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  1. Caleb Randolph

    Our OL coach.....

    Yeah, the colts aren't that smart. Lol
  2. Caleb Randolph

    52nd pick: Indianapolis Colts select DE Kemoko Turay

    He's a liar, people dont like liars, shows low character. Just a guess.
  3. Caleb Randolph

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    So help me god if lamar jackson goes to the pats.
  4. Caleb Randolph

    John Elway Announcement

    I concur, it will be a fun draft night, i havent been so excited for a draft in a long time!
  5. Caleb Randolph

    John Elway Announcement

    I still think the giants take Chubb.
  6. Caleb Randolph

    Ballard's 2017 draft vs. Grigson's 2012

    Im pretty sure he meant just the 2012 draft class.
  7. Caleb Randolph

    Mock 1.0

    I would switch the the two first rounders, josh jackson CB @12 and Mo hurst DT @ 22 Other than that, very good.
  8. Caleb Randolph

    Browns sign QB Drew Stanton

    If that happens, it would surely get my shorts in a bunch.
  9. Caleb Randolph

    Denzelle ward

    Josh jackson is my favorite Corner back in the draft, he is always around the ball. I like james as well, play alot like cam chancellor in the middle of the field, dude brings the heat.
  10. Caleb Randolph

    Serious Question Regarding Ballard.

    Im not all that upset, to be honest, i believe we have the talent, i have been saying it for a long time, our scheme is what has been killing the colts. Both offense and defense, we were beating ourselves.
  11. Caleb Randolph

    Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    Jaguars Vikings superbowl would be interesting, both teams have underwhelming qb play but vicious defenses.
  12. Caleb Randolph

    Lucks current Injury: Caused by Indy

    Yep, Unfortunatly Lucks situation is not sounding optamistic. And its pathetic that the colts felt the need to play him through his injury in the first place. Hope he can come back better than ever next year, praying for him. Lets go colts!