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  1. Ronald Darby & TJ Yeldon

    1. ED29_1659yards


      Patchwork is a constant....

  2. It was amazing to watch the different responses to this thread. "FUTURE" should have been typed in faux bold, with a drop shadow with special text effects. We went from G.Whalen being cut to D.Rogers being last on the depth chart?...(behind J.Lenz, E.Thomas, R.Lankford, and G.Monroe?...I'm sorry, what?, that's not what you meant?....yea, tell me about it)....He's being...here we go.....GROOMED for a bigger role. Hilton will always be Lucks favorite target, but not the offenses' most dependable receptionist...Love TY, but being 5`9 175 is painful when you're running a 5 yard slant in the middle
  3. My mistake -, Rogers caught a 45 yard pass against the jets, but only scored...against the Giants. He HAS... dominated everyone CB he's played against this preseason...
  4. Is anyone giving attention what D.Rogers is doing. He's looking more and more like the the guy many thought he would be. He's scored in both preseason contests, and is dominating every one-on-one matchup. With this being Reggie's last year, and Nicks having a suspect right foot, D.Rogers, T.Y. Hilton, and D.Moncrief make for a very exciting future for colts nation...
  5. Same ratio as Da'Rick Rogers....low risk, high reward....if AP can come back from a torn MCL, ML is good for 1500 and 15td's..after surgery...
  6. Just came back from a dark place....to find that JK was waived. Upset doesn't even come close...

    1. CR91


      jk? jeremy kelly?

    2. ED29_1659yards


      Yes, i've been without internet for 2 months, only to return to find out that he was traded...

  7. This IS sad, yet profitable for the other Colt receivers. he gained alot of positive feedback from the NFL, and Colts fans everywhere. He has a decent on-field resume', trade him for another solid rookie DB...for cheap, or a very late-round draft pick....and let Jeremy Kelley take that 4th spot behind Hilton...
  8. What you're saying about not be able to convince me is almost right. In that Falcons game, I saw a good defense, create opportunities for an average offense. If you've been following the Falcons, as of late, then you know that they have a recent history of making early exits from the playoffs because their defense has allowed teams to come back in the 2nd half. So with that game, no...that doesn't convince me either..Kaep is talented, but as i said before, this year will reveal the truth about who Collin Kaepernick really is on the field. He's not pressured by the presence of Alex Smith and ca
  9. This season ill get a chance to really see what they're made of, now that Kaep is the official starter. The momentum of the game changed after the lights went out. I'm not totally sold on Kaep just yet....but i am on Luck.
  10. I think D.Thomas gets the start, but i think McGlynn's days are number here in Indy. I've been watching the off-season's photos, and i see Justin Anderson, and Robert Griffin(G), getting alot of reps at that guard spot, more than i've seen McGlynn. I think MM goes to a reserve role for backup C/G, behind these two...Justin "Bean" Anderson is a mauler. 6'5, 340....massive. R.Griffin is 6'6 330, and a monster....
  11. The guys who put this comparison together, on the NFL network, are from Micheal Vick's personal cheerleading squad, that only work or perform this "routine or choreography" - type of player talent assessment,..everytime an athletic, or PHYSICALLY gifted QB, makes a splash in the NFL. For those of us who have seen this before, we are not offended or surprised by this claim, made by the NFL networks most prolific bandwagon jumpers. Kaepernick reminds of me of McNabb,....he'll become talented enough to keep in them in the playoffs, but won't be able to get them over the hump. Luck will win a coup
  12. Cliff, you are amazing!....WOW.. ... .... .....When did you say? You don't even remember your post details from one to the next. The person in question here is Titus Young, NOT the other people in the world who are suffering with a condition beyond their control. "Unwillingness to accept the possibility that there are legitimate physiological explanations for behavior" is a statement of global proportions, and not just specific to Titus Young. Maybe your goal was to get me to respond after i said i didn't want to make this into something worth talking about...if it was, i'm glad i could acco
  13. "But your unwillingness to accept the possibility that there are legitimate physiological explanations for behavior is borderline disturbing." Only to clarify my position.... :hmm:... :???: am i doing this anyway? It shouldn't be this intense. The fact that someone actually liked what you said reveals the other mental/psychological issues on this forum. Cliff note readers always arrive at the end destination, with good timing, yet with minimal understanding. Please read my post, again, and as many times as you need to. When did i dismiss the other millions of people on the planet who are suf
  14. Excited for Big Griff & "Bean" Anderson getting a chance to shine

  15. I find it VERY AMUSING , that his Dad, and other American's, are so quick to come to his rescue, by putting a medical label on youthful rebellion. Are we really gonna' fill this "Balloon" of a thread, with hot helium gas, and justify why he simply can't obey authority?...If so, i refuse to participate, other than what i've submitted. The chart, or ratings, that make up his System Of Value's, needs to be corrected, and updated. I don't care if he's having an identity crisis, this issue, is as shallow as the kiddy pool at an apartment complex....
  16. This video kinda' sneaks up on you, and you don't expect to see what you're gonna see @ the 1:50 marker. After the 1st couple of plays, you're ready to go to something else,...then all of a sudden you find out what he can do....this is amazing....he would've have been a great addition to the team... #2 Benny Cunningham [Purple & White]
  17. I was just , then , saw this thread and... ... ,.. :cuss: :cuss: What happen to his ... :rulez: ...i tried to post all of the emoticons that expressed my feelings, but obviously i went too far. I feel like right now...This was a bad move. Satelle probably doesn't have as much value a Shipley, so maybe that's why Grigson did it...we'll find out soon enough....
  18. AQ Traded? This can't be true...say it ain't so..

    1. HungarianColtsFan


      I've just saw the thread...

    2. BrentMc11


      Very unhappy. I am hoping Holmes is as impressive as advertised.

    3. alawai


      Brent - I hope Holmes comes through but was injured most of last year. Think it was the ND game in which he didn't start (injury) but was called upon because the ND "D" was dominating their "O".

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  19. How do can someone agree to tanking considering what happened to St.Louis's Sam Bradford. He not only scored high on the QB aptitude test, but had previously thrown 48 TD's at Oklahoma. He gets drafted, and is struggling to offensively get them to the playoffs...
  20. This comment, represents my feelings(thoughts) to the letter. The guys that they paid in free agency, along with the addition of pep hamilton, are going to set the foundation, for what the blocking/defensive scheme is suppose to look like, on the NFL level. When that has been established, then the older guys with 7 or more years will naturally end their contracts, and the young guys will slowly begin to take over. I realize that our free agents didn't sign mega deals, but the fact that they were paid what the were paid, means they weren't brought to sit. There are nuances about the :nfl:style
  21. With the way Palmer & Harnish helped NIU comeback and win, they deserve Co-MVP honors...
  22. Another fun fact, is that Nathan Palmer & Lavon Brazill played against each other, in 2011 MAC championship. N.I.U. vs Ohio U....in which Harnish & Palmer came back in the fourth quarter to win 23 - 20, with a late field goal...
  23. Im a fan of Palmer, but unless he can beat out Whalen, he may be cut along with Sambrano and the other UDFA WR's..... R_Wayne D_Heyward Bey T_Hilton L_Brazill J_Kelley N_Palmer G_Whalen J_Sambrano L_Sampson R_Rumble I hope he can at least get assigned to special teams duties....or we actually keep 6 WR's on the active roster......again...i HOPE...
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