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  1. I agree with your feeling on the draft. These guys shaking their heads did not watch the games. Kelly, Mewhort, ...heck, the ENTIRE ability & gameplan of the team was irreversibly damaged by retaining Rob Chudzinsky's "flexible & attacking" offense. You can't expect your linemen to block for hours on end while the QB waits for routes to develop. You can't expect your defense to be top notch if it has to go out there every 5 minutes because we CONSISTENTLY get into 2 & 18's and 3rd & 11's . The biggest mistake this team made was retaining Chud and I believe he has r
  2. just got back from the alternate dimension! man, those Indianapolis Colts with Peyton Manning just keep winning consecutive championships since 2007! lol *crying* in all seriousness though, how great it is to be a patriot fan. almost as great as the privilege of watching the Colts play on sundays. i'm proud of the team and wouldn't switch allegiances for the world.
  3. first order of business: elevate joe philbin to offensive coordinator
  4. THIS. while i'm willing to say that the defense needs work - the organization's defensive philosophy has come a long way from Dungy's Tampa 2 & Larry Coyer's take on zone cvg. I am content and happy that the present unit is a little more proactive, physical and aggressive. furthermore, i'm thankful that it addressed the fundamental need for two big guys at the DT position. I'm a firm believer that championship caliber teams maximize their times of possession on offense (with points to show for it, most of the time) and are able to keep their defenses rested enough
  5. go Chuck! personally, i'm cool with it. i can see Coach working tirelessly to put out a good product. I say keep the man and let him do his thing!
  6. good x's and o's guy. could probably talk football theory up the ying yang but that's just about it. i'm frankly shocked at how ppl support this guy after watching the last 2.5 seasons. his perspective on football is very detached from what's going on during the game. the whole offense is just disjointed, unadaptable and impractical. the current scheme needs to go. and i hate to say it but Andrew Luck is starting to look more and more like Trent Edwards. put Joe Philbin in charge of the offense
  7. not surprised. the offense this year was completely unwatchable. i know everyone was trying hard but there were so many momentum killing holding penalties, false starts & sacks allowed. even when those things didn't happen, the offensive plays were just completely baffling and out of touch with the game situation. i am blessed with being able to afford DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket to watch the Colts but if i wasn't as big of a Colts fan, I probably would have cancelled my subscription. elevate Joe Philbin to OC
  8. i hope that's not true, for chuck's sake. i really like him being HC elevate joe philbin to OC
  9. my god, what Tony Romo's life would have been had he not bobbled that snap in '06. talk about fateful moments, hubris, etc. somebody needs to make a movie out it.
  10. agreed. i think the line wants to run. up until recently, i was a big fan of pagano's vision to remake the colts into a quasi-AFC North team. the thing is, with a QB like Luck, i'm not sure if we should continue waiting until we are in 3rd & long to let him pass. If anything, there might be enough loose evidence suggesting that we should be throwing on first and second down and letting frank & rob get the chains moving - that's where I think your assessment on the running game is spot on. i just have to reiterate the bad quality of chudzinski's playcalling here: i watched
  11. love this team. will support them through and through but the problem lies with chud's coordinating. i respect the heck out of the guy but philbin should be running the offense.
  12. i'm glad things worked out well with the run. i'm not completely sure whether it was our running or whether the vikings just flat out didn't give a s**t today. we got the win so that's cool. but i'll say this; i hated calling for pep's job last year and i hate to do it again this year; chud has got to go. he is sitting up in the booth completely disconnected from the pulse of the game. he is in love with that "intellectual approach" of his at the expense of our season. we already have philbin and he was a great OC for green bay, he should be calling the offense.
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