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  1. Caleb Randolph

    Marlon Mack

    Haha Its the rarest kind of patience. Special player for sure.
  2. Caleb Randolph


    You give luck and the colts offense a calvin johnson type reciever, my gosh would we be dynamic. I'm not really sold on needing a running back, the only reason why we can't run the ball right now is because defenses don't fear our passing attack. You get a big bodied deep threat to pair next to hilton, and watch this offense blossom
  3. Caleb Randolph

    Deangelo Hall - FS1

    What a silly little man.
  4. Caleb Randolph

    Chubb vs the Maniac

    I think chubb would be a better DE in a 4-3 than a OLB in a 3-4. Imo a 4-3 fits his skill set better.
  5. Caleb Randolph

    Game Officials

    Its league wide, and its getting worse every game.
  6. Caleb Randolph

    So the Steelers want this for Bell....

    Haha, a second round pick and a very good player, for a guy that doesn't want to play for their team... Seems like a reach...
  7. Caleb Randolph

    Colts Week 2 Injury Report

    I disagree, his injury talent is well above average.
  8. Caleb Randolph

    NFL stops radio game streaming.

    Download the nfl app, then purchase the nfl redzone for 4.99 per month and watch it from your phone. Been doing it for the last couple seasons.. works well.
  9. Caleb Randolph

    Bears (+7.5) at Green Bay (9-9-18)

    Mack is a freaking monster, he just allows the entire D too play fast and aggressive it would be nice if the colts had this kind of D-Line. Maybe someday lol
  10. Caleb Randolph

    Our OL coach.....

    Yeah, the colts aren't that smart. Lol
  11. Caleb Randolph

    52nd pick: Indianapolis Colts select DE Kemoko Turay

    He's a liar, people dont like liars, shows low character. Just a guess.
  12. Caleb Randolph

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    So help me god if lamar jackson goes to the pats.
  13. Caleb Randolph

    John Elway Announcement

    I concur, it will be a fun draft night, i havent been so excited for a draft in a long time!
  14. Caleb Randolph

    John Elway Announcement

    I still think the giants take Chubb.
  15. Caleb Randolph

    Ballard's 2017 draft vs. Grigson's 2012

    Im pretty sure he meant just the 2012 draft class.