playing to win so they can earn a playoff berth. I predict Trevor Lawrence pulls an “Eli Manning” and forces the Jets to trade him for a kings ransom.
  7. Hope Hochuli never refs another Colts game ever.
  8. I thought there were 7 teams to make playoffs in each conference?
  9. Coach going for that 4th down against the Jags in week 1 is the opposite of being conservative.
  10. I am expecting a low scoring contest with lots of field goals between both teams. Colts 22 Lions 20
  11. TY Hilton is better over the top and don’t think we utilize him like we should.
  12. Draft Kyle Trask in the second second round (if available). Have him battle Jacob Eason for the starting job.
  13. DE Myles Garrett is probably the front runner for DPOY
  14. Joe Burrow is legit even though he has taken plenty of big hits. Bengals have a bright future. If they are smart, the draft several Offensive lineman. If we were healthier, this would be be a Colts victory by at least 10 pints. How the offense is playing, Colts win by 5-6 points.
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