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  1. Terry Crews describes Josh Mcdaniels perfectly
  2. Alright, so it's possible in regards to the rules. Does anybody know if it's likely for Good to return in 2 weeks from a medical standpoint?
  3. Hello I've been listening to Matt Danely's colts podcast and he talks about Denzelle Good being able to return in a few weeks. Is that possible? I mean Geathers was on PUP, which means he can return after week 6. And the new rules regarding IR mean that two players can be brought back after week 8. So is it possible that both Swoope and Denzelle Good are coming back after week 8 or was Denzelle's injury too severe for him to be ready to return already? I'm sorry if this has already been discussed elsewhere, I couldn't find any thread regarding this.
  4. http://europe.nflshop.com/stores/nfl/en/product/indianapolis-colts-home-game-jersey---t.j-green/187538 There you go
  5. Exactly my point. It's a home game for the Jax
  6. Hi fellow Colts fans! I'm one of the European Colts fans going to the Jax game in London and I'm about to order my tickets. Does anyone know which side is the home team side of the stadium, and which is the visiting side?
  7. Boohoo All SNF, MNF and TNF games start at 02:30 AM in most of Europe
  8. Yaaay! Looking forward to experiencing this, and to see if the Brits can bring the same atmosphere as Indy. Anyone knows when the tickets become available?
  9. You're very welcome And I'm very much looking forward to going Yeah, I can't wait to see the stadium and feel the atmosphere around the place It surely will be something to remember
  10. Will do and hopefully our trip will be a success as well
  11. We haven't bought them yet, but we will buy them from stubhub I think
  12. Second trip to the US, visited New York in 2009
  13. Thanks a lot. We will definitely check out some of those steak houses, can't say no to a good steak We will only be in Indy for about 2-3 days before heading to Wisconsin (My brother is a cheesehead), so we have to know where the good places are ;)
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