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  1. But you have to give Brad Wells his due. Here is a guy who obviously knows nothing about the basics of playing football. Formations, schemes, gaps. routes, coverage. You name it, it is all foreign to him. He has been a Colts fan for 6 years. His writing is always negative, always attacking Polian or now Grigson, or the coaching decisions, Yet people talk about him. Why? Because he is the Jerry Springer of Blogging. He loves to create controversy and say shocking things to get people talking to cover up his lack of writing talent and football knowledge. If you dispute Wells much his life partner will have you thrown off BR. But still, he keeps writing and people talk about him. Trash in, trash out
  2. I think the critics of Richardson should actually watch a game before they write nonsense like this. Most of the time Richardson is getting the ball, it is a run heavy formation with an overloaded side and it is pretty obviously what is going to happen. Secondly, our interior are not controlling the A gaps. So very rarely are there sufficient holes for a RB to run through. Adrian Peterson would have a hard time getting yards in that situation. Donald Brown does get yards but he usually runs in a pass/run formation and there are gaping holes. Give Richardson the ball in that same situation and he will get yards too. Richardson does have to get a bit more decisive. He reminds me of Brown his first two years. Now Brown hits the hole 100 mph. He wasn't like that before. So I think Richardson will learn and get better. But he has to have better blocking and more of a threat of a pass on the plays he is running.
  3. I don't think Trent has gotten a lot of holes. Brown often gets the ball on draw plays in a passing formation, so he is getting better holes. Trent is getting it on power run plays where it obvious what is going on. The one criticism I have of him is that he goes straight ahead and doesn't really looking for cutbacks.
  4. I am glad to see this. I am glad to see Grigsons vision coming to life. All the guys he signed are team players and play specific roles. And they are starting to jell. Walden got a lot of grief but he is a much better pass rusher than given credit and has been a solid player. I do wish they would throw the ball to Fleener a bit more in the red zone to use his height like the Pats do with Gronk.
  5. I admit this game troubled me. I am a Colts fan #1. But I also knew that if Peyton lost this game he would get a lot of beatdowns from the media and fans. So I figured I was going to be disappointed either way. But this actually turned out to be good. Peyton had a good game after starting slow. You can't blame him for the loss. I know he had one interception on his hand being hit and then strip sack. But he played a good game. Denvers beat up offensive line really hurt them. And all their turnovers. So I think I can say Peyton played a good game. Nothing to be ashamed about. It was just the Colts night
  6. Why have a Fleener in the red zone if they never throw to him. So much for the mismatch.
  7. Nice article. I think it is being overblown as the biggest regular season game for the Colts ever. There has been many times the Colts playoff hopes depended on a particular game. Or playing the Jets the first time after losing Super Bowl III. This is a good game, but I don't remember anyone calling when the 49ers played the Chiefs with Joe Montana, anyone calling that the biggest game in franchise history. I think we too often like to think the Colts came into existence in 1983.
  8. It is unfortunate that Irsay said what he said, and I am sure the writer took the liberty of making into a controversy. It is rather odd, I think. If Peyton Manning came out and said "I really don't care about if I break any passing records this year. What I care about is winning the Super Bowl", he would be acknowledged as a guy who was out for the best of the team. But if Jim Irsay says essentially the same thing, then it is a cheap shot? The fact is, 10 out of 11 playoff years, we came up short. We had the talent to win more than that. I think Irsay is saying he would rather have more rings then big statistics. What is wrong with that? I am sure Peyton would agree. I don't think that is a shot at any of the players. But I guess if that is fodder for a story before the game, the media will jump all over it. I am sure Jim "The Mad Twitter" Irsay will tweet something about how it was taken out of context or changed the meaning.
  9. But we threw most of the time last night. So what was wrong with the play calling? I admit I don't often get the formations. It would seem to me that spreading the defense out more and then giving it to Richardson or Brown would make more since then bringing in Reitz and telegraphing what we are doing. But I loved how we started the game with the flee flicker. Honestly, I just think it was a bad game all around. IF the passes were caught it was a different score. DHB might have scored on his drop. Fleener probably would have scored on his drop. That's a huge swing. How would the game have looked last week against Seattle of Hilton would have dropped his two TD passes? Defensively, we had no pass rush. But that didn't surprise me. Other than Mathis, we have none.
  10. I guess I don't get it. When we beat SF and Seattle, so much was being said about how Pagano's vision of how the team should work was being applauded. So we get dominated by a good offensive team in SD, and Pep is horrible? Maybe I am in the minority, but going to the playoffs and losing in the first round 7 times is not acceptable. We have to run better and stop the run better. The only way we are going to do that is to commit to it. Secondly, Richardson only ran the ball 10 times last night. So it wasn't like we ran 75% of the time. The defense lost the game. Chucking the ball on every play wins a lot of regular season games. But how does that work in the playoffs? Well, by our own history, not that well. I would rather lost to SD in October than SD in January.
  11. I think this was clearly a team feeling good about themselves for beating Seattle and SF, and looking forward to Denver. They played badly, they executed badly, and got beat in every way. I feel sorry for us next week if we play like that against Denver and Peyton. I hope the team learns something from this. I am a bit sick of seeing another DT knocking McGlynn in the backfield on every play. Are you sure that isn't Seth Olsen???
