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  1. He's going to be 43 years old and is already spent as a QB. This team has more issues going for them than the QB whether people want to admit it or not. What could Brady possibly offer at this point in his career beyond his past glory? Nothing. A better stop gap QB would be Andy Dalton if the Colts wanted to go there but I rather have Jacoby finish is contract and draft a QB and start over.
  2. I haven't cared about Drew since he left Purdue but its preferable to Brady. Although it figures the Colts would let this happen to them though...
  3. Well many years later Manning and Champ did end up teammates so funny how that worked out.
  4. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/10/12/its-been-30-years-since-the-infamous-herschel-walker-trade/
  5. Its not up to CB its really up to Irsay Jim would take him back no questions asked. I think CB OTOH would be far more hesitant.
  6. Neither is hitching your horseshoe to someone who would want to come back to the team after he quit on you two weeks before the season began with very little explanation as to why. How could you ever trust someone who did that? He could easily leave your team high and dry again. Either you're all in or not when it comes to the NFL. Andrew isn't and that's fine but the Colts need people who want to be there. Jacoby may not be as talented but he's all in and effective at the job for that alone I would take him over Andrew Luck to QB this team. This game is not only physical its mental too talent only goes so far. That being said I don't see this scenario happening so its a moot point.
  7. I think he's just visiting old friends nothing more. Oh and if he wanted to come out of retirement to return to the Colts I hope they tell him no.
  8. Seeing the Jags come back makes that loss to the Raiders that much worse that being said since the division is mediocre I still lean towards the Texans.
  9. Wow I wonder how old some of you are some of us lived through really awful QBs before Manning came along. Jacoby isn't even close to being that bad. I don't see him as a long term franchise QB or a game changer like Mahomes but we should stick with him.
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