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  1. The one who can read these stats should be our starting QB.
  2. The best thing about getting McLaughlin is that the Patriots wanted him.
  3. If TY is not quite healthy enough to be effective, I would use him as a decoy; and if he is barely healthy enough to be effective, I would start out using him as a fake decoy, and then as soon as they shift their focus to Pascal, start letting TY torch them.
  4. Mack might lose his good stiff arm ability if he tried to play through a hand injury. Hopefully, the other RB's can carry the load until he is 100%.
  5. Thursday night's game essentially counts as two games, because the winner will have the tiebreaker advantage over the other. A tie would be a win for the Colts since they would keep their current tiebreaker advantage.
  6. Jags twenty-three to seven ... make that six.
  7. It was almost the lowest. I was in attendance when Iowa State held Mahomes and Texas Tech to 10 points in Ames on 11/19/2016, in a 66-10 route.
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