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  1. The dumbest comment I've ever read
  2. I would not be surprised if we used him in the slot all season. He's a matchup nightmare when healthy (in Riechs system). I would still draft a WR & TE in this years draft. Mims & Kmet would be my picks
  3. As deep as the wide receiver class is, I'd take Kmet with the 34th (he will not be there at 44) and draft Eason with the 44th. A reciever nobody is talking about that's being slept on is Q. Cephus out of Wisconsin. That's just my wishful thinking/opinion.
  4. I love the idea of cutting Jacoby & Hoyer. That would free up some money to pay Clowney a decent salary on a 3 yr deal. Will it happen...probably not
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