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  1. Str8himalaya

    Pagano to Bears

    Awesome, glad he got a shot and think he will do well! Good luck to him!
  2. Str8himalaya

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    I will say this, Andy Reid can coach and is an elite offensive coach. Sure he has struggled with KC, but prior to that I believe he had a winning record in the playoffs. Alex Smith wasn't exactly elite, and you pair elite arm talent with elite coaching and you have a heck of a problem on our hands. We should know, we seem to have the same with Luck and Reich. I loved what Reich said, we are out to score every time we get the ball no matter what. The key will be keeping luck clean as we have and also staying balanced with the running game. KCs defense is obviously pretty bad, they have no elite talent at LB or in the Secondary other than Berry, and he's banged up. If we can hold up against Ford, Houston, and Jones we should be able to have our way on offense. That being said, it's going to be a dog fight on defense. I don't expect Mahomes to struggle much, especially at home. It's going to be critical for us to do what Eberflus has preached, keep things in front and rally to the ball. We can't let their RAC get outta control, especially with the likes of Hill. Making them go on long drives, as great as Mahomes is, can he be patient enough to dump it down and take what we give him. He has some Favre in him and he wants to take the 40 yard completion and not the 3 yard one for the first down. Hopefully we capitalize on any opportunities that he gives us. The one area I know we can improve in is catching the ball on defense, we've had a lot of opportunities over the second half of the season that we dropped INTs. Have to have those if they are there to win this game. Just my .02
  3. Str8himalaya

    Realistic expectations for the 2018 Colts

    Interesting to read some of this now that the regular season is over. Good time to look back and see if some of these things came to fruition!
  4. Str8himalaya

    Swoop might be a Colt again

    I’m not sure they will go that route this time around. I think the emergence of MAC as a pass catcher paired with their trust of his blocking ability vs Swoope has given them the confidence to let Swoope go after so many injuries. I’ve not watched a lot of blocking tape on Swoope, but the little I’ve seen, MAC is definitely the better of the two and brings similar upside in the passing game.
  5. Str8himalaya

    Dallas. How Will The Media Call The Odds On This Game?

    I believe if we can continue on the trend of stopping the run and making Dak beat us, we should have a decent chance at winning this game. Contrary to much of the media, Dak's game last week was a bit of skill and quite a bit of luck. Some of the passes that he threw were tipped and caught, thrown behind WRs, etc. I'm not convinced that our secondary will be in trouble, I'm actually cautiously optimistic that Hooker may have a big game. Zeke is the motor of that offense, if we find a way to contain him, I think we could really cause problems for their offense. As for their defense, it's tough, no doubt. Looking at how they handled Ertz last week, makes me wonder if they try to match Jones up on Ebron and that might leave TY with some favorable match ups again this week. Obviously they run the cover 2 with a couple really good young LBers, but I don't think they have really seen an offense like ours either. It's going to be a big game, really think home field may help in this one.
  6. Str8himalaya

    NFL Playoff Machine

    This is what I was thinking after playing with it a little bit. Even if we lose 1 (to Dal or NYG) and Pittsburgh loses one, we get in ahead of them. Pittsburgh very well could lose 2 of the next 3 and that would put the ravens in the drivers seat. At the end of the day, if we take care of our business and win these next three games (winnable), we should be in. I don't see Pittsburgh beating NE and @NO as well as playing a rival in the Bengals. I could see the Ravens winning out, but have at least one tough game left. We really need to get past Dallas and go from there. Tennessee could be the game we thought it might be, a meaningful game for a ticket to the playoffs.
  7. Str8himalaya

    Who in the hell wants to go 8-8?

    I understand the theory behind it, but I have no desire to lose to improve draft position just as I had no desire for us to punt on 4th and 4 in OT against the Texans. Winning and losing is a learned skill, IMO, you learn how to win in the NFL. The talent is so close (although people tend to think differently), it generally comes down to a mental game and having a losers mentality will almost certainly spell doom in the long run. We need to learn how to win again, especially some of these young guys, and we won't do that by tanking for draft position. That culture is much more important than any one player you can get.
  8. I tend to look at it from a value perspective. In our current situation, I think we will probably be picking in the middle of the rounds next year (Luck has never gone worse than .500 in a season that he started all year). Do I think there is ANY player in next years draft at the 14-18th pick in the first as good as Mack or Donald? Nope. Maybe a few years younger, but those guys are proven difference makers. Adding Donald to our front 7 on defense would be HUGE. Donald, Sheard, Woods, and whoever else as a front 4 would be dominant in getting after the QB. He would be a bigger impact and a perfect fit for our scheme. Mack is a little more interesting. I would be on the fence giving a first for him only because of our unknowns at the DE position with Turay and Basham. I would certainly give a first for Donald.
  9. Str8himalaya

    You know what grinds my gears?

