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  1. Competition for training camp. May the best Man win
  2. Ebron can not catch unless completely wide open he drops everything when its contested SMH
  3. Well hopefully he has corrected those flaws and Robert helps him with some counters because he definitely has some dance moves
  4. I like what im seeing from him, Heard his 1st start in the NFL went for 3 sacks on Jameis Winston completely wrecking the game and a Win. HOPE HE MAKES THE TEAM!!!
  5. Luck and Hilton #1&#2 respectively Castonzo and Nelson Geathers and Hooker (when healthy) Darius Leonard/Sheard Vinatieri and maybe Ryan Kelly
  6. Stop with the Brissett is just a good backup he has shown that he can be a starter in this league and I would be comfortable if he was our Qb. Im tired of some people disrespecting him like he is a nobody this man simply came in last year with 1 week to learn the playbook and performed admirably and much better than most thought as well as myself. Now with Tolzien trash can be labeled but with Brissett im not going for it not to mention NE and Belichek knows how to identify Qbs Ballard didn't trade for Brissett for no reason. Im honestly taking Brissett over a lot of starting and r
  7. I hope Mack would be acquired because it would fill a huge need in the pass rushing department as well as helping out the secondary which would extremely speed up the defensive rebuild process. Allowing are young pass rushers to come into there own with Mack requiring plenty of attention. To run a 4-3 you need good pass rushers ala sacksonville jaguars. And please stop with the nowhere near contending narrative you guys sound like the media this is a Defensive Rebuild nothing else nothing more we have a franchise Qb and a Starter behind him in Brissett give that man his credit wit
  8. SMH its just sad that we still live in a world like this but I guess some things will never change.
  9. Theres literally guys from both teams Fighting for jobs/football lifes
  10. RT should be pretty solid with either Mewhort or Smith next to them hopefully LaRaven CLark or Denzelle Good Comes into their own by the upgraded talent next tot them
  11. I'd personally like to keep Brissett as a backup cuz he proved far more valuable to us than what we actually got him for. If he cant net us atleast a 2nd round pick I'd keep him. The guy is a competent quarterback and can play in this league I mean we all saw what Scott Tolzien could do!!
  12. Honestly I think this new scheme that we're moving too would match his skillset a lot better and could see him making the roster as a backup. I really don't see how this guy isn't a special teams stud already but this guy has potential to be a solid player and I hope this new coaching staff cant get the best out of him,
  13. Quincy played well when given the opportunity too he will definitely be manning 1 of the outside Corner positions. I'm also sure we will be drafting a few DBs as well this year with the trade and extra picks we have now.
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