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  1. I had SF winning SB before season started. But I had Patriots losing. of course SF is winning. and the total will be under. it will be a dog fight but SF still wins by 13. Boring like last year
  2. he'll be a Patriot next year. Dont waste time paying attention to off season crap
  3. dont bother with this off season waste of time. he's going to be a Oat next year. theyll make playoffs again.. after next year, then he'll be done
  4. This soon? He's a veteran ,carrying around 2 super bowl rings. He's a nfl pro.
  5. no one gives a damn about the Titans. They dont have a chance in hell. Everyone wants Pats vs KC. The league gives the people what they want (what they influence them to think they want). Ravens will lose to either Buffalo or Pats. They are just sexy front runners like Cunningham/Eagles, Vick/Falcons. Saints are just the Marino/ Dolphins, Fouts/Chargers. but they already got a SB. Theyre done for another 50 years, never going back
  6. Bills 21 Texans 13 ------ Pats 27 Titans 20 ------ Eagles 30 Seahawks 21
  7. Rams and Dallas are done this year. Redskins are still in the hunt after their bye lol
  8. 3-6 in the Parity era is just fine. Still in the hunt with plenty of games to go.
  9. No reason not to , till its mathematically official
  10. Until I hear mathematically ineligible, I'm sticking to it!! Doesn't matter, SB will be SF vs Pats no matter who's in playoffs
  11. Fine, they'll still make playoffs. 2-4 isn't a losing early record in the parity era anymore. The league wants it so everyone is 8-8 to 10-6 and still eligible at the end. Browns are fine
  12. https://clutchpoints.com/colts-news-andrew-luck-spent-the-day-hanging-at-the-teams-facility/ Meanwhile, it left the Indianapolis Colts in a situation no team wants to be in. They lost their starting quarterback with just a week to go before the regular season started. Luckily for them, they had a very good backup in Jacoby Brissett. So far, Brissett has helped lead the team to a 3-2 start. That includes a surprising win over the Kansas City Chiefs (who were 4-0 at the time they played). However, even at 3-2 there are a lot of questions surrounding them. Are they a serious
  13. Skins already won this one. It's inevitable
  14. When you host the SB, you tank. It's league policy.
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