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  1. This zone defense is get us killed I know we can't handle there speed but make some type of adjustments.
  2. Luck made some bad throws n choices also but I do agree we r still in it
  3. Our RB's come on getting tackled by the first man yeah the O-line isn't that good but can I see some fight
  4. I didn't like the play calling today too many screens and conservative calls our running game was surprisingly weak considering our interior lineman actually held their own I'm loving Luck n Ebron's connection Doyle is going to have to step it up he won't get forced feed this year our defense is young but hungry especially in the secondary hopefully Wilson plays better when he gets the club off our rushing defense showed a little potential but it needs improvement hopefully it was just 1st game jitters but it needs to be focused on but we didn't play bad at all.
  5. I'm upset Ross Travis and John Simon didn't make it.
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