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  1. I'd do it. We have plenty of cap space. Him paired with Hankins would be fantastic.
  2. Apologies if this has already been posted. Great breakdown though.
  3. I agree in thinking we'll choose a CB in one of the first 2 rounds. I think it was Matt Miller that said he had 14 corners with round 1-2 grades.That's just insane. Gotta take advantage this year and grab one.
  4. Based on the "height, weight, speed" montra. I'd go with.. 1) LB Reuben Foster 2) CB Quincy Wilson 3) DE Tanoh Kpassagnon (likely gone, backup EDGE Tyus Bowser) 4) G/C Ethan Pocic 4) RB Brian Hill 4) EDGE Daeshon Hall 5) LB Alex Anzalone
  5. Starting to really like Jamaal Williams. His running kinda reminds me of Demarco Murray. I'd love to grab him with our first 4th rounder.
  6. I've seen several draft analysts that expect Allen to fall to around 12-17 because of shoulder issues. So I can completely see this scenario happening. And yes, we should take him if he's there.
  7. Smoot is at worst a high 2nd round pick. Some think he may sneak into the first. Could probably get Lawson in the 3rd, though I'm not too high on him anyway. Jarrad Davis imo doesn't have the athleticism we need at linebacker, and Tankersley holds a TON. Really like Budda Baker though.
  8. Hold up, is this Grigson trolling us all? You traded the WR with the most receiving yards in the entire league this year for an unproven rookie CB who holds pretty much every play??? You also didn't add any WR to replace him. So you're gonna have Moncrief (often injured) as WR1 and Dorse...lmao nope done.
  9. Yea I have seen some mocks drafting Lamp earlier. But he's not really a vital part of the draft for me. Barnett I believe wouldn't have success with us. Much like Werner, he fits in a 4-3 as a DE. With us he'd have to play OLB where he doesn't fit as well. Not comparing skill level to Werner btw, just similar situation.
  10. Thanks! I don't like Doyle enough to spend what I believe he's going to make this offseason. While already paying a ton to Allen, and the (slight) emergence of Swoope, not worth it imo. I really like Swoope's potentially, and he actualy showed some glimpses of it towards the end of the season. Having Allen and Doyle might hinder from him reaching his full potential. And Walden is gonna want to cash in this offseason, and I think he got very lucky on many of his sacks this year. Many were in garbage time and/or unblocked. I just think he stands out on our team more than he shoulds because of ho
  11. 2017 Colts Dream Offseason: Cap space: $58M Cuts: -D'Qwell Jackson: $5.5M -Arthur Jones: $5.15M Cap Space: $68.65M Re-sign: -Darius Butler: 2yr/5M -Akeem Ayers: 2yr/4M -Jordan Todman: 1yr/$750k -Robert Turbin: 1yr/$750k -Erik Swoope: 2yr/2M Cap Space: $61.65M Sign: ((Salaries based of Spotrac estimated market value) CB AJ Bouye: 4yr/$44M ($11M) ILB Zach Brown: 3yr/$12M ($4M)
  12. I'm 100% for drafting BPA on DEFENSE with our 1st. Problem is, Grigson has a pretty cruddy eye for talent. So what he believes is the BPA could be completely wrong from what we may believe the BPA is. Ehhem...Philip Dorsett..
  13. I agree that Doyle isn't that type of player, that's why I'd let him walk. But SOMEONE will pay him based on his productivity this season, count on it.
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