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  1. Was thinking the exact same thing rofl the dude was blowing up and booming selling millions of albums and having the #1 album in the world while being in jail long before he ever worked with Dr Dre lol.
  2. just wait next year you will be talking about how Luck had his best season ever. If he would've worked with the guy Drew Brees worked with from day 1 he would of been fine. Just look at Drew brees his first 5 seasons he was trash not going to be a hall of famer then he goes and gets the same shoulder surgery luck had that chargers thought would be career ending and in 2006 he had his best season yet with 4418 passing yards(#1 in league), 26 tds, 11 ints. His highest yard total before that was 3576. Now he is going to be a 1st ballot hall of famer. Brees First 5 years 12,348 passing
  3. I was expecting Josh Jackson not sure why he didn't draft him. Jabaal Sheard and John Simon both moving to DE and he drafted 2 DE he didn't really reach for needs as Sheard and Simon could of handle this for this season 1 DE would've been ok. He more decided his major holes were fixed and started to do his philosophy of building in the trenches first. I think we could've used a CB first.
  4. 2015 was his best year. Also as of Dec 13, 2017 he was ranked #17 out of all offensive linemen. At this point he was 8th best tackle finished the season as 10th best. Also he was #1 at this point in run blocking not sure what he finished but yeah hes def a top 5 run blocking tackle in the league right now. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-top-25-offensive-linemen-of-the-2017-nfl-season
  5. As bad as Costanzo might be hes still good for #10 Tackle in the NFL that's how bad the NFL is at a whole at that position right now. In 2016 he had a terrible year and was 20th out of all tackles. Source: https://www.profootballfocus.com/nfl/players/anthony-castonzo/6174
  6. Yeah but put them in this draft and they go much higher. It all depends who else is available and whether you feel like you can get a solid player later at the same position or not. Comparing when a player got drafted one year vs another is silly as its never the same talent level. Just look at the players drafted ahead of Tyron Smith in this draft he'd be a top 5-7 pick like Nelson was but in 2011 he was #9. Colts picked Kelly/Castonzo in the teens and then picked Nelson 6th very simple to what Cowboys have done. Heres your 2011 Draft https://www.pro-football-reference
  7. That's biased thinking tho as hes the clear cut best OT in the draft. Something the NFL is lacking is enough talent at OT to go around and he is the safest bet for any team looking for one. It's a very weak draft class for OT. The next best guy is Kolton Miller but he will most likely be a RT. It also depends what you think their pick could've been instead of an OT?
  8. Not really they feel like they got their QB the most important thing is LT once you have your franchise QB it was pretty clear 49ers were going to get him if he was still available. Joe Staley is 33 they going the smart route and finding a replacement before they don't have a replacement.
  9. LOL you do realize this is the exact trade they did with the Bucs who picked right after the Colts right so its very clear Ballard could've of made this trade but opted Nelson was too good to pass up...
  10. You seemed to of missed my point Nelson alone likely won't be that game changer defenses game plan around but Nelson combined with Kelly/Mewhort that is something that could be special even add AC in there till his contract up. If we didn't have Kelly/Mewhort you would be spot on and Nelson wouldn't of been the pick and ballard would've traded back acquire #12 pick and #53/#55 2nd round he didn't do this trade though as he knew he couldn't pass up on Nelson because yes he is that good.
  11. Connor Williams could potentially be one of the 2nd round picks tommo or Kolton Miller I don't think trading up is needed as there is no more sure things and Indy now needs all these extra 2nd rnd picks and using one of them to draft another OL is possible but using 2 trade up for an OL not happening.
  12. I won't be sad as Nelson will be a pro bowler sooner and is going to be a pro bowler this season and for every season he plays in the NFL. Not joking either.
  13. What are you talking about the last offensive linemen player taken in top 20 was 2016 Center Ryan Kelly with #18 overall pick and was the right pick before that you gotta go all the way back to 1997 when Tarik Glenn was taken #19 overall (3 probowls age 27-30) If you go with any OL taken in first round you can add Anthony Castonzo who has been an above average LT and was taken #22 overall. Then theres 1984 Ron Solt #19 overall. This is the first time the Colts have drafted the best offensive linemen stop being silly the Colts have not thrown high picks at this problem before they are in this p
  14. I always wonder why the NFL draft wasn't more like NBA Draft. The NBA draft is June 21st and the finals start May 31 with latest possible end being June 17th but the biggest key is they do the draft before the free agency starts on July 1st and not after. This way teams don't have to risk not signing a position of need in free agency they might get in the draft like in the NFL. Good example is Vikings last year signing Latavius Murray in free agency because they needed a running back but then Dalvin Cook falls to them with their first pick in the draft and now they basically signed Murray for
  15. Even if the Colts traded back to #12 pick and Barkley was still there they would not select him as they can't afford too. The only way they would select Barkley is if he fell to their first pick in the 2nd round...Picking a RB #6 overall is a luxury pick for teams like Jaguars who have elite defense already and don't have major holes from an incompetent GM like Grigson like the Colts do from his failed draft picks.
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