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  1. To quite legendary coach Parcells, "You are what you're record says you are.". There's no, "Well, we are better (or worse) than our record." Parcells was spot on, and it drives me nuts when people say we are better than our record. We are not. If we were better than our record, our record wouldn't be what it is today.
  2. It isn't the fan base. It's this message board in particular. If you want homer talk where everything is always puppies amd candy canes, come to this board.
  3. The fact that TJ Green is even in the GAME should tell you all you need to know about Charles's incompetence.
  4. Stop. Just stop. Be civil. Everything about this coaching staff is great. Nothing to see here.
  5. Like TJ Green. I swear, that dude must have some serious dirt on Pags.
  6. And that's the problem. "Ill take it." We blew a two score lead (again). Best player out or not, this is a trend. Way to settle for mediocrity. And the word mediocrity is being generous with this joke of a coaching staff. Also, throwing another dumb challenge flag, even though it didn't end up mattering, is still a problem. Because in a lot of games, those little things matter. We've seen Chuckles mismanaged challenges and timeouts and they've ended up costing us games. Chuck must have quite a few family members on this board.
  7. You guys are right. Chuck is an amazing coach. He knows how to put together a game plan for a full 60 minutes and doesn't routinely blow two score leads. He also doesn't let his foot off the gas and start running a prevent D every time we have a 4th quarter lead. I'm sure NE wishes their coach had the brilliant defensive mind that Chuck has.
  8. First time in 33 years? What about some of the teams in the 80s, '91, and 96?
  9. I think Davis may ask for more than what they are willing to pay next year. Ballard may not want to pay close to top dollar for a corner like a lot of bad teams typically do. Best to try to unload him now before his contract is up to see what we can get for him.
  10. Agree. Would love to see Gore win a ring this year. Such a class act.
  11. Right. Tomorrow could be a great year, who knows? I'm trying to be optimistic about next year. Every year there's a team that comes off of a terrible year and makes the playoffs or even Super Bowl next year. Anything can happen.
  12. I'm lost" sorry. Either way, yeah, we are all hoping for the best. I guess the point I was trying to make is that I don't think that this crap was expected, at least not from Irsay. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn't blatantly lie to us to sell season tickets.
  13. 96-97 was worse IMO, as far as the overall state of the franchise. We only won one game that year as well. We had a crap GM, a bad coach, and a QB that was kind of a flash in the pan. At least this year we have a GM that shows some promise, as well as a pro bowl QB if he can ever get healthy.
  14. After reading a few of your recent posts, I'm curious as to where you stand on Pagano? Do you want him gone or no?
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