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  1. I agree that the NFL's kickoffs are pretty much dead, but I believe he would do wonders as a punt returner, probably a waste of a roster spot, but if riech could find a way to put him back on returns, and quick screens, reverses/slants, trick plays etc. He could be deadly.
  2. I dont know about you guys, but I've been waiting for "that" return specialist on the Colts for a long while, Could this be the year we get one? I hope so.
  3. Free agency is a scam anyway, I for one love Ballards approach, keep players who want to win, sign other players to prove it deals and who also want to win, look at the patriots, do they utilize overpriced free agents? Build through the draft with players that are hungry for success and fit in your system, Ballard is a genious and I for one, love what is taking place in the colts franchise.
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