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  1. Dalvin Cook has frank gore's strength and size plus a Joseph Addai like quickness. Would be a good pick for us as well. But we need more than one draft to fix our holes..... Look at our O-line, our secondary, just our defense in general! And the texans won the division with a 9-7 record? This years draft will be big for us
  2. To the right team I think they both could be good average quaterbacks. For a struggling franchise they could be an easy option to win some games here and there, but with the talent coming out of the draft this year forget about it. NE would be lucky to get a 2nd round pick for JG especially if he is going somewhere to be a back-up
  3. Could be to our advantage... Rueben Foster is a beast and everyone knows it, but him not being able to attend the combine might have GM's scratching their head. NFL teams want stability and do not like taking "those chances". But if he slips to us he would fill a well needed hole. I mean look at Miles Jack or the more impressive Vontaze Burfict who both overcame injurys in their early playing careers. He could be a franchise player for Colts Nation.
  4. Whats the difference? I've seen many teams use the same signals, sometimes unintentionally just because it's easier to remember. When it comes to football you want your play calling to be quick and precise, so using signals that athletes are already familiar with seems like a smart idea. I remember when they accused Reggie Wayne of giving our playbook to New England when they signed him on a two-week contract, I guess Bill Belichick had nothing to do with that :). The point is, when critics see success they do their best to construed your interpretation of it. Especially with the Colts. They n
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