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  1. Clooney has never blown me away. Has had a 6 year career of ups and downs. Never really wrecked any games. I think all of our interest should be trying to rip Yannick from the Jags. 25 year old DE that would continue to flourish under Justin Houston. He'll probably cost a pretty penny...but we need to get Leonard and Houston some help on D.
  2. I mean no disrespect to Vinatieri, but it's time to move on. If Ballard and Reich are serious about wanting this team to compete they need to pull the trigger and sign a new kicker. Vinatieri has shown 10 times this season that he is no longer consistent enough to be a starting kicker. Yes he is the GOAT but all great things come to an end at some point. He is hurting this team more than he is helping them.
  3. Just curious as to how we're more injured coming out of the bye week as we were going into it? Anyone else curious about this?
  4. This is pretty concerning to me. You have a star linebacker questioning retirement when you've already had your franchise player retire. Sounds to me like our training staff isn't doing the best job of getting these players where they need to be health wise and reassuring them. I know that concussions aren't your typical rehab, but it doesn't sound like our training staff was doing all it could to make sure he was getting healthy. Just my two cents.
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