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  1. Anyone think we can be an 8-8 team thats a darkhorse in the playoffs who no one wants to play? I mean there is so much potential with this team they just need things to click like they did in the 4th quarter. What you guys think?
  2. Damn and I benched TY in my fantasy football league
  3. They just removed the Colts game in California and put the TB/WASHINGTON game instead lol
  4. Do you guys think are receivers are weak? TY small and lanky Moncrief tall and lanky Johnson Old
  5. I'm just curious for all those people saying trade Luck who are we supposed to start next year? No one in the upcoming draft is worth looking into
  6. Defense looks so over it like they just don't care at this point not to mention they probably exhausted
  7. Looks like are looking at another back to back lost and at home
  8. If we are down 20 to 0 at the half. Do you guys think we have a realistic chance to win the game? Keyword is realistic
  9. Run the ball to get away from our own end zone
  10. Yup last week game is still haunting this team
  11. Yup we are still stuck on losing last week game
  12. Well I saw a lot of Pep work at Stanford since I'm in California with Luck, Gerhart, and 3 tight end sets they would run with Fleener and they would put points on the board in bunches so I'm not sure what happen to him maybe he isnt fully ready for the NFL or because he knows so many of the players Luck, Whalen, Fleener maybe there is a comfort present that makes him lack creativity
  13. So after reading all these post and watching the game day thread I decided to share a few thoughts on today's game. 1. Even though I would a preferred a win not getting blown out the game this game shows me that there was some improvement. Sure at the end of day we get judge on wins and loses, but I still see this as moral victory. 2. Luck look rusty to me. If anyone has ever dealt with a shoulder injury they know these things don't get better in a few weeks. It's a process of rehab, strengthening, and figuring out the limitations of the injured shoulder. Yes, I'm aware some people don't t
  14. Laundry not leaving he got a 3 year deal I doubt be leaves Bethea is more likely to go since his contract over. Toler is a toss up IMO. A new D Coordinator would be great. There are a lot of good pieces to work with
  15. I hope so but the competition won't get any easier.
  16. Did as team we played that bad as whole or did other factors Contribute to the lost?
  17. We are not getting any flags in our benefit. Some of them would be crucial too
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