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  1. I think it is somewhat unfair to throw it on Polian about the DT position. As has been pointed out by other posters, it is not for lack of trying. But some pretty bad luck. Simon, I remember, I was stoked about. Booger as good. I thought Ed Johnson was a stud the first year. Pitcock started coming on. The parts have been put there, but for bizarre reasons, it didn't work out. Nobody harps on WRs, but it is not that far off. Other then Wayne, who has Polian hit on WR that has been consistently good? Pathon and Green, in his first draft, were misses. Gonzalez is always hurt. Collie, who is potentially very good, had the unfortunate concussions. Garcon shows flashes but then drops easy passes. So, applying that logic, couldn't someone say Polian can't draft WRs? I believe without Polian, this team is not very good. I would say out of talent evaluators, he is the best out there. In a free agency era, it is hard to hold teams together. But just imagine the talent the Colts would have had if we were still pre-free agency NFL?
  2. Mostly outside blogs and columns. Not as much here, although I do see a lot that if we don't get a nose tackle we will be run over by the Jets again. Or if we don't have a better safety. Or how Polian screws up never signing free agents. Mostly, members of any of the versions of Forums we have had are pretty positive. But some Colt blogs and writers seem to relish in the idea that the sky is falling on the Colts. I read one where the guy predicted the Colts go 6-10 this year and the Polians should be fired
  3. I hear what you are saying. But without theorectical conversations, there is no point in having forums
  4. I like it and I think it makes perfect sense. I think with an improved offensive line and Eldridge at full health, no reason they shouldn't be able to do this.
  5. I am unsure of why so many people comment about how the Colts aren't championship material, they screw up free agency, they screwed up Mannings contract, and everything else you can think of. There is a popular Colts blog I do read everyday that seems to spend half the time ripping Bill Polian. I guess I don't get it. Two seasons back, the Colts were in the Super Bowl. I think if Freeney hadn't been hurt, we win that game. And that was a team with injuries. So I thought coming into last year, with the injuried players coming back, they would be even better. Well, last year was the worst year I have ever seen for the Colts on injuries. And even still they had the Jets beat save for the bad special teams on the kickoff. I think what the Colts did in April was the single most important item they have done in the last couple of years, and I believe it will have a ripple affect. Drafting Castonzo and Igalana was exactly what the team needed. Sure, that doesn't suddenly make them the Hogs of the 80s, but they should be much better. And I expect McClendon to win a guard spot as well. I know rookies usuallly struggle, but I do believe with the Colts system and Manning back there, they can succeed. If guys like Freitas can start as a rookie and hold his own, these guys should be fine. Along with drafting Carter, this should have a big effect on the running game. I expect now that Addai, Brown, and Carter will find some holes and start moving the chains on the group, or at least 3rd and short. Because of the improved running attack, I think Garcon is suddenly get more deep balls, because the secondary has to respect the run. The improved running attack should help the defense as they should not be on the field quite as long. I also think the offense will score more points. So I guess what I am saying is I think the Colts are better team then they have been in 3-4 years. So, barring another injury plagued season, I fully expect the Colts to win the AFC and the Super Bowl. I think if they can do what they did last year with injuries, no offensive line, and no running attack, imagine what they will do this year?
  6. Agreed. Suh is the exception. I remember the beatingg Moali took last off season. He was 4x better last season then as a rookie and was consistently in the backfield. Now, he has to do a better job of tackling when he gets there!! hahaha. But he got better. I expect Hughes to have 6 sacks this year in spot duty and do well.
  7. Plus, with the defense on the field, you can't kick the ball as low. I think that is more of the challenge
  8. Maybe the way the Pats get players at such a discount price is they borrow a page from the 49ers of the 80s. Basically, it is like this "We are going to give you 200k a year. But here is a briefcase under the table. When I walk away, it is yours to keep. Just sign right here...". lol jk
  9. This is the best site for all UDFA signings. He does a very good job. http://www.nepatriotsdraft.com/2011-nfl-undrafted-free-agents You can also see on www.stampedeblue.com
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