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  1. exactly i dont know or get whats the hold up. The hope is that with only rehab he would be able to be just fine and if not then they will open again. He is not throwing anyways for ac ouple of months, his season is over. Get Certainty. Open him up again check everything is fine and if there is an issue correct it NOW. If there isnt anything, then he will only have to stop rehab for 3+- weeks, which i guess its frustrating but i mean seriously, is 3 weeks worth it? I dont get it.
  2. im baffled that you dont. What makes you like him? His amazing time management? The fact the team gets embarrased a lot ? they are never ready? Also calm down, its a forum. People will disagree with you.
  3. everyteam deals with injuries, including manusky defense. Excuses
  4. I was talking about the defense because thats where his supposed mastery is coming from. It has been reported he lets chud take over the Offense by holder. As for inexperienced, id argue simon, hankins, woods, sheard, davis, hooker, rashad, anderson, wilson is better than anything manusky had and they looked less lost. This defense looks like on fthe worst defenses
  5. Defense starts a around 7-8 new players. He is not coaching a grigson built defense. He is just bad.
  6. Exactly, even if you nail ur 1 pick you got you only traded needs. I know there been cases where people trade their best players but thats because it helps them get better overall, in multiple places. Here you are trading one need for another. And i rather have a 1000 yard WR than bitonio. Or most Guards for that matter. I mean if its so easy to replace a 1000 yard WR with a mid round pick then what the heck. Get a good guard with your 3rd pick.
  7. Regardless if you pick OL or whatever u still need to use a pick on WR because u have no other. You dont get better u just hope you pick correctly so u dont lose out on the trade. Which is why to me it makes no sense u dont gain anything but possiblity of getting better at another position and then having to invest again on WR. Its stupid. U get rid of a proven asset to maybe get better somewhere else AND THATS IT. NOthing else. So best case scenario we suck at WR and improve at OL. You still need a WR. U jsut changed needs. Isnt the whole point of trading good players getting better overall? I dont see it with your proposition. Worse case scenario ur pick is a bust and you lost your only real weapon. I would at least take 2 picks no way i trade him for bitonio. Or a 2nd. You people value draft picks a lot liek they are easy replacements...what did the rams did with the rg3 trade? Browns still looking bad. If we had more than 1 WR i would MAYBE get it, but not our deal.
  8. But hilton has had much more success than brandin had up to that point...so that drives his price up
  9. this is not against you i know you are just reporting the interview but... so every coordinator has let him down? Monachino, Chud, Manusky, Pep? So another scapegoat? He has practically changed the complete coaching staff and still we look worse. Even if he is a genious and his assistants blow that still reflects soo poorly on him because it means he cant choose a correct coaching staff. which is also his job
  10. a 2nd? why would you trade him for a second? or just for bitonio? Brandin cooks got a 1st we should at least get a 1st. I dont get why cheapen our most valuable asset on the offense besides Luck. Also i would expect more than 1 pick cause otherwise you are just using that pick to get a WR so i dont get the point of trading him in that scenario, since we have no other WR.
  11. I wont pretend to watch a ton of KC games but from what i have read isnt Poe kinda going a bit downhill? Like injuries had made him kinda not so great slam dunk player? Anyways, im more of a Jonathan Hankins sign type of guy and he would be much cheaper
  12. I agree, just let those 2 battle out RT and consolidate ol with RG I like Warford or Leary for that positoin. Maybe tj lang also cause of Philbin? Whatever the case is any of those 3 would be fine IMO
  13. I kinda like the idea of larry warford or TJ Lang and both should be maybe a bit cheaper? I know we all love the idea of the young guys but we have no depth in case of injuries and as much as we love them they are still uknowns. I can agree to a RG signing this offseason
  14. To me its: 1.-OLB 2.- ILB (really close to OLB IMO) 3./ RB. We all love gore but this offense would look so elite if safeties had to worry about us breaking a long rune. Gore has great patience and vision, but he has 0 explosivness so safeties/defenses are not really worried about the rushing not only because we suck at it, but because they are simply not afraid of explosive plays. 4./ CB 5.- NT 6.- OG...we have no depth, i like haeg and whatever but mewhort will be coming back from injury and even if he is healthy by start of season, we have 0 depth in case of future injuries. 7.- S 8 OT
  15. His Opinion has no merit because he first acted like RG was great, implying he knew it from this eagles times and now he gets to say he was always bad and everyone laughed and couldnt believe he got the job. Its one way or the other or you are just not valid a source of info. You can change your opinion, that is fine but he is not changing his opinion he is just throwing shade now that grigson looks bad.
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