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  1. Jaredfor3

    Colts Need to Pull a Ravens in the Offseason

    Yes, we need better wideouts, but we still need a young good pass rusher on the defensive line. I am all for drafting best available skilled position players in rounds 2-5.
  2. Jaredfor3

    Marlon Mack

    If the Colts lose at home to Buffalo, then yes, the Indianapolis Colts are on the clock.
  3. Jaredfor3

    Fire Eberflus

    Colts and DE Nick Bosa is a realistic possibility.
  4. Jaredfor3

    LB Skai Moore Waived

    100 percent agree.
  5. Jaredfor3

    Ballard is a genius

    Yes, forgot about the Ravens. Yes, that was a great game too! Antoine Bethea made one of the best plays in that game with that interception in the end zone on Steve McNair.
  6. Jaredfor3

    Ballard is a genius

    And the Better teams in the AFC back in the Manning days were all in their prime with the Pats, Steelers, Chargers, and Colts.
  7. Jaredfor3

    Your Views (Rating) for the current Colts team

    If the Colts can’t beat the Jets and Bills, then I hope we end up with a top 5 pick.
  8. Jaredfor3


    Hooker is not the problem. For starters, we lead the league in dropped passes.
  9. Jaredfor3

    Tarell Basham claimed by New York Jets

    Doesn’t surprise me one bit that somebody picked him up via waivers. Basham is young and still has some upside.
  10. Jaredfor3

    Colts announce multiple roster moves

    IR designated to return for OL Joe Haeg?
  11. Jaredfor3

    Robert Turbin week 5

    Great in short yardage!
  12. Jaredfor3

    NE or Jacksonville??? Who are you rooting for?

    It’s a tough call. But rooting for the Jags.
  13. A lot can happen between week 1 and week 16. If Luck’s fully back, then yes, I’d say go defensive with a majority of our picks. If Luck is Chad Pennington, then your starring at another top 5 pick. Regardless, wide receiver upgrade should be a high priority after the season.
  14. Jaredfor3

    Play To Win Or?

    Why is this brought up before week 1 of the NFL season?
  15. Jaredfor3

    Colts will be better than most say and here is why

    I was being a little sarcastic too.