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  1. I hope it is Manziel or Bridgewater. That pretty much assures us to win the division for the next 4-5 years since both are highly overrated.
  2. Well also changed strategy. Going to shotgun, spread offensive helped our offense which helped our defense. So the line plays better because it isn't the same old predictable play calling. I do like his potential.
  3. I think this says a lot about both guys. Having Polian players on the team still shows what a HOF GM that Polian was. But it also shows that Grigson is smart enough not to clear out people just for the sake of having his own guys in there. So good for both of them!
  4. Pioli is very good recognizing talent. Getting him in would be very good. I don't see it happening because I think someone is going to take the Patriots young guy and Pioli will go back to the Patriots.
  5. I think you have to hire him knowing he won't be here very long. 1-2 good years and he is a HC again.
  6. You nailed it. Brown has always done well. Between getting injured or having no blocking in front of him
  7. They'll be someone to come along and say this has nothing to do with the Colts. It very much does! What a great season! He got his record back from Trashman. Let's see him have 3-4 next week so Brady can't sniff it again.
  8. I got both the XBox One and PS4. The games, right now, are a bit weak, but that is to be expected. That was cool of Irsay to do that. Sure, they have enough money to buy their own, but nice thought.
  9. Holmes played guard as USC as well. So surprising he can't fill in there.
  10. Rogers is a combination of Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Steve Largent, Marvin Harrison, and Calvin Johnson ;)
  11. He will be fine. Give him some good offensive lineman and less telegraphed plays and he will be fine
  12. Chandler Harnish could start for the Redskins
  13. Going to be a tough game. KC has the same makeup of what gives us trouble. Good running attack. Smith a very decisive, accurate QB who doesn't make very many mistakes. Good pass rush with just the down linemen. I hope the Colts attack...attack...attack.
  14. I realized we have to keep trying to push it. But it is kind of annoying that giving the ball to Richardson today is almost like throwing away a down.
  15. It was a good trade. He has talent. Once we open more holes, he will be very good. He can do it all. We would not have gotten a player of caliber with a low #1.
  16. This is getting good. Bengals beat us on tie breaker but we beat NE because we have better conference record. So next week if NE loses to Baltimore, which I expect, and we win, I believe we will actually move ahead of them in the seeding.
  17. Interesting that once our offense moved the ball again, our defense looked better. It shows you how they go hand in hand.
  18. I know injuries are part of the game, but it is a cruel joke how many we get. Especially on offense.
  19. I do like how Grigson has taken some changes on players with big upside. If they can be coached up, stay out of trouble, and learn from the veterans like Mathis and Wayne, it could be real good. It is unlikely they all hit, but imagine Montori, Da'Rick, and Adongo playing to their potential.
  20. Good observation. I will have to go back and watch some of his other plays to see the ones you are talking about. He seems to have all the ability in the world.
  21. I know it was just one play. But there was one play when Montori used a swim move and shot past the center like a jungle cat. So it was nice to see that he really does have the quickness they talked about. For awhile there, he looked like just a big guy who played too high. Hopefully he is the Da'Rick of the defense.
  22. He also brought in Da'Rick Rogers, Jerrell Freeman, stole Stanley Havili from the Eagles. Not every move he is going to make it going to work. But I do like that he seems pretty honest and admits he is learning things as he is going.
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