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  1. You are all looking at highlights and stats that are a bi-product of the environment created by the OC and DC and the opposing OC and DC. I look at athletic ability and potential .... just happens to be football. Varga is prime example of this. We missed the boat on Toure and Hodges and now I see we have Tipton back in the hood. All I can do is shake my head on that one and say that those that are evaluating athletic ability in this organization should probably check their ego and racial beliefs and then go do something else. I also see a lot of finger pointing at the OL. Well, well guess wh
  2. Of course there is no evidence of future performance ..... it has not happened yet. Proof will be in the pudding.
  3. Go ask the guys that got cut what they think. Only job security is a big fat $$$ guarantee otherwise BOOM BABY!
  4. Buddy, go have another beer. It will all seem clearer in the morning.
  5. Boom has gotta feel good about that post. From #2 to under the bus in 60 seconds flat. Talk about ego deflaters, You could at least say he was not as good as Gore, Robinson or Varga ..... not an injured guy who has not had a meaningful snap in almost 3 years? Poor guy is gonna commit suicide.
  6. I don't think you spin ... I know you spin. Even my elementary level of education is enough to see that.
  7. HaHaHa! You spin so much I think you honestly don't know what you have said or what your point is. Who's on first?
  8. Obviously he is not ..... Boom had one 20+ yard run last year ..... Frank had 5 .... both insignificant when you consider the number of ATT required to get those. Football is not about 20+ yard runs. It just doesn't happen that way. You think it does because you only watch the highlights.
  9. No, that is your view ... spin doctor. I am the one that is making the point that home run speed is irrelevant unless we are having a track meet here.
  10. Personally .... I would dangle Dorsett out there. We don't need two dinky receivers and the money is guaranteed to TY. Couple that with a draft pick and maybe you can find a good DL or OL out there. Just a thought.
  11. Every back who runs a 4.6 or better is a threat at any time. Old news. I can threaten to come to your house and kick the crap out of you but if I don't ever do it then why bother threatening. This is football, not track .... you need some meat on them bones!
  12. I don't think you quite get it ... as usual. The stats show that 20+ yard runs are very rare. 40+ are unicorns and only appear on highlight reels. And it sure the hell isn't because there is a shortage of fast backs in this league. Chris Johnson only had one run of 20+ yards last year and they don't get any faster than that.
  13. I don't think that's the point. People are upset with the fact that he is taking up a roster spot when we have other needs. Only possible reason I can see with building a stable of tough rather than breakneck speed backs is to make up for the crappy OL. We just need tough backs that can grind out some short yards so we have manageable 2nd and 3rd downs. The inbetween yardage can be had with the dink and dunk game and you don't need great runners for that, just good hands possession backs/receivers. Only contradiction to this theory is Ballard, as I am not sure he can bang it in there with tw
  14. I think I covered that yesterday. Frank Gore had 5 runs of 20+ yards last year, Boom and Trent had 1 each. Lots of backs with less than 5 and some with zero. Appears that long speed has little to do with home runs..... DeMarco Murray had 15 with arguably the best OL in the league.
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