    Sounds like he backed off that after seeing practice. A couple good things he said though was he heard that Hooker could come off PUP within the next week, which is good news!
  10. Str8himalaya

    Fill each category with a Colts player

    Breakout Guy: Quincy Wilson Comeback Kid: Andrew Luck Rising Star: Malik Hooker Dont Forget About: Jack Mewhort Needs to Rebound: Clayton Geathers Darkhorse: TJ Green Under the Radar: Ryan Kelly -Wilson proved he could play last year. In this new defense, he could really make a name for himself. -Andrew Luck is obviously the engine to the car here, and if he really is as healthy as advertised, we will have a season to build on! -Hooker was well on his way to a DROY type of season before his injury. When he comes back healthy I think he will establish himself as an elite cover safety. -We have a lot of competition on the OL, but lets not forget Mewhort. He was on his way to being one of the better guards in the league before his knees. IF he is healthy, he could be the second best guard on our team (Big Q #1) -Geathers didn't look like his physical self in the few games he played last year. He needs a comeback year and to establish his physicality again. -This will be an unpopular pick because many have given up on him for one reason or another. No one can deny TJ Green is one of the best athletes on our team. With a scheme change I think TJ has a great opportunity. It's put up or shut up for him this year. If he flops in camp he's in danger of being cut. BUT, if he finally puts his athleticism to use, he could be a very dangerous (and not to our own players!) -With all the changes on the OL, Kelly kinda has fallen under the radar IMO. He played hurt last year when he actually played. He was a 1st round pick many thought could turn into a pro bowler. Being able to focus on himself now that the OL is more established with talent should help a ton as well as back to being healthy. I expect big things from Kelly this year.
  11. Str8himalaya

    PFF rates Colts secondary #32

    The biggest concern, IMO, is definitely the health of Hooker and Geathers. Looking at our secondary years ago when we played this scheme, our safeties were the key to the defense (as well as our pass rush obviously). We have a lot of intriguing guys in our secondary that have shown flashes. I look at it this way, if even half of the talent shows in our guys, we should be in decent shape. We couldn't fix everything in one off season obviously, and protecting Luck was number 1 priority. Hooker looks like the real deal and IF healthy he will make a big impact. Wilson is really the biggest question mark. He had some pretty good games with some struggles on top of that. It appears he learned his lesson with his maturity, but we will see. I don't give much weight to national rankings, most don't know much about our players anyways. We have some talent (a couple second round players, and a top 15 pick), it's just a matter of how quickly they can pick up the scheme and play to their potential. If they can hold down the secondary and get in the 18-25 range in rankings we will have a fighting chance with our offense already looking better.
  12. Str8himalaya

    Colts Madden 19 Ratings

    I would have to disagree, Hooker did pretty well even when he wasn't forcing TOs (which is his greatest asset). Sure, he had some gaps and his tackling and angles weren't great, but he was definitely someone offenses were aware of throughout the game. Watson was great, and he got a pretty good rating when looking at the entire QB group. He is a top 15 QB in the league according to his rating, which is pretty accurate. Hooker isn't a top 40 safety overall, which I would guess you poll a group of GMs and they would definitely have him in the top 40 safeties easily, maybe top 20.
  13. Str8himalaya

    Colts Madden 19 Ratings

    I get that, however, he was also the most impact of any player on the defense when he played. Tied for the lead in INTs on the team and was well on pace to have 5-8 of them in the season. Look at players like Lattimore, Fournette, Kamara, Hunt, etc. He was on pace to be a DROY contender. After all said and done, they should have had him at least rated as the highest on the team, I don't think there is much debate that he is the best safety the Colts have.
  14. Str8himalaya

    Colts Madden 19 Ratings

    Exactly, hooker should be the best safety on the team by far. Green should be low 70s at best. Don't understand it lol.
  15. Str8himalaya

    Colts Projected OL Rankings PFF

    Came across this article and found it somewhat accurate! Has the colts OL projected to be 17th overall in the league. It doesn't have Slauson included, instead Mewhort is at RG, however it does show that we have some hope moving forward. Nothing anyone here didn't know, but sounds like people might be warming up to the fact the Colts might not have a terrible OL this year!