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  1. Rams and Dallas are done this year. Redskins are still in the hunt after their bye lol
  2. 3-6 in the Parity era is just fine. Still in the hunt with plenty of games to go.
  3. No reason not to , till its mathematically official
  4. Until I hear mathematically ineligible, I'm sticking to it!! Doesn't matter, SB will be SF vs Pats no matter who's in playoffs
  5. Fine, they'll still make playoffs. 2-4 isn't a losing early record in the parity era anymore. The league wants it so everyone is 8-8 to 10-6 and still eligible at the end. Browns are fine
  6. https://clutchpoints.com/colts-news-andrew-luck-spent-the-day-hanging-at-the-teams-facility/ Meanwhile, it left the Indianapolis Colts in a situation no team wants to be in. They lost their starting quarterback with just a week to go before the regular season started. Luckily for them, they had a very good backup in Jacoby Brissett. So far, Brissett has helped lead the team to a 3-2 start. That includes a surprising win over the Kansas City Chiefs (who were 4-0 at the time they played). However, even at 3-2 there are a lot of questions surrounding them. Are they a serious playoff contender? Just how good could they have been if they had Luck at quarterback? Those questions certainly quieted down a little bit recently, but they are still there. Now those questions are bound to pick up again because Luck is back, sort of. He was spotted at the Colts’ practice facility on Thursday.
  7. Skins already won this one. It's inevitable
  8. When you host the SB, you tank. It's league policy.
  9. Lol youll eat every word soon...well, not that soon. Now the Redskins will turn it around with Haskins. They'll be 1-6 soon. Then , come back here when it's 6-6 and they are fighting for playoffs.
  10. Browns are fine. They'll beat Seattle. Theyll be in playoffs. The Sherman thing is pointless TMZ gossip.
  11. BertJones


    No surprise here. I'm a Rams fan and picked Niners to reach SB this year. Right on schedule so far
  12. Pats will lose one game. The Cowboys arent that one game. someone might go 16-0 and get eliminated early in playoffs though. of course that only someone is Chiefs.
  13. Ten vs Atl Was vs Nyg - here comes Haskins Lac vs Mia Oak vs Ind Car vs Hou Kc vs Det if Stafford plays Cle vs Bal NE vs Buf Tb vs Lar - even if Tampa loses, they will be better the restof the year and the Rams will be mediocre.. Tampa will win division Sea vs Ari Min vs Chi Jax vs Den Dal vs No Cin vs Pit- in the real world , Bengals would win this game.. but the nfl is not the real world
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