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  1. You can be disappointed by an injury but how does it discourage you? The man was tied for 1st in the league when he tore his ACL in the running for DROY even tho it was early. Improved his tackling and showed that beautiful range. Everything else is good but I gotta disagree with Hooker he showed future pro bowler
  2. Grover Stewart will be a factor. He needs to develop techniques that’ll shed blocks more effectively but he has great potential. Basham was a disappointment but the dude also has major upside with a nice burst, he needs to find those techniques he used in college and be confident enough to use them in game
  3. No need to be sorry were debating opinions here! Its all good! If your sending chips left and right who the heck is running routes out here? If your chiping both sides you have no check down. Most teams move guys around, but they prefer to put them on the D right side O left side to get them on the QBs blind side(unless your QB is left handed). Yes hes over extends, but against certain opponents he almost has to so they don't take the edge from him being slow footed. You could be right about him being top heavy as far as his strength and that could be an issue, I'm under the impression that h
  4. Couldn't agree more, and you have to think Ballard is fully aware of this. I know everyone wants go keep building that D and we will, but let's start by putting together an OL that's not bottom 5 in the league every year. Let's start by actually protecting our franchise QB that's already suffered more serious injuries then any QB should in their entire career.
  5. His run blocking is up there with any T in the game IMO, his footwork is suspect for a blind side protector but moving him to RT allows us to chip with a TE or RB, he has issues with quick inside moves becuz he plays heavy on his kick step so moving to G would allow him to play more balanced, he's an okay athlete for a T but a really good one for a G, his length and footwork as well would be excellent for a G, IMO hes best moving foward and attacking instead of playing backwards and on his heels. Issues he would have at G would be adjusting his leverage to get low instead of standing tall
  6. You might be right about JM being best at LG, but I gotta think the biggest issue is he's knees man. Sad but probably true
  7. As far as having someone to upgrade before, thats exactly what I mean and probably should have said that in my first post. I don't think AC is top 10, maybe top 16. I'm not talking about mental lapses becuz thats far from his only issue. Like o said before its not easy, but I'm watching tape on all the top LT prospects this year and I'm really liking a few. Trey Adams from Washington has drawn comparisons to Taylor Lewan. Mike McGlinchey if we decide to trade back, Connor Williams as well. This is the year of the T, I follow college Football a lot becuz of the lack of talent our team has. LeRa
  8. Thats a perfect way of describing him, Saturday would know
  9. My biggest issue is that this OL straight up stinks, not specifically AC. I just want to optimize what we have with new talent. If we take a LT round 1, but through camp we decide he'd be better of starting his career on the R them I'm with you. But if he's a stud there's no need to wait
  10. Do you think we bring Mewhort back tho? I think we try to upgrade to a less injury prone but high caliber G in FA. Thats just me tho
  11. Its looking like when we pick every prospect will be pretty special.
  12. And I'm with you on making adjustments and hopefully getting a running game but it starts with the OL. It won't be easy but it can be done
  13. It doesn't matter what he's been, what he IS is a LT thats been declining steadily. What he IS is a LT whose best attributes are that of a RT or G. Why cut him and pay him half his salary? There aren't 30 LTs better in the league, but there's 30 better OLs then the Colts. Optimize the talent you have with new talent you bring in. If its so simple why is our Franchise QB not playing rn? I'm not satisfied with an average LT, might not be easy to find but who has more excuses to do w.e it takes to find one then us?? Nobody. Thanks for the input and bleed blue
  14. His pass blocking is too inconsistent for the blind side. I like his running blocking a lot and that's why I brought up G.
  15. Well, the speed rush sets up both of those techniques but I get what your saying. I don't see him getting bull rushed or over powered much at all by anyone. He also struggles with athletic edges who can chop his hands and bend the corner( Chandler Jones killed him with it week 2). Jack had so much promise before the injuries man, it breaks my heart to say this but I don't think we bring him back. This knee injury has lasted 3 years now, they might not all be related but he's compensating for something. Its looking like a career thing, and he hasn't been the same player this year.
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