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  1. I need a freaking job

    1. BrentMc11


      Hang in there Keyser!!!

    2. KeyserSoza


      I've been hanging in there for a while. I got laid off by Ford 2 years ago and can't find a steady job. Really frustrating

  2. I need a freaking job

  3. Ready for the future

    1. Wyld1


      Amen to that!

  4. Might be going downtown tonight. Anyone have a suggestion for parking? Where can I find a good deal?

  5. Meet Ernie Sims at Greenwood Park Mall. I thought it was pretty funny that I'm the one who informed him of the new DC

    1. Dan


      That's probably not a good sign!!

    2. KeyserSoza


      Yeah, I wouldn't expect him to be back. We'll see

  6. Evil has landed in Indy. I hate it every time they come here. Puke!

    1. CR91


      darth varde and chewbacka are in indy

    2. Nadine


      it is a bit hard to take

  7. Chuck Pagano? Not happy with that hire. Well at least I can still be a Colts fan since they didn't hire sweater vest

  8. I'm guessing we're not going to find out who the new head coach is today

    1. CR91


      its official.chuck pagano is our new head coach

  9. Enough speculation, I'm ready to find out who the new HC is. I can't help it, I'm impatient

    1. Nadine


      lol pins and needles!

  10. I have'nt been a member long, but it seems like there are a lot of personal attacks. Lets just talk football and leave the other ^cowpatties^ out of it

    1. Coltssouth


      If you feel you are being personally attacked please report it or try to work it out with the person. A lot of times it was not intended the way it sounds.

      Lots of good people here. :)

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