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  1. Football is in his blood. Usually people like him can't stay away and come back to the game.
  2. And yes, that was maybe the greatest trade of all time but it still required someone who knew talent and could hit on successful draft picks.
  3. He was coach in Miami. I'm talking strictly GM for the Colts. The Cowboys haven't really been the same since he left. Switzer lucked into inheriting his team.
  4. PAY Jimmy Johnson to come out of retirement as our new GM. Pagano is from the Jimmy Johnson coaching tree.
  5. http://www.chargers.com/news/2015/10/03/chargers-sign-g-michael-ola-release-rb-donald-brown?campaign=social_20151003_53450236&adbid=10153429259917713&adbpl=fb&adbpr=86995802712
  6. The way Luck winced when Hasselbeck patted him on the chest makes me wonder if his clavicle might be what is injured. That would be bad.
  7. I'm trying to remember, but what was the nature of his most recent injury last year?
  8. Will Fox 59 be streaming the game live tonight on the internet?
  9. Which is the flagship radio station that carries the Colts' play by play tonight? And is it also on Sirius and if so, what channel?
  10. So if the Raiders pay him 1 million and he wins the grievance he gets a total of 4.12 million for this year?
  11. Don't think it works like that Dustin. If he's getting paid by another team, that has to negate at least part of that 3.12 mil...in the worst case scenario.
  12. The Raiders are paying him something. Shouldn't the worst case scenario(if Trent wins the appeal) for the Colts be that they would only owe the difference between the "grievance" money and the new salary in Oakland?
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