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  1. TY Hilton is better over the top and don’t think we utilize him like we should.
  2. Draft Kyle Trask in the second second round (if available). Have him battle Jacob Eason for the starting job.
  3. DE Myles Garrett is probably the front runner for DPOY
  4. Joe Burrow is legit even though he has taken plenty of big hits. Bengals have a bright future. If they are smart, the draft several Offensive lineman. If we were healthier, this would be be a Colts victory by at least 10 pints. How the offense is playing, Colts win by 5-6 points.
  5. We should get DE Kemoko Turay back in 2-3 weeks.
  6. I disagree. The Browns are young, dynamic, up and coming, have a top 5 offensive line in football, leading sack leader in Garrett. Prior to the game today, Clev, has scored 30 plus points in three previous games. Old man Rivers costed the Colts 8 points. 9 if you include the extra point.
  7. Texans are dumb for trading what was their best player DeAndre Hopkins).
  8. Taylor should have gotten the ball on that 4th and 1.
  9. QB Kyle Orton but w a higher ceiling.
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