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  1. Ballard definitely reached on picking Banogu, one thing I've noticed is that he likes to try and find those diamond in the rough kind of guys rather than go with the popular opinion guys. A.J Brown was right there for the taking and instead we reached on a DE/LB that likely won't make it through for a 2nd contract. It's kind of frustrating seeing these kind of picks, but oh well. Gotta have faith in Ballard.
  2. I love TY and Chris Ballard, but this whole diamond in the rough receiving corps just hasn't cut it. Granted this years free agency WR class was a crap shoot we should've done more to try and get a quality wideout. Arizona got Deandre for essentially a bag of potato chips...I wouldn't be mad if we grabbed 2 receivers early in this draft class. It's not only a want, it's a NEED for this team. Nobody is afraid of a banged up TY, Marcus Johnson, Parris Campbell, Jack Doyle...
  3. I loved the pick at the time and thought Hooker had some real potential, however he hasn't developed as much as I would've hoped. I don't think it was a bad pick or that a trade is necessary, we had an extremely poor D-line with little to no pass rush to help our secondary out. It's been that way for quite a few years now...yes we have a handful of games it shows up, but we ask a lot out of a soft cover 2 secondary. I think unless we get a 2nd rounder for him it's not worth trading him just yet.
  4. Clooney has never blown me away. Has had a 6 year career of ups and downs. Never really wrecked any games. I think all of our interest should be trying to rip Yannick from the Jags. 25 year old DE that would continue to flourish under Justin Houston. He'll probably cost a pretty penny...but we need to get Leonard and Houston some help on D.
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