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  1. It's going to be a co- MVP for Manning and Peterson, both these guys really deseve it!!!
  2. peyton played pretty good today just the one bad throw where he over threw the reciever for the INT. The tipped one was unlucky and it seemed like he threw the ball with great touch. Decker and Tamme both dropped good passes and his deep ball looked well thrown, Thomas just couldn't get a step on the cb and kinda got cut off from the ball.
  3. This whole thread was started to just take another shot at RG3 and a horrible one at that. This quote "The more I read and hear...I'm thrilled we're getting Luck". The only thing this article stated was that he went to a girls baylor basketball game to support his school and made in ad for adidas because they signed him. If this is the case then Peyton Manning is the biggest Diva in NFL history.
  4. I think it's funny how far people will try to go to discredit RG3. My understanding is both the colts and redskins will both get an amazing football player and person.
  5. If you put Fleener with a good QB like Gronkowski haves, he will easily put up 12-15 Td's. I don't really know how a team will stop him, he will run away from Lb's and safetys. If you try to put a CB on him he is so much bigger that you can just throw it up to him and he will come down with it 9/10 times. I bet he will be picked somewhere between the 15th-25th pick, possibly by a team that a TE is not really a big need.
  6. Round 1- QB Andrew Luck Round 2- A. TE Dwayne Allen B. WR Stephen Hill C. NT Alameda Ta'amu Round 3- A. CB Alfonzo Denard B. S Markelle Martin Round 4- A. OT Levy Adcock B. OG Will Blackwell will finish later
  7. I really hope he get one more ring with the broncos before he retires.
  8. lol, i think almost any college recieving corp. would look good in a scripted pro day.
  9. This is just my opinion but i think most QB's in the NFl can rainbow a 70 yard pass. I gage arm strngth more on how fast a ball can get to that point.
  10. I think it's very possible he could be catching passes from Peyton next year!!
  11. Wow who would of thought that Fleener is just as fast as Wright!
  12. You probably also thought that Cam Newton had no chance at being a starting QB in the NFL.
  13. I was kinda joking with you guys but the truth always seems to be some where in the middle of what all the Luck homers and RG3 homers think. Trying to make it sound like RG3 can't go through progessions is rediculous but of course he can still improve on it like every other QB in college football.
  14. If RG3 can complete 72% of his passes without going through his progressions and locking on to one reciever, then sign me up for him!! Imagine what his completion percentage would be if he actually learned how to do that!! lol
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