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  1. Severity. Allen's was injured enough to require surgery.
  2. Sprains come in 3 grades with grade 3 being a full tear so saying its torn and saying its a sprain is not contradictory.
  3. I would bet money in a heartbeat that Irsay was the driving force behind this.
  4. Its on Griff. He should never have snapped it. Ok you tried an unusual call to try and get them to waste a time out. It didn't work take your 5 yard delay of game and punt but that was never meant to be snapped.
  5. Who comes up with the ball is irrelevant for reviews. They review to see if there is a recovery before it gets to a pile. If they can't tell then they won't overturn.
  6. The main fix will be to simply get healthy and some practice for those returning from injury. We haven't been able to run our typical press coverage because we lacked the corner depth with Toler out. Yesterdays game had Davis a little hurt with no practice and a little rusty Toler. Get some reps for Toler and a little rest for Davis and we can finally return to the man coverage that carried our D last year. With that we can blitz more but better than that would be mathis continuing his return to close to pre injury levels, he's not there yet. In order to beat NE we will need more from him so w
  7. Yards per game is not that good of a measure. It can vary based on the game situation (like when we are down a bunch and the other team is trying to ice the game). YPC would be a better indicator. The biggest problems with the defense come from the secondary not being healthy. It's limiting our ability to run press coverage and we have been running lots of zone instead because our 5th and 6th corners just aren't talented enough for anything else. Combine that with the lack of a non blitz pass rush and we end up giving a lot of passing yards. Get toler healthy and mathis off the pitch count and
  8. How do you know? Everything I have read from former GMs and player agents says that almost all initial FA negotiations happens at the combine behind closed doors. Many times a team is interested in a player but the player has no interest in the team. Either they don't want to play for that team, that coach, that owner, in that city/state or maybe they are just too far apart in terms of price. FA is absolutely a seller's market not a buyer's market and to act like we could have had any FA we wanted is a gross misunderstanding of how it works.
  9. If some of the rumors are true this is not very representative of the current structure of the Colts and that's a problem and is preventing any real solutions. Again if they are true and I'm starting to think there is a non insignificant amount of truth to them.
  10. The blinders you talk about are completely inexcusable. How do you even get to the college level and not know this stuff? If I get the time in the next couple weeks I'll go back to some of those games last year and look at our play calling then for a comparison. Also from what I've read he didn't have a whole lot of play calling experience and none in the NFL. The last two weeks almost look like he still thinks he's at Stanford.
  11. People shouldn't be talking about Luck regressing people should be talking about Pep regressing. This brings up a better question why are you trying to develop an offensive coordinator when trying to make a superbowl run?
  12. I think the colts win because of their D but I want the offense to struggle enough that Pep gets fired and we can replace him with a competent OC.
  13. What more is there to say besides "stop calling long passing plays when facing a blitz" and "instead call shorter passing plays".
  14. I don't know I'm starting to wonder how much control Pagano has over Pep.
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