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  1. Jared would have laughed. One article said - it is with heavy hearts that we- etc .
  2. Of course? Otto Graham is the god, Brady bows to
  3. There is no joy in losing. Only for the players because they get paid 7 digits , whether they go 15-1, or 0-16. They never lose. You lose a bet....means there's no joy in losing lol I'm a Rams fan as well. There was no point in watching them during and after the Bulger years, till 2017. When a team sucks, it's like a energy vampire lol. No point in paying attention. "Paying attention".. I ain't "spending" my time on that, yo! Or to put it another way. That's 15 years of one sorry a-butt-ss journey! Lol.
  4. Don't worry. The league will easily make sure that never happens.
  5. Your name is 17 characters long!
  6. I didn't say it ment that. But the fact is you still have a guy savvy at crunching numbers with front office experience. There's less football players then there are baseball players , so more guys appear to be big name players, or at least known of by a majority of people. I'm sure he knows alot more about math and numbers then most people here.
  7. The thank post" thing is all wonky on mobile.
  8. Lol I still hate wrestling. But like I say, it's entertainment. You know movies have predetermined outcomes. You just don't know exactly how it ends sometimes. Same principle. Then its about the why,how and what for. I watch to make sure I'm right. To make sure I'm not fooling myself. The fact is, if it were untouched/real, outcomes would be a hell of alot more random, year to year,all over the map. No consistent dynasties. Vegas would fluctuate like a rubber ball bouncing all over a room. There would be more field goals in games. Not as many close, end of game finishes. Real life simply isn't that exciting on a regular basis. But turn on your tv and somehow the magic happens for these jocks every week . My eyes are open now, I know I'm not wrong.
  9. It's simply entertainment, not competition. The sillyness of saying it's because your team is losing.. I've been indifferent for 3 years and see it in every game. I still like sports...hobbies,, I have trading cards, mini helmets, I love sports uniforms history. Sports is male bonding fun. I just don't waste time wondering who will win and why. It's a waste of energy, emotion and time on nothing important. I just want the evil wrestler, Pat Patriot to lose lol
  10. The entire league benefits. It's about money-period. It doesn't matter who wins. If the league thought the public was dumb enough to let Pats win 20 in a row,they'd do thst too.( the fact is they could make that happen and make you believe it if they really wanted to) Profit sharing eliminates the need to compete. The league is not 32 separate businesses. It's one solid, billions dollars, entertainment industry. If they were actually competitive. Brady would have been limping from the game a decade ago.
  11. Because its the outcome the nfl wanted. Hey, at least the Colts weren't the team chosen to lose to Pats.
  12. The nfl decides what it will do. You'll never change it. I don't really care or have problem with it. Atl never changed any gameplan. Their job was to lie down in the second half and they did exactly as the nfl told them to. Everyone took home their million dollar contract pay and went home happy.
  13. Point blank: the Lakers have Lebron. The league will make absolutely sure the Lakers Are In the finals Next year. The ticket has already been purchased.
  14. Lol at immaturity as a narcissist. It's all made up drama in the press. There's no problem what so ever. The nfl loves OBJ. Otherwise they would make sure he wasn't doing 5 commercials a year. He's a cross between Lynn Swann and that guy who use to be on Jets/Cowboys/Bucs. A veteran is just resting up a bit. Nothing to see here. He is a nfl product and the nfl will continue to lovingly sell him.
  15. The whole taking time for chemistry idea is a joke now. Teams don't need to gel over time anymore. Rams last year , Kaepernick -49ers, Eagles win SB with back up QB. Worst to first is a joke that happens all the time now.
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