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  1. Jaredfor3

    Giants hopeful Beckham will play vs colts

    So will this Saquon Barkley guy. I hear he’s pretty good.
  2. Jaredfor3

    Trading Jacoby Brissett in 2019

    If the 49ers can get a 2nd rounder for Jimm G, The Eagles can get a 2nd rounder for Nick Foles, especially since he just recently won a Super Bowl. If the Colts can’t resign Jacoby to a 2-4 year deal, you trade him in March or April. A 2019 4th rounder and a 2020 4th rounder is my guess.
  3. Jaredfor3

    Heres a scenario everyone might like

    Speaking of the zebras, the Patriots have only been flagged for 4 pass interferences the whole season.
  4. Jaredfor3

    I Ran into some Colts

    David Thornton was not traded by the Colts.
  5. Jaredfor3

    Why the penalty on Matt Adams Sunday?

    The replacement refs were better officials imo. The refs should not throw that yellow flag unless it is obvious.
  6. Jaredfor3

    This is not the end of the world losing to the Jags!

    We took chances on 4th down and it backfired. Plus, we had two turnovers on offense. Not having Doyle out there and a case of the butterfingers hurt the colts at Jacksonville. Plus the Jags played great on D.
  7. Jaredfor3

    Denver (-5) at Cincinnatti (12-2-18)

    And the Broncos have a favorable schedule too.
  8. Jaredfor3

    Running Game

    First off, the Miami game was a mixture of sloppy football by the Colts and a good outing by the Dolphins. I like that Coach Reich mixes up the play calling with both the run/pass. I think the play calling has been great and unpredictable, especially in this five game win streak.
  9. Jaredfor3

    Titans vs Texans?

    Thankfully the Ravens have three road games left as they still have to play at Falcons, at Chiefs, and at Chargers.
  10. Jaredfor3

    Titans vs Texans?

    I am rooting for the Texans and here is why. The Titans have a favorable schedule after the Texans game. They still have the Jets, Jags, Giants, Skins, and a home game to end the season against the Colts. I would hate for the 6th seed be decided in Nashville in Week 17. A loss for Tennesee would put them 1.5 games back of Indy and the less teams with an above .500 record the better for the Colts. Winning the division is a realistic goal for the 2019 season. Earning that 6th seed is still in reach for our Colts.
  11. This season is not over yet and the Colts can be over .500 after today! As far as the draft goes, you draft best player available.
  12. Jaredfor3

    Colts and actors who could play them

    “Simon” from Walking Dead looks like Chuck Pagano.
  13. Jaredfor3

    Most likely to pull off upset

    I like the Colts chances at Lucas Oil Stadium.
  14. Jaredfor3

    Fan Voting is a JOKE!

    I can see the older QBs in the NFL passing on the pro bowl this year. Big Ben, Brady, Brees, Rivers, etc.. Quite funny the NFL has the pro bowl since the league preaches “player safety”. And why have four meaningless preseason games?
  15. Jaredfor3

    Titan's Game Injuries

    MRI’s among the sports teams are typical though. Pretty routine, especially in football. Praying for Ryan Kelly.