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  1. I am so excited about this team! I want it all and I want it now! Nothing is guaranteed in this league. I want a Super Bowl NOW !!! And next year too! GO COLTS!!!
  2. Colts win 31-30. Close game throughout but we pull it out at the end.
  3. Beat KC and this team will go the Super Bowl! Mark it down!
  4. Congrats on the engagement! Been fighting a terrible cold this past week but a Colts win would make feel a whole lot better.
  5. Holding Derrick Henry under 100 yards. I believe if we do that the Colts should win easily!
  6. No more negative stats about this game! I am worried enough about this game already! Just kidding. Thanks for the insight.
  7. We need to come out focused from the opening snap. No 14-0 deficit again. This game is for the playoffs! Also i have no time to relax when we are behind like that. I do not need to stress out again! I will lose what little I have of my hair that I have left.
  8. I say I would like a division title. If we want go deep in the playoffs we have to beat whomever we face. A playoff home game would be great in my opinion!
  9. At my brothers house with the wife and after that interception i jumped and yelled. My brothers wife said to my wife does he always do that watching the Colts she just sighed and said yes!
  10. I am happy with this season so far but I will be VERY disappointed if we do not make the playoffs. Once in the playoffs anything can happen. I want the Colts to win and I want it now! GO BLUE!!!!
  11. Great news about the O line. Glad to see TY is practicing! Kind of stressed out about his injured ankle. We really need him if we are to go deep in the playoffs! Fingers crossed!!
  12. I read that TY has not practiced all week. Should he be shutdown for this game and give him time to heal for the Titans game? We should be able to beat the Giants without him I hope. We are going to need him for a possible playoff push. What does everybody think?
  13. This post just gets me more excited about this defense and this team! Thanks!
  14. Barkley scares me more than Elliot because of his speed. No long runs. If OBJ doesnt play it will be much easier to concentrate on stopping the Giants on offense obviously. I dont think we will take the Giants lightly. Every game is a playoff game to us now!
  15. I just want the Colts to get in the playoffs. Who they play is not important to me.
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