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  1. Impressed chud stuck with run game..I bet Pep would have given up on the run in the 2nd half..
  2. I wish Allen would call him out..Allen would smash him he has about 35 pounds on him
  3. Polian is out of touch..NO...get a new breed
  4. Whoa!! Did u just compare Watt to Kap? Huh? Performance wise that is crazy..and Kap is only making around 13 mill a year..it is essentially a year to year contract.. It is team friendly..so on both fronts you are off base my friend
  5. And for goodness sake Andrew please throw the ball away when no one is open. I can't remember the last time I saw him throw it away.
  6. Not only was this forum throwing shade on them but the media as well. 4th most time to throw ? Wow ? looking at the lines across this league how many GM's would take that. Hopefully Chud can get Luck to change his style.
  7. If it's true that Luck has the fourth most time of anyone to throw the ball, then kudos to the oline and we need to be less critical of them.
  8. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000573694/article/is-the-oline-to-blame-for-andrew-lucks-struggles Food for thought?
  9. Adding to that no halftime adjustments.
  10. Absolutely agree Grigson needs to focus on personnel let coaches coach..never heard of that nonsense
  11. Ask Miami fans this year that same question
  12. Hells no just pointing out his tough task.
  13. Wow great news. Getting ready to play the #1 defense first week on the job tho
  14. http://rack.0.mshcdn.com/media/ZgkyMDEzLzA2LzEyLzY2L0phY2tOaWNob2xzLjIxZTBhLmdpZgpwCXRodW1iCTEyMDB4OTYwMD4/a7087029/e2b/Jack-Nicholson.gif
  15. I say rest him..how long do broken ribs take to heal?
  16. I actually think luck is a below average in short passing accuracy. Perhaps Pep sees the same. Luck is terrible in screen passes. Maybe coaches think he is more accurate mid to deep passing thus the playcalling.
  17. He is losing millions..some talking heads speculated 25 million per..he has 3rd worst qbr..terrible TD 2 interception ratio..I'm thinking a little more than tanehill a little less than Russell Wilson.. Would love if it was incentive based like kaps.
  18. He will be fine speed is generated in the muscles not bones
  19. Exactly.. if you think luck is struggling now take away his go to reciever going on 4 years..crazy talk
  20. Last year Luck was making those back shoulder throws and timing routes. Just not there this year..AJ was supposed to work the slot. We can only hope its scheme and can be changed
  21. Appreciate your optimism and hope your right. I think we have a punchers chance vs Den and Atl..think Carolina is having a magical season and will handle us..bold prediction..we make playoffs at 7-9 and WIN are home playoff game vs the Jets
  22. Too me most of the oline issues seem mental..we get a lot of free runners..I think this is why Luck is struggling with the blitz so bad..its not like AC is getting physically whipped every time he just shows mental lapses.
  23. I would like to see more screens but this team doesn't execute them well. Wr screens to our speed guys could help luck get into a rhythm
  24. If we keep playing like this we will lose the division.. Jags look better..titans held falcons to 10.. I love how everyone thinks its a fore gone conclusion we win this division with 9 games left.
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