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  1. That late phantom PI on Odom at the end of the game too.
  2. Once again, another game full of crappy calls from the zebras. Seriously, how does TY get called for that P.I?
  3. Most disappointing: 1) Ryan Grigson 2) Forfeiting a perfect season in 2009 due to playing conservative. Aka the Curtis Painter game vs the Jets. 3) Luck retiring with the best Colts team ever around him.
  4. Skill wise, very similar to QB Jim Harbaugh
  5. Minkah for Vinitaeri straight up. Haha
  6. Already dogging on Paris Campbell after getting the Ball 1-2 x vs the Chargers. Tough crowd!
  7. Going 4-0 in the preseason. Haha Definitely won’t happen
  8. Brees is not a system QB whatsoever.
  9. Kenny Moore is a much better CB Tim Jennings.
  10. Jack Doyle and and Eric Enron are both free agents after next year. Drafting a young TE is wise if you ask me.
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