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  1. Not sure we will want to go after a free agent pass rusher, not saying it's not a need, it's a huge need, but they command such a high dollar. Why spend so much of our cap money on one guy, when it is obvious that we have holes at all three levels. One of the big questions this off season is: where to play Geathers, that has to be settled. Do you play him at safety or ILB? You play him at safety resign Butler to play alongside of him, let Green develop, and resign Adams on the cheap for veteran leadership. I could deal with that on opening day. You move Geathers to ILB, now
  2. Great hire. Now that being said, I don't know if we can get every piece that we need in one offseason, but at least maybe get things headed in the direction that helps us in the immediate future and for years to come.
  3. I'm gonna say, we are not that far off. That being said, if we can crush it in free agency and the draft this year, I believe we can win the division and make a run deep in the playoffs. For instance, two out of the four teams still playing this coming weekend had the 20th or worse ranked defense in the league. That being the Pack, and the Falcons, and the Falcons are at 27 if I remember correctly. We could easily move up 8-10 spots defensively ranking wise and contend. Maybe not be the 85 Bears, but at the end of the day be just good enough to win the Super Bowl, and that is how teams are
  4. Some good insight from the forum today. The biggest thing to me, and Superman commented on this, is the below average O-line play, and we run a vertical passing attack. True, Luck at times holds the ball to long, other times the routes the receivers are running require him to hold the ball longer. To help the O-line out utilize the short passing game, and use it to set up the deep pass. At times it seems we have that backwards. I would find it interesting on how and or when we used those formations/plays at other times during those games. Plays are ran to setup other plays, yo
  5. Heck, I'm all for it. I much rather the front office do this, than to sit back and do nothing at all. That one time you catch lightning in a bottle, makes it all worth it. So take that chance, and at the end of the day if makes the team better, let him play. We could always use a stud special teamer!
  6. I would think that there is more to it than, oh it's 2nd and 40, let's be conservative, or chuck it from the cheap seats. I believe there is a lot more to it than that. Like: what is the score, are we up, tied, behind? At what point in the game are we: is it early in the first, or late in the second and we get the ball to start the third? During a game you are gonna more than likely get "x" amount of possessions, the colts decided on that particular possession, at that juncture of the game, and the score being what it was, to be conservative. A ton of factors can play into one series. Per
  7. The D was better across the board today. And I believe that the chargers had the top rated offense in the league, granted only after two games. Only giving up 12pts on D today, I'll take that. Now we can get guys conditioned, continue to get guys healthy, and maybe have a little something for these teams we are playing. The defensive cord. did say the defense we saw the first two games was nothing like he wanted to play. Still would like to see more pass rush though.
  8. Can't give up draft picks, especially in the early rounds, and we don't have the people to pull a player for player trade. So I believe that those options won't work. Trying to find an option on a practice squad, every team in the NFL is doing that as we speak, so that's a long shot, so I doubt that would happen. Even if it did, they are on the practice squad for a reason. An option, but not liked by many, but if it worked would pay huge for us. Give Mr. Hardy a call and "kick the tires". Look at it like this, he comes in and we sign him, Mathis and some of the other aged vete
  9. I'm holding out hope that some of the problem with Mathis is his toe issue he's having. If it is the big toe, that can cause all sorts of problems. Mix that with old age and we have a big problem. Getting some guys back and healthy will help tremendously, but it's not the cure all. There is still the glaring problem going forward, no true young pass rushers. So.... Do we give Mr. Hardy a call? I say yes and here is why. Unlike Dallas, I believe we have the right kind of looker room or the right mix of players to help him toe the line. I would like to believe that he is at a
  10. Getting healthy is important but that is only part of it. We can all agree that we have had several guys miss extensive time due to injuries/suspension. It is gonna take time to get these guys into game shape, look at Langford for example, he missed what 4wks and been back the last two, and still I haven't heard his name called on Sunday. Nor has he had an impact on very many if any plays yet. Right now he's just not the same player. Can he become what he was last year, I hope so, but being in training room shape is totally different than being in game shape. Let's say we do get everybody
  11. The kid can catch the ball well out of the backfield for sure, but it's almost like his brain is working faster than what his legs can function. Almost every time he seems to trip himself up, by what was coming out in colts camp, I paid a little more attention to him. It's uncanny how many times he seemed to stumble even before contact. I hope with time maybe he can overcome this, he might turn into a descent third down back for us.
  12. If the Colts can draft a true pass rusher, that would help him more than anything. Give the other team that one person that they have to double team, and I believe Anderson will excel. He is very smart, uses his hands wonderfully, and has a good motor, he will figure it out. Just give him some time to get healthy, I believe he could be the steal of last years draft.
  13. As the game went along, I thought the o line played better and better, both in pass pro, and run blocking. Also they were all healthy after the game, the offense as a whole finished the game healthy. This is huge in giving us continuity going forward.
  14. Injuries are very difficult to overcome, add to that Langford just came back from a 4wk injury, then we had rookies and people just signed playing some serious snap counts, and to top it all off, we lose a couple of players to injury. It could have been a lot worse. They did get some stops to help us get back in the game, but couldn't get the last stop, and I'm sure they were gassed. The pass rush was concerning, you can mask a lot of problems with qb pressure, and we had little to none. There is no easy answer for this. Do we make the call, and by call I mean Greg Hardy, he is
  15. The scariest thing about this whole offseason is this: we let Chuck walk, we keep Grigson, Big Jim needs to make a splash in his coaching search so he goes hard after Payton. We end up giving draft picks to the Saints for Payton, who is still under contract. Payton gets here and he wants personnel and coaching control, so Grigson is gone. This thing could snowball quick.. Welcome to the offseason, COLTS NATION!!
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