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  1. I think we all want to see Mcnary out of the starting lineup and on special teams where he belongs. I think he loses his spot in the near future and maybe he has been used as a filler until they feel E. Jackson is ready to become a full time starter. All the potential is there, but is Jackson mentally ready for a game from start to finish?
  2. I would love to see some decent CB play! We all know you can't replace Davis, but it would be nice for one or two of our corners to pick it up until Davis can return. Also, it would be nice to walk away from this game with NO INJURIES!!!
  3. Colts fans!!! First, I would like to say I'm a new forum member even though I've been reading the forums faithfully for the last 5 years or so. I'm very excited to finally be able to join the conversation with you guys. (Don't know what took me so long) One thing I have been dying to get of my chest is the whole A. Johnson situation. While his impact has been a little disappointing to say the least, I believe two things: 1) I think A. Johnson will have his coming out party for the Colts against guess who???? THE TEXANS 2) I know we expected him to be a beast from day one, but lets be honest
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