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  1. I stopped listening when they said "When you have a bad owner"
  2. DanishColtsFan

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Terry Crews describes Josh Mcdaniels perfectly
  3. DanishColtsFan

    Denzelle Good able to return this year?

    Alright, so it's possible in regards to the rules. Does anybody know if it's likely for Good to return in 2 weeks from a medical standpoint?
  4. Hello I've been listening to Matt Danely's colts podcast and he talks about Denzelle Good being able to return in a few weeks. Is that possible? I mean Geathers was on PUP, which means he can return after week 6. And the new rules regarding IR mean that two players can be brought back after week 8. So is it possible that both Swoope and Denzelle Good are coming back after week 8 or was Denzelle's injury too severe for him to be ready to return already? I'm sorry if this has already been discussed elsewhere, I couldn't find any thread regarding this.