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  1. Why do people always want to bring up the Heisman when talking about pro players like that automatically will make them great? It means NOTHING in the NFL
  2. Sanchez is a pretty bad qb but, if anyone thinks Tebow will be the answer you're mistaken. He's a terrible qb. He may have all the heart in the world, but lacks qb skills. He should be playing a different position
  3. Yes I did. I've been using it forever. The first few times I used it the correct spelling was never available so I just started spelling it like that. You are the first person to ever notice the difference.
  4. Yep, he was the no. 1 LB recruit coming out of high school.
  5. I'm curious as to who they were targeting in the third
  6. Really dude. I don't like 90lb women with size 12 feet. My wife is much better.... dude
  7. I would bet that Peyton makes either Decker or Thomas a Pro Bowler next year. Well, if there is a pro bowl..............
  8. I would love to get Hemingway. Seems like a lot of people don't know much about him. Not real fast but has great hands and is a playmaker. Good size and is definitly a red zone threat. Just look what he did with Denard Robinson throwing him the ball, he is a terrible qb
  9. If we're looking at rb's to add next tear, Marcus Lattimore would be top on my list
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