  12. Last year, after one game, John Madden called RGIII the best PLAYER in the NFL. I like Chucky, but these media guys always seem to want to inflate someone. I love Luck but he isn't yet the best QB in the NFL.
  13. I agree that when grading our RBs, we have to look at the offensive line. Bradshaw had a solid game running against the 49ers. But go back and see he had holes. Over the last few years, the Colts have been a horrid running team. So when Donald Brown gets bashed for not being a good RB, keep in mind he was rarely seeing any holes. Same thing with Richardson. I also tend to agree that running lanes would be more available if TY was in and the defense was spread out more to where there was a chance for a pass or run. I look forward to when we get a better center and right guard. I hope Holmes is the answer at center. Once Thomas comes back, Thornton can move to right guard. Speaking of Thornton, on TY Hiltons long TD pass last week, the first person to greet him was Fleener. The second was Thornton. He got down the field FAST!
  14. Playing for the future. We have a very good setup right now. We don't have a lot of big money players. Come 18 months from now, TY Hilton, Fleener, Allen, and Luck can all start asking for a new contract. So I would rather us not get big money free agents because we can't sustain it. I would rather get the young, cheaper veterans the Grigson has been doing. I think Grigson will start cutting this back. He is a guy who believes the draft is the lifeline of a team. He had to make a quick turnaround but I think he will start going more in that direction.
  15. Mobile QBs are a real pain to run, but their lack of accuracy on the run is always their downfall. So I would rather have them give the lineman fits and run then have a pinpoint passer back there.
  16. I think with RBs you have to consider what they are working with. I didn't see a lot of holes today running on then the gaping hole that Brown got. Last week, the Colts were making some nice holes for Bradshaw. Unless you are Adrian Peterson, you are tied closely to your blocking. I do think he is indecisive right now. But I would guess that is because he is not sure of himself yet with the playbook. I hope he hits the holes much quicker.
  17. I just hope we win. I don't really care what the statistics are If Luck ends up being the new Troy Aikman but we will three Super Bowls, I am sure everyone will be happy
  18. It is interesting how quickly things change. A week ago, everyone called for McGlynns head and Linkenback was a poor backup. Now they are the second coming of Ray Donaldson and Randy Dixon.
  19. Yeah I don't really understand jumping on a rookie so fast. I remember when Freeney was a rookie, he was average at best until that Eagles game. Reggie Wayne was a rookie was so-so. Other then guys like Lawrence Taylor Derrick Thomas, it is harder for pass rushers to have an immediate impact. A big reason why is they cannot beat guys with their shear physical ability anymore at this level. So they have to learn better technique and moves. If you watch Werner in college he is almost always the first guy off the ball. Obviously he isn't now because he is still learning and thinking. But as he gets more comfortable, you will see him start to fly off the ball. I think he will be fine. I do think he will be a 10-12 sack guy.
  20. Wow. That was amazing. We started out showing almost no defense against their run. Then became dominant. Loved the complete game. I will take that mix of run and pass any day. Not exciting. Just effective. I hope we can stop hearing about how Castanzo needs to be made a RT or G. he controlled Aldon Smith all day. Castanzo is a good LT.
  21. Yeah, it is. But I made the mistake of going to Stampede Blue and they immediately start in on how stupid it is to get a RB and this is a Pass/Stop Pass league...blah...blah..blah. I, for one, got tired of being bounced out of the playoffs year after year. I want that to change
  22. I think that is more representative of the backs coming into the NFL. You simply are not seeing the talent that was coming in before. If Edgerran James was in this last draft, he would have been a top 5 pick. How many great NFL backs area there right now? Adrian Peterson. Period. So I think it has as much to do with talent as it does being a passing league.
  23. I don't understand the argument when I read comments and blogs everyday of someone saying "this is a passing league. The way to win is pass and stop the pass". But statistically, that simply isn't true. If you look at Super Bowl winners, I would argue that Packers of a few years back were the only team that couldn't run that well. When it comes down to playoffs and Super Bowl,the team that runs better and stops the run better is usually the team that wins. Perhaps they are talking about regular season wins? Sure, teams that do nothing but pass win a lot of regular season games. Even our own Colts are a perfect example. The year we won the Super Bowl, we turned into a great running team that could stop the run in the playoffs and Super Bowl. All the other playoff games, we would normally be rocked by getting run on or being shut down running. So, I for one don't agree with that comment. Grigs has studied that dynasties in the NFL and they are teams that can run and pass and stop the run. 60s Packers, 70s Steelers, 80s 49ers, 90s Cowboys, early 2000s Patriots. I think we are doing the right thing and I predict we will be an overall more successful team as far as Super Bowl wins then we were under the Tom Moore offense. We underachieved with Manning and I think it comes down to no run defense and our running attack disappearing in the playoffs.
  24. I agree with the OP. He is a good inside pass rusher. Sure, he doesn't fit the 3-4 that well. When we move to 4 man line, he brings the heat.
  25. I don't think the team tanked. Because every player on the team is playing for their career. Players know if they lose changes happen. Whether it is coaching or they are traded or cut. So there is no motivation for players to lose. I understand as an owner or GM they might want the team to lose to get a good pick. I think the problem 2 years ago was QB. Simple as that. Had we gotten Kyle Orton or any competent NFL QB, we would have probably won 5-6 games.
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