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  1. Overrated: Edgerran James (Much of his yards came in the second half when we were already ahead. Underrated: Bert Jones.
  2. Bridgewater will be another Geno Smith, so I hope he comes to the south.
  3. Hearing Da'Rick talk, he sounds like an intelligent football player. You see a guy like JaMarcus Russell speak for 10 seconds and you wonder if his IQ is in the double digits at all.
  4. Wow! Brave person to dare criticize Luck. It was same thing with Manning. Manning is one of the best of all time, but he made mistakes. Luck will too. But you say that and you get hammered. Luck holds the ball too long. Period. If nothing is open, throw it away.
  5. I think we are a bit quick to talk about giving someone one more year. Wow! So execute of the year year one. Playoffs second year as well. And we might give him one more year? I think the NFL has become a bit too obsessed with instant success. If a team isn't in the final 4 every year, time to make a change. The worst trade Grigson made, I think, was Sheppard. He is a mediocre LB at best. At least who we gave up had SOME pass rushing potential.
  6. Marcus Howard surprised me. I remember a preseason game he was lightening quick and got two sacks...then got cut.
  7. I do hope he continues to improve. He can have a profound effect on our playoff changes. Every since Wayne was hurt, the offensive disappeared. If Rogers can emerge as a viable threat, it can put us back into being a bit more balanced. He is nice to see a receiver with some size on our team that can play.
  8. I guess I don't understand the beatdown of the coaches today. Man for Man, the Bengals are better than us. Dalton has 5 very big and fast targets to throw to, they have a big o-line, and a very good defense. I expected the Bengals to win. But one positive I see is the emergence of Da'Rick and LeVon. I think the biggest reason the Colts start slow is Luck has nobody to throw to. I expect a more aggressive offense going forward.
  9. To be honest, I didn't expect the Colts to win today. Just the matchup. Bengals have too much of a pass rush. Too rounded. I think on the bright side, Da'Rick made strides. So did Brazill. This is what we need to do better in playoffs. Now, if defense could actually get a pass rush.
  10. Doesn't surprise me. Bengals have the same kind of makeup of the teams that destroyed us this year. Much pressure up the middle. They can get Luck rushing 4. So I wouldn't be surprised if Bengals win by a couple TDs.
  11. I would point to offensively teams have figured out that if you blitz Luck up the middle, it all but stops our offense. The interior line has a hard time picking them up and Luck holds the ball too long. So I think that has changed offensively. Defensively, I think teams have figured out that although our secondary is pretty physical, they don't have great speed. So many crossing routes. We also don't have much of a pass rush outside of Mathis. So I think they are things we can adjust to Losing Wayne was a blow, no doubt. But honestly, do you think if Belichick lost his best wide receiver, they would have this issue? I hate the Patriots, but Belichick is a genius. He would scheme so someone else would be open on every play.
  12. I love the story. And if all he is used for is a rush linebacker, at least it limits what he has to learn. We sorely need some rush outside of Mathis. Werner shows flashes and I am sure he will get better. But I think right now for us to have any dent in the playoffs, we need better blocking, hopefully WRs to step up, and better pass rush.
  13. That's what I liked about it. How the Colts have done so poorly this year!!!! hahahah. Talks like the team is 2-10 and going nowhere. We are 8-4, beat Denver, Seattle, and SF. We lost 5 offensive starters. We have first year coordinators on offense and special teams. Sure, it sucks having no offensive line, but come on!
  14. I think some fans are too harsh on a player without maybe considering his situation and supporting cast. For example, Tim Jennings was a weekly whipping boy on here. It wasn't his fault he was asked to play 10 yards off the receivers. So he goes to Chicago and is a pretty good corner. Jerry Hughes was also a guy who had a new "bust" story written about him every week. He didn't fit as a 4-3 lineman nor did he ever get to play much. He showed signs as a 3-4 linebacker. So he goes to Buffalo and is considered a pretty solid pass rushing linebacker. And we got almost nothing in return. I say to those who ripped Donald Brown every year and Trent Richardson this year, do consider their situations before wanting them chased out of town. I believe Brown has always been a pretty good player. In his 5 years we have never had a good run blocking line. So rarely did he have chances. Now Richardson is being hammered, but it seems he almost never has a hole. What I cringe to think about is after this season Donald Brown signing as a free agent with a team that has a decent run blocking line and then he really lights it up. Sure, there are some guys I think are pretty obviously bad. Satele has proven he has been subpar on the three teams he has been on. McGlynn as well.
  15. Da'Rick is a combination of Steve Largent, Raymond Berry, Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, and Megatron. He can do it all. They just need to throw him the ball!!!
  16. I see Shock Jockstrap Brad Wells has found a new whipping boy in Trent Richardson on his latest blog. I don't really understand the double standard applied. Everyone concedes that our O-Line is horrible. There is rarely a hole and Luck is harassed on every play. I don't see anyone suggesting that Luck is a bust after the Rams or Cardinal game when he had very weak stats. No, it is blamed on him not getting any help by the OLine. So why is Richardson blamed for no holes?? Oh, because Brown has gotten yards. Well, in all fairness, Brown has gotten the ball in different sets. Usually, for Richardson, it is either a power formation, one side overloaded, and he takes it to the A gap. Or a wide pitch out with pulling guards. Brown has gotten the ball more in single black, run/pass formations or on draw plays. Yes, Brown is running better. He hits the hole with much more authority where Richardson is dancing a bit too much. But I think they said for three quarters yesterday Brown was averaging 1 yard a carry. So you can't blame the running backs. I just think it is unfair to call any of our running backs "bust" when nobody ever blocks for them. Nobody could run behind that line. I think if you threw Adrian Peterson back there, he is a 500 yard season rusher. I think Brown has always been a good back. I think Richardson could be a good back. But in the time both have been here, nobody ever opens up holes for them. I've said this before but look at Andre Brown. He was with us and he couldn't even make the team. He goes to the Giants and out rushes Brown and Richardson. So it is about having blocking. I think if Grigson again brings in 2-3 more lineman, we never see Satele and McGlynn on the field again, Brown and Richardson will thrive.
  17. I would love to see at least two more offensive lineman and a WR or two. But from this point on, I hope most of the building comes through the draft. That is how all very good teams get built. Nothing wrong with grabbing a good FA here and there, but don't want to live like that. And I think Grigson has said college scouting is where his love is and how teams are built.
  18. I just hate the Patriots. Respect them, but hate them. Manning played 12.5 quarters the year he set the record. Belichick and Brady were throwing the ball in the 4th quarter to get the record. So it would be great for Manning to get it back.
  19. Makes no sense. People on here talk about John Unitas, Bert Jones, Edgerran James, Marvin Harrison. None of them are currently on the Colts. Should they stop talking about them? Manning is to the Colts as Jones and Unitas were.
  20. Hmmm.....Good point. If Manning throws 51 TDs, that means they will probably win their remaining games, which will give them home field advantage over the Patriots. So the Colts have a better chance to get the SB if Denver has the home field advantage because I think the Colts have a better change against Denver in Denver then NE in NE. Plus, we like to see the Patriots beats. How is that? Another thing is I think Peyton used to play in Indy.
  21. Manning is at 41 right now with this game to finish and 4 more games to go. Please get to at least 51 and get the record back from Tom "Trashman" Brady.
  22. On the one play he had the ball throw to him and got interference, he had his guy beat
  23. The Colts are the Colts, no matter what city they live in.
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