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  1. Colts will make the playoffs 10 consecutive times starting in 2014.
  2. Ok, I see your point. But where would Brady fit? He has both statistics and SBs.
  3. Based on this flawed logic, Montana would never be considered one of the greatest since all he ever did was win SBs. And btw, Brady DOES have the statistics. Take a look at the record books.
  4. But Montana never once threw for 5000 yards. Granted he did win 4 SBs so if your criteria for judging greatness is on that one category - SB wins then yes, Montana should be the GOAT. I personally think it has to be a combination of SB wins, personal stats, and awards since these 3 categories are the most quantifiable.
  5. One thing I did find surprising was some of the best mobile QBs were also the most sacked.
  6. Actually Brady was sacked quite a bit. He was the 13th most-sacked QB in 2011. So I don't think his OL is that good. http://espn.go.com/nfl/statistics/player/_/stat/passing/sort/sacks/seasontype/2
  7. I think the best person to ask is Montana himself: http://blogs.nfl.com/2012/02/02/montana-take-brady-belongs-in-greatest-qb-discussion/?module=HP11_headline_stack According to Montana, Brady does not have to do anything - he already is the greatest of all time. I was watching NFL channel and a few other people agree with this assessment - McNabb being one of them. Personally, I think Brady should win the SB in order to be unquestionably the absolute greatest.
  8. That rivalry potential sounds interesting except unlike Luck who would be starting next year, Mallet would be riding the bench until Brady retires which, assuming he stays true to his word, would be in about 5 years.
  9. He sounded like he was drunk during the celebration after the game.
  10. The Patriots have already played the Giants this year. I'm sure Belicheck already has a gameplan drawn out against the Giants. The 9ers and their menacing defense would pose a much tougher challenge for the Pats.
  11. Yeah but Bradshaw missed half the season. A combination of Bradshaw and Jacobs would be a formidable combination in wet conditions. The Giants pass rush might be a problem though.
  12. If the Pats win the SB in Indy then they truly deserve it. Both SF and NYG beat offensive powerhouses NO and GB respectively - teams similar in style to the Patriots. If the Pats win the SB then they would unquestionably be worthy of the title. This week's game against a great defensive team like Baltimore would provide a preview of how they would stack up against SF/NYG, IF and that's a big IF, they make it past the Ravens.
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