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  1. Then you don't remember Bob Kravitz. Every time the Colts played Baltimore, he would bring it up in articles and drone on and on about it. I was very vocal to him about letting it go. I'm not sure if his motive was to bring out hard feeling about it or what. Thankfully, he's not on Indystar anymore but he'll write about it on WTHR's website...you watch. I wouldn't even see articles about it on the Baltimore Sun newspaper.
  2. Come on Grigson, look at other players beyond ex-Eagles and Ravens!! Gheeze, I'm getting tired of reading these are the guys he keeps looking at!!! I know he has familiarity with them but it makes you wonder if he's paying enough attention to the other 29 teams!!! I'm starting to lose some faith in him. Maybe I should have included the Browns also...
  3. I'm not sure the NFL would risk having an possible injury to Manning for the Denver game to put it later in the season. I predict it will be an early season game.
  4. I have a feeling the Colt's intend to raise tickets prices themselves. After January ends, people that paid for playoff tickets and don't ask for a refund will be locked in for season tickets. This isn't meant to be demeaning to the Colt's but they didn't raise them last year after a 2-14 record but with Luck in town and a promising future, don't be surprised to hear something about it after Thursday. I just hope they keep in mind the additional sales tax that our elected officials just passed on to the ticket holders. I've been a season ticket holder since 84 but they're now getting pretty expensive to afford anymore...Somewhere, there has to be a ceiling on how much they can expect an average person to pay for season tickets. I'd hate to see blackouts threatened in the future.
  5. It used to be that the losing team's coaching staff of the NFC/AFC Championship coached at the Pro-Bowl, I'm thinking that isn't the case anymore since the game was moved to the week before the SB. I believe it's the Divisional round loser team's coach. In other words, Billy B. won't be there so it's likely... neither will Brady. Look for an announcement later today. I actually hope Brady backs out. It would give me a reason to watch it if Andrew goes...
  6. As much as I credit Arians for a good season, in the long run, I think this may be good for Luck. Arians offense had a lot in common with Mike Martz's. Down field development of plays takes time and gets the QB hit a lot. I know the O-line was suspect but look at the hits Big Ben took in Pittsburgh. I actually think Luck would be a better WC offense QB. Smart and still able to pick his shots down field. The one OC I see on the list that might materialize in Marty M. Ties in with Grigson and his Philly ties...we'll see.
  7. Arians has said he will never be a dink or dunk play calling guy. That said, he reminds me a little of Mike Martz. Martz has been accused of getting his QB killed because of how long it takes for down field routes to develop. You could argue the same for Arians. Luck took his share of hits this year and I'm a tad bit worried it might eventually take a toll on Luck. Look at Big Ben, he's gotten to the point where he plays that way even with Arians gone. He holds the ball and takes big hits. He's now become injury prone. I personally would like to see more of a west coast thinking type of offense. Utilize Luck's smarts and take what the defense gives. You will still have down field throws but it doesn't have to be a dink and dunk type offense either. As for Clyde, let him go....
  8. Can anyone explain to me why we play at Arizona? I went to the Colt's/Cardinals game 4 years ago in Phoenix. I thought it rotated and we would play them at home this time????? I don't understand it but I'm OK with it. AZ is a good road game to go to for me with family out there.
  9. OK, this may be trivial with the playoffs here and next season is a long way off but I'm confused on one thing...I thought the Colt's played at Arizona and at SF 4 years ago. Then it would rotate here to play those teams. I've seen in a number of places that they play those two teams out west again in 2013. I was at the last game in Arizona when Peyton and Warner played against each other. Anyone able to explain this? Inquiring minds want to know...
  10. I thought it made sense to also move the Colt's game to 4:25. Oh well, that'll make for some cold tailgating Sunday morning...time to smell like a camp fire in the game. Sorry to those sitting/standing around us!!!
  11. I don't think we're flexed to prime time...just to 4:25 late afternoon game. All 1:00 games will be meaningless. They'll put all teams that need a win playing at the same time so there's drama. I don't know about the Sunday nigth game. I don't see the Colt's being flexed into that game...
  12. OK, enough negativity...they won, they're in and you go from here. Ironically, Houston has something to play for next week. I predict they'll flex the New England, Denver, and Colt's game to 4:25 next week. This would go with past league policies from years past. The seeding is the only thing left in the AFC to determine. See if I'm Kreskin tomorrow!!!
  13. Please explain how they're not in if the Jets lose? Cinn/Pitt play each other next week, so one of them loses. I think even if Baltimore loses out, the Colt's are in. I can't see how they're not in if Tenn wins tomorrow night.
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