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  1. I am so ready for Colts football this fall! I pray that we have a full NFL season!
  2. I became a fan because of one man or should I say Manning!
  3. I,m excited if this true. The only thing that could be better is that we find a QB for Rivers to groom and another receiver in the draft and I will be ecstatic! GO COLTS!!!
  4. WOW, did not see this coming. Now lets get a QB!
  5. Agree with what Stitches said 100%. JB is not the answer and am hoping Ballard sees something in drafting one of the available QBs. If not I will be mightily disappointed but will still root for whoever the QB is. Please Ballard make the right choice on our first round draft pick! Hopefully a future franchise QB!
  6. My choices in order 1. Denver , 2.Tenn ,3 San Fran. I LOVE Denver, I could live with Tenn and I hate SF but will support Peyton wherever he goes!
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