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  1. Hands down Lucks best play all season! Great game too.
  2. Jaredfor3

    Colts future receiver

    And don’t forget Arch Manning (Cooper’s son), as Colts future QB.
  3. Baker Mayfield looks legit. The Browns are going to be even stronger in 2019.
  4. Jaredfor3

    Dallas Clark

    A young tight end with speed who can stretch the field opposite of Ebron would be nice.
  5. Jaredfor3

    Dallas Clark

    Colts need another TE similar to Dallas Clark in the 2019 draft.
  6. Jaredfor3

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    For the Rams to win they have to do three things: 1) Donald, Suh, and Fowler providing consistent pressure. That and this would surely limit New England’s run game too. 2) Get Todd Gurley going. Use CJ Anderson in short yardage situations. 3) Win the time of possession.
  7. No. Not anymore. Age has caught up to Vinny unfortunately.
  8. Jaredfor3

    Colts Team MVP

    An honorable mention for Colts MVP was Coach Frank Reich. With That weasel from New England we don’t even make the playoffs.
  9. Jaredfor3

    We are the Colts!

    Got to get off to a better start in 2019 and the good news, that is definitely attainable.
  10. Jaredfor3

    This years FAs

    His parents probably would.
  11. Jaredfor3

    Stupid T-Shirts

    Looks like Colts nation will be rooting again for the NFC in the Super Bowl!
  12. Buts it’s okay if two Chief players do push-ups after a successful play. Insignificant to the outcome of game, but just evidence that the officiating in the NFL is a joke.
  13. The Chiefs beat the Colts one time in the playoffs and that qualifies them as our nemesis? I don’t think so.
  14. Jaredfor3

    It all came down to this...

    That and the missed fg before half. The score before half could have done wonders. Bright future is ahead though!
  15. Jaredfor3

    Will Q Need Off Season Neck Surgery ?

    Colts played bad in the first half, missed opportunities, Vinitieri’s worst game ever, and on top of it, the officiating was horrendous.