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  1. That's biased thinking tho as hes the clear cut best OT in the draft. Something the NFL is lacking is enough talent at OT to go around and he is the safest bet for any team looking for one. It's a very weak draft class for OT. The next best guy is Kolton Miller but he will most likely be a RT. It also depends what you think their pick could've been instead of an OT?
  2. Not really they feel like they got their QB the most important thing is LT once you have your franchise QB it was pretty clear 49ers were going to get him if he was still available. Joe Staley is 33 they going the smart route and finding a replacement before they don't have a replacement.
  3. LOL you do realize this is the exact trade they did with the Bucs who picked right after the Colts right so its very clear Ballard could've of made this trade but opted Nelson was too good to pass up...
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