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  1. do you mean 1st pick in the draft next year right? Because if you think that this team is going to be in 1st place in the division in two weeks you see something that I don't. We don't have a pass rush corners that can't cover that is not named Davis. receivers and t.e.s that can't catch the ball, or they start out so slow that by the time that they do get going the game is almost over with anyway .Irsay better look real close in the mirror to see who is to blame for this mess. Because if he wants championships like the rest of us then he needs to do something soon before he starts losing the
  2. Was at that game also. Had some clown at was a N.E. fan telling me every 2 mins that this was a mans game all we had was a bunch of boys. Then he made the comment that we trade Reggie for Moss in the forth quarter and the colts still won't win He left with about 4 mins left in the game that was the best final 4 mins of the game. Just wish that he would have stayed so I could tell take Moss and shove it
  3. went to training camp the last 5 years. Was always able to bring chairs in. But last year I got there about 3 hours early Security told everyone waiting to get in to make sure that if you brought your own chair to not sit in front of the bleachers every five mins security was telling people to move. The top officer said that bringing chairs was going to stop because no one would listen when they said to sit at either end of the bleachers but not in front of the bleachers. There is always a few to mess up a good thing just because they won't listen when told were to sit
  4. this looks like very good pick. The O-line needed some help.Luckily this draft is loaded with linemen on both sides of the ball.
  5. change the way free agency is done. Let teams and players talk during the 3 day tampering period ( if that is what they call it) that way teams can see if the player fits their system.
  6. Have to remember that we will need around 7 million to sign our draft picks so that drops to about 13 million left. then if anyone gets put on ir for some reason we'll need that money to sign other players to replace them. And also if we get Luck signed to a new contract we'll need some of that cap for his new contract as well. I think that yes we have holes to fill but we do have some quality players that can play. The biggest problem is the o-line. If we can keep luck upright and extend plays and keep the defense off the field longer we will be alright. The defense was just on the field to
  7. i think it is a great ideal. they are also not invited to the draft either
  8. cut Johnson, Jones(can't stay healthy), and Cole. Believe they could save close to 15 mil.
  9. Because he wasn't one of Grigson players. And he was making Grigson look bad because he was playing better than either one of Grigson's boys. That should have been a warning sign that Grigson sucks as a G.M.
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