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  1. Yeah, thanks. You are very accepting. While that wasn't intended for everybody, that was most certainly intended for you. I think you just gave me a fine example of what I was referring to in that post.
  2. Oh yeah, and by the way, I'm leaving this forum. I have never shown hostility towards anyone on these boards (until now), but I most definitely have felt, while not directly, a less than receptive environment. I observe any opinion, no matter how outlandish in my eyes. I've noticed many people here don't hold the same standard, and can completely disregard someone else's opinion if it conflicts with their own. All the people who have given me a cute 1-star on my profile because you disagree with some of my opinions, can, quite frankly, embrace my rear. Apparently you cannot have an open-minded
  3. lol. With how many times Addai has limped off the field, he's had way more playtime than most back-ups.
  4. And you have absolutely no idea what context I used that in. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/don_banks/12/09/peyton-manning/index.html
  5. "If you take away The Stretch where he played poorly, he did great." - Peyton Manning worshippers. If you guys honestly think Brown is a back that can lead the offense with Luck, you're going to be a little upset. Don't jump the above poster, Brown isn't a feature back. If Delone or Vick don't step up, expect us to be drafting a halfback early in April.
  6. Hey, just thought all the links to the unknown the better. It doesn't surprise me that he was a Bengal, though.
  7. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3698524 Discuss.
  8. Benson has shown about as much potential as Donald.
  9. Very truthful. I just don't think Irsay would have nuked the franchise in the offseason this year if he believed Manning and the rest of the team could still compete in the playoffs. Oh well. It's all in the past.
  10. It is possible to judge the rise of the Texans. They stuck it to us. If they didn't have to use a third string quarterback they could have at least competed to get to the Super Bowl.
  11. And that's my opinion. It was quite evident that it's been a drop off since 2009. 14-2, 10-6. Texans still would have won the division if we had Peyton this year or not, our defense and special teams certainly didn't get better from 2010 to 2011.
  12. That's correct, I forgot about the Chargers... Exactly. No one said he had a bad year, I said it wasn't as good as the previous years. No one has ever said Peyton was the problem of 2010. If there's two sides to every coin, then I think both opinions are sound, considering the fact that both were backed up with plenty of references. Just because my opinion is different doesn't make it any less educated. It's well educated. I watch every game, and I am very, very knowledgeable about football.
  13. See, it's relatively speculative. The biggest discrepancy here is whether it was Peyton or the rest of the team. Neither is necessarily right, but I think I have a decent claim, whether it's acknowledged or not. His stats were inflated because he had to carry the team, but that isn't an indicator that he had a better season than the previous one. And his interception rating was lower, that was his best stat of the season, I'll give you that. But his touchdown rating was also lower because he had less touchdowns per pass, so it goes both ways.
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