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  1. Nicks actually wouldn't be too bad. Him or Gordon are the only two wr's I could see us getting at the moment. But here's hoping we won't need to make a move and Reggie's fine.
  2. Quick to press the panic button? It was what, two or three series? Just give them some more time to gel before you criticize grigs.
  3. Seahawks definitely were the most complete team, helping Wilson out a ton, but RG3 still had a better team around him than Luck did. Their defenses were basically the same, overall 26th for Indy and 28th for Redskins, but the huge discrepancy was the running game where the redskins were the best in the league in rushing where Indy ranked 22nd. Regardless, great seasons by all, I really wish Luck would have gotten it, but I think we all knew who was going to win... I'm just surprised at the voting disparity, I thought it would have been much closer. But hey, Peyton never won the award either and he turned out to be pretty good.
  4. If the ROY was completely stat based, then RG3 would win it hands down, but it's when you take many factors into consideration that I believe makes Luck look more deserving. Mostly just by comparing the three teams involved with the stellar rookie qb's, the seahawks, redskins, and colts. The seahawks absolutely destroyed arizona this past weekend, I know they're bad, but honestly that was just embarassing. Their defense is one of the best in the league and the seahawks don't need Russel to throw the ball around as much as the colts need Luck to do that because they just aren't allowing as many points as the colts do. Then you have RG3 in washington, who is having a great year, but look at all his contributing factors. An almost equally impressive rookie campaign for Alfred Morris which then helps RG3 run the option by having such a good ground game. If Luck actually had the line/ running game to do that, I'm sure his td to turnover ratio would be lowered quite a bit. Also, look at Kirk coming in and relieving RG3 when he goes down with injuries. He's actually fairly productive on the team too. Not as good as RG3, but was still able to help his team go to overtime and win against the Ravens this past week. If Luck was gone from this team, I'd doubt they'd win a game! Ok, well maybe against the chiefs. /endrant
  5. No, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Obviously Brady is a good quarterback, just all your other responses are just unnecessary. You're going into a teams forums who your team just trounced, what kind of response do you think you're going to get? I'll give you a hint, not warm fuzzy ones. But I'm sure you knew that already. Regardless, pats played a great, complete game today on all sides of the ball. Congrats.
  6. We have respectable pats fans and other teams fans on this forum, but now you're just being a troll. Way to just show up when your team wins big. Stay classy man.
  7. I think Luck is playing really well right now, especially for a rookie, but I don't think he's quite MVP level yet. I think he is playing himself to the front of the ROTY though and that's pretty great in itself.
  8. Feel the same way. Of course it's the jags who mess things up...
  9. I'll save you some time and effort. F's all around. Seriously, were there any good aspects today? Maybe a D here and there, but this was a complete let down from last week.
  10. My prayers go out to Mr. Pagano and his family. Get well soon Chuck!
  11. I was impressed with most of TY's play today, as well as Luck's.
  12. Thought it was just me, but I definitely agree with you that he sounds like a jags fan.
  13. Looks like Minnifield is going to DC Jim Daves ‏ @JimDaves · Open @ChaseMinnifield Let me know who you sign with and I'll relay to the media. Thx. #ProveThemAllWrong Chase Minnifield ‏ @ChaseMinnifield Close @JimDaves redskins
  14. Lol good guess. Hopefully they see something special in this guy.
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