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  1. The Colts should just ask Luck man to man are you willing to sit behind are HOF QB for a couple of seasons...yes or no. Depending on his answer you pick him or trade the pick. Plus there are other QBs who would love to be behind him Barkley from USC and the QB from Baylor Blake Griffin III
  2. No bc of this seaon. He lost chance at putting up numbers while his body still lost something for playing the season.
  3. Im from California as well. Been a Colts fan since 99'
  4. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/911818-how-larry-coyers-defensive-scheme-is-killing-the-indianapolis-colts This is real good IMO
  5. Just read an article that said Bob may never play again.... Link: http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/page/10spot-11week5/nfl-eagles-steelers-underachieving-common Check out #9
  6. Brackett is a big shockin move since depth isn't great with him IR now. Bullitt never like him personally too bad he got a new contract. So who starts now Caldwell or Lefgend?
  7. i think i was one of the few people who mention he played horrible. No one had mention him until i mention him on the good,bad and ugly thread. edit: how isnt hillis td not his fault he broke his arm tackle and he took a poor angle to the line. if lacey and powers took hillis down im sure bullit could too and hes bigger than lacey and powers
  8. Good: Freeney Mathis Addai Carter Conner dont know why people never mention him Vinateri hit a 52 yarder Wheeler he did have moments of bad play Bethea Angerer even though i never heard his name mentioned during game. Bad: Bullitt Lacey Link Ugly: Collins
  9. Link is horrible in pass. In the run he was ok. Put the rookie i say he cant be any more worse. Link problem is no movement in the hips when it comes to the pass.
  10. Completely agree i didnt like how he played even when played good in the first half. I say we try we painter just not next week with the steelers. Go Colts...Colts to the End!
  11. Defense was not that bad. Lacey got beat on 3rd down plays which is on him not the entire defense. We played okay on defense, but offense just didnt help at all I mean 4 field goals doesnt help anyone. Plus defense held everything in check the browns rush for more than 100 yards but no individual did...i think.havent check final stat lines. Next week will be really hard with the Steelers.
  12. QB: Peyton Manning Kyle Orton RB: Ray Rice Ryan Matthews Cadillac Williams Roy Helu WR: Reggie Wayne Vincent Jackson Babylon Edwards Mike Sims-Walker TE: Jimmy Graham Heath Miller K: Dan Carpenter DEF: New York Giants and Jets Not sure what defense or RBs to start this week?
  13. I would only consider Wayne and Clark. I actually have Wayne and plan to start. My question is why so many colts players?
  14. The answer to question is probably no, but even with all the talent in the world it doesn't mean your going to win (Cowboys) He has to practice hard with all the starting players and build some sort of chemistry especially Wayne who is not a fan of him. I wouldn't be suprise if Curtis starts just to see what the kid gots and if he is horrible as we seen Collins will come in and play and continue to start and it will make Custis much easier to cut since they will finally see him in games that count and he wasnt good enough.
  15. I like most of the guys on the practice squad. Hopefully chick can be on it again since he was a beast in preseason assuming he still qualifies for it.
  16. Its so sad that his streak is going to end bc lack of ability to get with the Colts medical staff. He probably would have end up beating Favre who i cant stand with his retire no retire antics. Peyton Manning will end up playing a bunch of games once he is healed. Hopefully they put on an asterisk on his name when it comes to games played so they know part of reason his record fell because of lockout. Well Peyton get well soon cause were going to need you to make it to the Superbowl. Hopefully Curtis or Kerry can help us beat the Texans. If we pull of the upset we can set ourselves very well f
  17. I really this kid had good burst and was decent on ST really shock by the cut. I don't feel any of the rookies we are keeping are better besides Carter he really good.
  18. Really really bad cut he is more active than Hughes and he is a beast on ST
  19. If this is true that such a bad move in my opinion. He played very well and i think a veteran DT is better than any other guy we have. I wonder whose butt got save if this is true. Edit: if they keep Gill over Harris im going have a cow cause Gill sucks IMO and i remember reading somewhere that Gill was a horrible football player and the only reason he would stay is for incredible strength. It was a colts article that i read awhile back.
  20. I will say over 13-15 and fumbles even no more no less. Freeney is a sack master the true fumble king is mathis IMO. I still remember that fumble he force in houston when we came from behind to win it.
  21. I actually like Peter King prediction, but I expect more wins than what he has predicted. I also expect it to be one of the hardest season in a long time. Hopefully the difficult season can help us in the long run.
  22. Yea I always hate that cushion they give. Drives me nuts...part of the reason other teams can get away with it is better DBs or better DL like mention before. I wish if they are going to give cushion atleast be 5 and no more than that unless its one of those hail mary plays that you know is going to happen.
  23. Personally most of the cuts will come from the areas we have too many players at. WR,DL(bigger maybe),OL (maybe),TE (1 or 2),LB (the no-name players) and DBs (no-name players as well) My suprise pick wont be Brown or Gonzo they will make. Plus Gonzo is a better 4 WR than B White. Gonzo can even be a 2 or 3 WR if he wasnt hurt and minus the emergence of collie and garcon (who still is a ? on his skill level). Suprise pick would be Wheeler cause guys like Conner, Moten, and Sims may make him expendable.
  24. I agree with mostly everything you said, but I didnt hear you mention Javarris James I felt he ran very well. Carter had the uh and ah runs, but James was very good IMO. Between the back up QBs Dan-O is better even with lack of knowledge of what he is doing at times. I hope Peyton is back in time.DL was very good very impress. Hughes is not as bad as everyone says he is. I think his stance is a little weird though looks like his squatting. Compare it to Chick and you'll see what I'm talking about. Punting was good coverage suck and we could see how well or bad are returners are. Moore did have
  25. I would say try this guy since he sounds like mathis but younger. plus he was a beast at penn state.
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