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  1. When someone said this looked like a backdrop of a Sears photo department they weren't joking...
  2. People acting disappointed that he isn't going to his own HOF induction. How if they knew he would snub the process they wouldn't have let him in? Why does it matter? He's in everything else is just fluff.
  3. They just proved him right its about personal grudges not actual ability that kills the credibility above all else.
  4. He's all those things this is nothing new. People wanted him to go away. He is and suddenly faux outrage is in effect? Him not coming to the HOF ceremony isn't going to hurt anyone but himself. So what's the problem? He didn't grovel enough for people?
  5. Except the reason why they wanted him to wait had nothing to do with his on the field production. It would be one thing if they thought he was a borderline HOFer because of his talent but no they kept him out of spite. Rather hard to take this honor seriously if the media is going to let petty grudges get in the way. I mean if it was about "character" etc then Ray Lewis and Randy Moss shouldn't be first ballot HOFers but they are. I think T.O. is a narcissist so are the media expecting him to act grateful to them for something he earned on his own merits. They wanted him to go away he's doing so and now they're still complaining? Just seems rather laughable. Ray Lewis's speech will be even longer.
  6. I'm not bothered by this. They took forever to induct him when he should've gone years ago. Apparently he has to be grateful they considered him for the HOF despite the fact that it was his accomplishments that got him there. Why be around fake people if you don't want to? Besides between Ray Lewis and Randy Moss's induction speeches alone nobody would really notice T.O. he knows this. It might make the HOF ceremony a bit shorter now.
  7. Before SB 50 Manning mentioned that his doctor told him a couple years earlier he would need a hip replacement later on in life so that's why he's walking funny. To answer your other question its possible he just likes Denver he seems happy being there despite only playing 4 years there. I wish he could've played as long as Brady probably will but that neck injury shortened his career sadly. His body told him to leave the game. I'm glad he listened. I'm sure he's glad too considering how dysfunctional the NFL has become after his retirement.
  8. If they draft Nelson he won't have to leave the state.
  9. So you're saying its the same as it has been for the past 6 years or so.
  10. Its Tibia/Ankle. PG was Fibula but Hayward's was worse to me its like OBJ and PG13s injuries combined. Its a long road to recovery PG got hurt in August so we saw him at the end of the season we aren't seeing Hawyard until next season at the earliest.
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