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  1. Ooops sorry for the triple quote. Im on a cell phone thats slow and really tough to type on.
  2. Ive been to 5 different cities to watch colts play away games. All have been great experiences except Gillette stadium. Ive been to 3 Colts /Patriots games there and I wont be going back. I see alot of posters saying thats not the case but from my experiences it absolutley is. That place is the toiletbowl of the nfl as far as im concerned. Ive sat in several great spots there and drunken fans have taunted my friends n my family so bad its ridiculous. The last time we went they started taunting my wife. After the 3rd time they threw beer on her I took matters into my own hands. Thats all I wi
  3. Best and most liked post ive ever read about the Patriots on this forum! Right on man
  4. Ok... so getting rid of manning was a tough pill for me to swallow,but i've swallowed it. . Yes i will always be a Manning fan and I always be a little sad because of how it all went down. But the pain seems to have subsided somewhat. Now, im looking towards the future and starting to get a little excited. My question to all of you faithful and brilliant colts fans is..... How good "IS" Andrew Luck? I watched him play a couple of games in college and liked what i saw for the most part. I was really impressed with him in the Fiesta Bowl (his last college game.) I watched his pro day and thou
  5. I am a huge manning fan And still hold out hope that they can coexist. That being said... I am glad we are in the position to draft luck. I think he has all the tools to be a great quarterback. How great? I don't know. But I think he's gonna be good for sure!
  6. I kinda have my own ideas of what is transpiring in coltsland. Although i definitely think the media is blowing all the comments way out of proportion. I believe (hope) irsay/manning are playing a contract chess game. If you listen to what both camps are saying...it is possible
  7. i agree. I think bringin in a new defensive scheme and mind set is going to help tremendously. If luck says he is willing to sit behind and learn from the nfl's only 4 time mvp....i dont see the problem. Lets go win another superbowl (or 2)
  8. Just kiddin man! We seem 2 share alot of the same opinions, especially on manning. Ive never read anything that u have posted that was out of line or unprovoked. But nothin wrong with apologizing to someone that you feel you have wronged. Nice doogan
  9. Just when i start liking you...you go and get soft on me! ;)
  10. i agree. I will definitely support luck if irsay lets manning go but i will always feel like he gave indy his all and wasnt treated fairly. Atleast today he sounded at piece with everything.
  11. oh man, i would think this is all making him crazy! I couldnt imagine having to worry about coming in and replacing manning! Especially if a healthy peyton is cut. The pressure will definitely be on!!! Lol
  12. i never was a big fan of farve so him being surpassed by aaron doesnt surprise me. As far as luck he may or may not become an elite qb but to say that he will have the drive like peyton does to be that good is highly unlikely. (Although possible) take rodgers out of the line up n they would still have a good team. (Like the season finale) take manning out of colts line up and they are 2-14. But i do get what you are sayin. I hope im wrong...i just dont think he will ever match manning. Just my opinion
  13. your controversy isnt if we draft luck or not, its if we keep peyton. You have been on this forum for months preaching to everyone that peyton is good as gone and we need to except it. We all know we are gonna draft luck. But ur gonna have to eat alot of crow if we keep manning! You will have to disappear from this forum because you will have lost all credibility! Luck may turn out good but ur dreamin if you think he will ever be manning bro. Dont know why you want him gone so bad.
  14. ahhh... Now said that way sounds much better! I gotcha bro
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